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  2. Me too.The worst thing for me is to stay totally in the dark, they do not say anything, they do not say if they are aware of the problem, or even that they care.
  3. Yes I have exactly the same, since this weekend. I've got a Oneplus 5 with 8 GB ram 128 GB storage. It started with not being able to start a note or a picture using the + button, I deleted all + options and set it back. Now the text note is fine but for using the camera I have to wait for 30 seconds before it opens (first I just see an empty note). Opening any note starts with an empty note and then I have to wait 30 seconds (I timed it), before it opens. In the mean time I can't do anything; Evernote freezes. This is unworkable. They solved the search problem and now this. Getting a bit tired of it.
  4. So frustrating. Tried to install from both of the links above and for both got an error message that "the package appears to be corrupt". .
  5. Generally there are 2 starting positions: One before you get involved with a service. You have everything in the open, no investment into one service, no price to pay when you switch over. But on the other hand you just know what they tell you, and you will not have a solid picture of your own usecase and workflows. The other when you already build a significant structure with one of the providers, have invested time and effort, probably learned about and adapted your usecase and workflow to the abilities of the service you use. At the moment I am making this experience, sort of. I worked with Windows PCs for the major part of my professional and private life, and am just now switching to a Mac. Some things work better, others show surprising deficiencies (like the ScanSnap software for Mac). So pick your choice, don’t worry, be happy. To stay on should be a choice of it’s own, not just gravity. P.S. I personally stick with EN for the time being. 1st it offers solid, reliable and performant service for the money, and 2nd I like what I see in recent management communication and release quality.
  6. Yes, I'm on Windows. The direct link to the current version is https://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.18.4.8489.exe
  7. Are you on Windows OS? I'm not. The link only shows apple store, google store, microsoft store. I don't see any other links. Microsoft store wants me to sign in then tells me it doesn't see supported device. If I need to be on Windows to have a different download presentation, I suppose I can get it at work on Mon. I'm done with Windows at home. I've mostly been Linux for personal use for the last 11 years or so... When I took over my wife's last laptop, I chose to run Linux in VM solely for the purpose of the Evernote client in Windows. It's the only tool I use that doesn't have native Linux client. Eventually I became so frustrated with the poor performance of Windows I reformatted to Linux only and it's like I got a new laptop with 5x the horsepower. I plan to experiment with Wine, but if I'm ultimately stuck with web clients at home it's by far the lesser evil. Here's a screenshot of what I see below. I thought there used to be a generic right-click save as option.
  8. Just guessing - someone learned your userid/password and tried it out on the Evernote site In addition to changing to a strong password, only use it on the Evernote site. Don't use the same password on other sites.
  9. No science here, but best I can tell if I OCR something on my PC that is what is used on my PC. The OCR results aren't sent to the server, the note is OCRd on the server. The results from the server OCR do not override what I have on the PC. If I don't OCR on my PC, the server does it and those results are returned to the PC. Again, from the other thread, I know this since PDF notes are found on my PC that aren't found on the web, but they should be. Not sure what happens with downloads to the PC that contain OCRd PDFs. Assuming the same as for my ScanSnap results. Sorry for the lack of science but this is what I see in terms of results.
  10. Not sure what you are talking about. Downloading the Windows version from https://evernote.com/download gives me an .EXE file.
  11. I would create a prefixed tag for each subject, A.subjectname, a prefixed tag B.modulename for each module, and a generic tag Note. The A and B as prefixes are to enable tag sorting in list view, that is group the subjects before the modules. Then tag each note with the subject tag, the module tag, and Note. Title the notes something like yyyy.mm.dd topic of the note. I would put all notes in the same notebook. Reasons being A search for tag:A.subjectname sorted by tag will return all notes for all modules for the subject. A search for tag:B.modulename sorted by tag will return all notes for a given module for the subject. You can add a note to detail the subject and tag it with A.subjectname only and add a note to detail the module and tag it with A.subjectname and B.modulename. Then a search for tag:A.subject.name -tag:Note will return all the module descriptions. You can add tags for semester or year to help in finding things, preferably with a prefix for easy access. FWIW.
  12. Just to make it a little easier than the academic explanation, I tell it as a story: I am sitting at my desk in Germany. Now I am going to attack your account (if I had your credentials, which I don't have, and if I had any intention to do so, which I don't have), but want to cloak my location. What would I do ? Activate my VPN, switch the country to say Singapore, which builds a VPN tunnel from my PC to Singapore, and enter your account data. What would you see ? An access from Singapore. Not good enough, because several data from my PC would be transmitted as well, that could be used for fingerprinting my device. OK, so I use some software that will virtually convert my PC into an Android, Samsung S5, together with all false device and SW fingerprints. Now you have got what you would see later: An access from Singapore with an Android device to your account. In reality I am sitting on my desk in Germany, and use a PC to go and steal your data. This is how it happens (or better: If Disaster Kid is doing it, Pros would rather use automated software to do this, and not use a VPN service but a network of "dark" proxy servers used for the same purpose, but harder to track). Wellcome to the world behind the mirrors, where nothing is at it seems. One last thing: Nothing has to do with EN not protecting your data, but with yourself logging in yesterday in the Internet cafe on an open WiFi / your maybe infected hardware / whatever weak PW you may use etc. Just one example: If somebody infected your PC with some malware, even using a PW-Manager will not help, because for example they can log every key you press, including your user name and PW, make a screen copy every few seconds and send it to a remote server etc. If I were to build my EN access into a fortress, I would use a device know for low risk of attack like any iOS device, enter my account, change the PW into a strong one created on my PW manager on this device, get 2FA up and running, and be done. Which is what I have done, someday in the past ...and what you can do as well (maybe minus the iOS device).
  13. Reply to my own post above. Two things: I work for a company that creates products that are sold to business customers. We have stiff competition. Our company is doing well because our products are pretty good as evidenced by our annual sales, profits, and market share. I get a salary from the proceeds which helps me meet my personal and family commitments. If we fail to innovate, that all could change. So I have a personal motivation to listen to customers and do what I can do to keep our products competitive and our company profitable. It helps customers, helps the people in my company, and it helps me. If our company is backsliding and our current customers are being tempted to "defect", I would hope that they would say something to us like I did above, including "please don't give us a reason to defect". I like to say "businesses don't do business with businesses, people do business with people". This is another reason why I feel like I have a personal relationship with Evernote. It isn't a transnational relationship. The Evernote people have created a product that has made my life better. So why wouldn't I try to get their attention? Second thing: Since posting above, I have been experimenting with Notion. I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and purchased an online training course. I go between watching those resources and trying things out in my Notion account. My assessment: Notion is pretty darn good. What's likely to happen next: Notion looks like it could become my "daily driver".
  14. I have never been to US, nor I use VPN service for my laptop. but my EN account seems to have been accessed from US. I have changed my password to a stronger level with the help of Password manager after noticing this. Please look at the attached image. Any body to clear this what has happened in this case.
  15. A real pain regarding voice shortcuts for opening Evernote notes in iOS is that if you have to do a clean install of EN, then you have to delete all the EN shortcuts in iOS Settings - Siri. Then, you have to re-record all the shortcuts in Evernote, even though they are still the same in the iOS settings Siri shortcuts section. Trying to invoke them before doing this gives the error message “phrase already in use.” I just spent a few hours re-recording these and it’s only halfway done. 🙄
  16. Just a comment about compound names, as in the ops example: "Technology theory, technology practices and technology problems". I find the compound name is clearer. It also sorts better in an alphabetical list and the sidebar tree This also illustrates a failure of the tag tag hierarchy; single parent. A relational organization allows multiple parents
  17. It happens with offline notes that have been downloaded to the phone. Takes a minute or longer for the text in the body to load to view it. Has to be something within the app itself on the phone. .
  18. Same here. 8.10 non beta, android 7.2, Moto X Play XT 1562 The app starts more or less as usual but every single note takes 15-20 seconds to show up! For me it started not earlier than YESTERDAY. Right after the search hiatus. Simply astonishing! I'll tell you what. You're going straight the Windows Phone route. I'd let your employers sit on a new release for a month, and then the CEO for a week before even thinking about pushing a new release to the store. Edit: Going back as little as to 8.9.1 seems to be doing the trick. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-9-1-release/evernote-8-9-1-android-apk-download/download/
  19. This feature of recurring reminder is so important taking into account the EverBetter program and new templates, like habit tracking all of these without recurring reminders make no sense that could be a premium feature if was the case of high developing investment
  20. Hello Andy, I created a note titled test with only the word invoice as content. Search behaves as expected: invoic finds the note; "invoic" does not. Evernote 7.10 OS X 10.14.5.
  21. Without going into technical issues on tagging I'd just decide what top level searches I really want to see. You (presumably) want to search for all the notes in one module of one active subject for review and revision. On that basis three tags would be all that is required: module, subject, and active. I'd set up several note templates with the appropriate tags already in place, one for each module of each subject and all 'active'. Now a search for: tag:<subject> tag:<active> = all notes in that subject. If the subject is not to be active, run the search and remove the 'active' tag on all notes. If the subject is revived, search for tag <subject> -tag:<active> and reinstate it. tag:<subject> tag:<module> tag:<active> = all notes in that module - in both cases more keywords (and dates) can be added as required. (NB You could do the same by adding the tag keywords to the note title and using intitle:<keyword>) Searches can be saved and kept in the favourites list for convenience, or there's an accessory app 'Filterize' which uses searches to automatically populate tables of content. It would be possible to create standing index linked lists of all modules of all active subjects to eliminate the need to search each time.
  22. Did this and I can verify your results, with some additional weirdness. I got 8 notes on the Windows desktop and 5 notes on the web (web beta and IOS got the same five results). However, only one of the notes is in both lists. Not sure on "chan", all of the notes returned in my case had attachments, PDF or Office. I created a note with chan and China in it. It seems for text only notes "chan" works. Changing chan to chances eliminates the note from the search results. So maybe something funky with attachments, which could be OCRish for PDFs and not sure what for Office. Which is bad in my view based upon the number of notes I have with attachments. I know for a fact that the EN server PDF OCR engine does not perform as well as the one used by ScanSnap. Reported some years back and got confirmation from EN staff.
  23. It’s a pain to get back and for to and from recent notes on ios. Some kind of tiny history panel (like a color palette or whatever) of the previous 7-10 notes you were working in would help. In addition, remembering the cursor position in those notes would also save a lot of time. Thanks
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