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  2. We could use some more detail on this one. Are you looking for a change in how a progress bar appears or are you looking for a progress bar to be added somewhere that doesn't currently exist? If the request is platform specific, it would be helpful to note that.
  3. Question 1: Are you sure you logged into your existing account ? It can easily happen to create a second account by accident, just by misspelling. Question 2: If 1 does not apply, which client do you use to enter ? There are known issues with the WebClient, new versions / beta. Downgrading to an older version usually brings back everything.
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  5. Yes Ok little different request . But I will need this and to be so many different bar type and icons. For Example : Icons : https://www.flaticon.com/search?word=chess&license=selection&order_by=1&color=1 Bar:
  6. 平素より Evernote をご利用いただきありがとうございます。 Evernote ベータ版プログラムが開催されることになりました! このベータ版プログラムでは、お客様に最新の Evernote をいち早くお試しいただくことを目的としています。新機能についてのご意見や改善に関するご要望をお寄せになる絶好の機会です。ぜひご参加ください。 Evernote アカウントのお持ちのユーザの方はどなたでもご参加いただけます。詳しくはこちらをご参照ください。 ご質問がある場合は、ご遠慮なくお問い合わせください。
  7. 平素より Evernote をご利用いただき誠にありがとうございます。 Evernote Web にログインすると、一部のノートやノートブックが表示されない不具合が一部のユーザの方から報告されました(これらのノートやノートブックは確かにアカウント内に存在しており、他の端末では表示されています)。 本件は既知の問題で、弊社チームが解決に向けて取り組んでおります。問題が解決するまでの間、対処策として以下の 2 つをお試しください。 Evernote Web からログアウトして、 対応ブラウザである Google Chrome、Opera、Safari(Mac の場合)のいずれかでログインしなおします。 上記を行なっても問題が解決されない場合は、ブラウザで JaveScript コンソールを開き、Cupboard.clear() と入力して、エンターキーを押します。その後、ブラウザのページを再読み込みします。 ご不便をおかけして大変申し訳ございません。現在問題の解決に向けて、いくつかのことに取り組んでおりますので今しばらくお待ちください。 何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます
  8. I was using evernote, then I got a message that popped up saying "we're having trouble loading your note" so I refreshed the page, and ALL of my notes are now gone! I have most things backed up, but not the 8 chapters of my newest novel, and a few other things. All of my notebooks are still there, but they are empty and evernote keeps asking if I am ready to create my first note. I have logged out and back in, I have checked my trash bin. How do I submit a support ticket or get help with this!?
  9. Are you by any chance using a beta version of Evernote? I can confirm this feature is missing in the latest beta release on iOS.
  10. Bug Report: Sync issue reported in this discussion edit: link updated to response from @Nick L.
  11. This is a known issue that we already logged with engineering, but has been very spotty to reproduce. We found that most users were able to get rid of the problem by quitting and reopening the app, or by logging out and logging back into their Evernote app.
  12. As of now, changing the View settings for "Sort by" and "View Type" (card view, snippet view, etc.) will affect all notebooks. I would really really like to be able to make this notebook-specific instead. I'm sure some users like that it's global, but you could add an option in the Preferences panel that says something like: View options apply: [globally] [to specific notebooks] One example of why this bothers me: I want to sort most notebooks by Title, but I have a "Bookmarks" notebook that I always want sorted by Date Added. I'm constantly switching to/from this Bookmarks notebook, and every time I also need to change the "Sort by"...
  13. I'm not sure why you saw that in the video, but I also find the truncated display of tag names a problem. Notebook and stacks too, but I have minimal entries.
  14. Hi, all, I'm in a bit of help. I have one Evernote account that've been created with my former work email. That email does not exist anymore but I'm still able to access my account cause I'm still logged in on the Windows app. I'm cleaning up my PC and want to change the email address associated with the account so I don't have the surprise of not being able to log in when reinstalling the app. Will I be able to change the email? When I try to do so, it asks me to verify the password to proceed, but there's no field where I can type it. And I can't "Continue with Google" because the Google account doesn't exist anymore. Is there something I can do about it? I attached an image to show where I get stuck.
  15. As long as this basic way of implementing nested tags isn't carried over onto other versions I am grateful for a welcomed improvement. So, while it's a good way to test new ideas and such on the web, the web is still going to be a bottle neck for power use and desktop versions of Evernote from 10 years ago are still going to be more powerful. The only worrisome part of the video is 0.51 where the list of notebooks to choose from hasn't (yet) been adapted to the lenght of the names of the notebooks. This has always been the worst part of how tags have been displayed/handled on iOS. It gives you like 15 letters max..
  16. I've given up unlinking them over and over. If you use Apple Notes on a Mac there are Substitution options and one of these is Smart Links. I've resorted to Apple Notes for notes that I don't want auto linked. I then create a short note in Evernote with a reminder to look in Apple Notes!
  17. Would be nice if you find your example, to get back here. Maybe issue a support ticket as well. For me WebClipper in the simplified mode is important, and I just take it for granted (maybe I shouldn’t) that a clipped page is clipped entirely, regarding the core content. Don‘t want to check this all the time.
  18. If you look at the accounts possible, Premium is regarded as a personal account. So you can share, but control over the share is limited in itself, and as observed restricted to notes and notebooks. If you want to handle information flow and accessibility in a business environment, there is the option of the Business account. It allow through the Spaces feature to define who can read and contribute to which segment of the total data base of your business. This is run by an admin, not by switching individual shares on and off. New team member - simple to add; outgoing team member - easy to handle, even if you distribute the work load to several team members. Even if you think you do not need this today, when you grow it will make sense for sure. And it will take an effort to make the switch when you have to do it, because the work-arounds needed with a bunch of Premium accounts will stand in your way. Just unifying the individual tags into one structure will be a nightmare. Maybe see it the other way: The business part of the account cost the same as a Premium for each team member, and all team members get a own Premium account for free as well. Great place to work at ! And no, I am getting a bounty from EN when I get you convinced ... I‘v just seen too many overwhelmed IT installations in my life in small and growing businesses that made the whole place perform below the capabilities of its team.
  19. I have reinstalled the app in my Windows 10, I3 8th gen. But still it is randomly freezing when I type something. The app doesn't open after that. I have to go to apps section and repair it. Only then it works but that too only for half an hour. I am thinking of buying evernote premium, will the same issue remain or it can be resolved? Please help....!
  20. @PinkElephant Thank you. I tried reloading several times and checking that the page was not still downloading but no improvement I'm afraid.
  21. P.S. Moved from the voting section into bugs.
  22. Sometimes I had a truncated part. When I followed up, I realized that the first time the page had not loaded completely. Going back, reloading the page and clipping again solved the issue for me up to now.
  23. Thanks Dave. It's a regular part of the page that is truncating not the peripherals. I'm trying to find another example. When I do I'll post again.
  24. Ya, I'm sorry, I'am French, and I was late All right, thanks you, I will look what you say. Thanks
  25. Hi, any update on this quite basic function which should have been integrated in evernote a long time ago? Evernote as today is kind of useless for team collaboration. My company would buy a premium subscription if better sharing/collaborating features would have been implemented.
  26. Urgent need for a fully functional client at least for ubuntu/debian...most apps and software have it.
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