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  2. Thanks for the fairly comprehensive and reasoned response @PinkElephant! Of course, I can see all that on one level. But, as an Evernote customer wanting the best user experience wherever I use it, the Android desktop mode via Dex falls well short of that. And it is extremely frustrating when I have as much or more power and storage in my phone as a lot of people have in their laptops. At least if the UX becomes more consistent across Android / Android over Dex / Windows that would be some improvement. Even so, I assume that Evernote has very impressive developer resource to call on and being ahead of the curve in implementing Dex / Android desktop mode might actually prove to be a good thing. The one small grain of comfort I take from this is that Apple users are no better served that us Android users - because if that happens I'll be gone!
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  4. I am so relieved to find someone else experiencing this problem. I'm also on Chrome. EN vers. 7.14. Mac 10.13.6. I am reluctant to try anything until I have more certainty and detailed instructions on how to proceed. Have you learned anything further?
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  6. Unfortunately not. It's risky to mess with the scripts behind editor. As a dirty trick you can use Chrome browser instead of FF. (In Chrome you can access the newest version 6.5.0 of EvN web editor. In FF only the older one version = 5.28 is available)
  7. It doesn't matter what view I'm in. I stay in All Notes if that's where I'm at. It only happens with the "Move Note" keyboard shortcut though. If I click in the note and choose another Notebook or go to the Note info and change it, I don't move away from the note. It seems to only affect the keyboard shortcut. Can someone else please try it to see if you get the same results? Find a list of notes Select a note and hit Shift+Alt+M. Select another notebook and hit enter. Does the note selected change to the next note in the list? It would be nice to know if it's just me or not.
  8. Still waiting on a fix! <3 Anyone have workarounds in the meantime?
  9. There's no support for variables in templates; I added my vote to the request My work-around is AppleScript on a Mac. I use variables in my templates The screenshot is my Daily Journal note with generated date in the title and contents The script also assigns notebook/tags etc. btw I don't use the Template feature My templates are notes tagged with !Type-Template
  10. Keep in mind that updates to the current iOS version of Evernote have pretty much come to a halt. Don't expect this to be fixed until the "new" version of Evernote is available.
  11. To indicate your support for this request, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion This request currently has votes >>Here's a video showing the issue. It shows how Apple Notes is doing it right. I think your video shows the Evernote session terminated by IOS The Apple Notes app doesn't get terminated
  12. No. Depending on your definition of easy you can accomplish this with a text expander like PhraseExpress. It's a matter of representing the key strokes/mouse movements in a macro, what PhraseExpress refers to as a phrase. The other thing that templates in their current incarnation don't include are tags. Which is more of a PITA if you ask me. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Just to add to the previous posts by laffingleigh, saving the note position works in many other apps even though it doesn't work in Evernote. One example of an app that keeps the note position in long documents is Notion. Conclusion? It shouldn't be an iOS limitation.
  14. Allow multiple tag selection Show a filtered list based on selected tags
  15. What I mean: If EN is running on a high DPI screen (let's say a 4K screen at 200%), then a nearly full screen width could be 3800 pixels. It saves that value. Not a normalized one at 1900. So when you change monitors and are now on a normal screen (1920px) at 100%, EN starts at 3800px. Another way, but less desirable - r-click on the actual evernote.exe and change the DPI setting at the windows level. But this means the app will be blurry on hi-DPI...
  16. My process is to scan receipts with my ScanSnap 1300i. I leave the SN generated file title as is (2020_02_07_13_18_43.pdf), tag them with Receipt and _yyyy, and store them in a receipt notebook. Per @gazumped I search for a receipt using something other than date. The _yyyy tag and particular notebook help winnow the search results. I sometimes wonder if it is worth the effort, but just yesterday my wife asked for a receipt for some buttons she wanted to return, bought around Christmas time. Found and printed inside of 60 seconds. Couldn’t have done it that quickly if I’d saved the paper. FWIW.
  17. I just finished scanning in December 2019; it took about 40 minutes, and I've forwarded emailed receipts for Feb, Jan and Dec to Evernote. It makes sense for me to use QuickBooks Mac (Desktop, not a service), as I started with QB Desktop when I started my business (first year with Quicken doesn't count: ugh!). All my information is there and I know how to search fast with it. I wouldn't entrust it with receipts, although it might. I've seen how unwieldy other relational databases can get with that many images to manage (Family Tree Maker, I'm looking at you!). Evernote is made for that. Everyone has got their own way of managing things.
  18. I don't have a "master", but I think Evernote is an excellent service for the storage and organization of receipts As per your post, I use the Scannable app (iPad), and the receipt is scanned and stored in my Evernote inbox (notebook) Inbox processing on a Mac assigns title, notebook/tags, ... In lieu of a Quickbooks type service, I transfer the Evernote data to a spreadsheet for budget/expense analysis and reports I have the data transfer automated with AppleScript
  19. Problem: The Evernote Helper window displays at about 325x400. This presents a very small space for adding even brief notes, especially when working on my large screen monitor. Request: Any one of the following would be extremely helpful in boosting value of this tool: Ability to resize the Evernote Helper window Ability to resize the Evernote Helper window and have Evernote Helper remember the window size Ability to set the size of the Evernote Helper window in the Evernote Helper preferences Thank you, Evernote. BC
  20. My "master" in this case for search is QuickBooks Mac, as I run a one-man small business; everything goes in there first. I don't want to have to hold onto the physical receipts. I just looked up what the IRS wants, and digital receipts are OK, as long as you can keep and find them later. I knew that other people would be asking that kind of question, so I asked. Thanks for all your answers.
  21. Just to round out the discussion, some apps can parse note content - see the Filterize blog for more. Although it talks about covering "various date types*" there's the problem mentioned by @CalS of all the other numbers in the note. It's possible that something more could be made of it, but it sounds as though your 'scan in bulk and search' approach is working fine. I've found that using order numbers, customer numbers and post (zip) codes allows me to sort through a large number of documents pretty quickly too... *
  22. Yes, this was what I meant and it works on evernote for Windows and for evernote browser (Google Chrome). I use the following IDEs: VsCode, Intellij idea.
  23. Just an addition, you can use what you just described: For my easy scanning, I use the app ScannerPro from readdle on my iPhone. For heavy lifting, I use my ix500, but this will be above 5-10 pages, duplex etc. ScannerPro scans well, with more options than in EN (like brightness, contrast, document type). What I like (with my iPhone 11 Pro Max) is that it allows me to use the 2x tele lens for scanning. This increases the distance to the document, which helps to avoid shadows from light sources. It does it's own OCR as well, so I can for example extract text from a scan. After the scanning is done, ScannerPro has a very nice feature: Workflows. I have set up several of them, each for one of the more frequent scanning tasks like receipts, recipes, meeting notes, events, family stuff etc. After scanning (1-several pages), and naming the document, I simply hit the corresponding workflow icon coupled to my EN account. This will send the document to a designated notebook, and will automatically assign several tags like the issue, the year and others, based on my tagging system. Each workflow has it's own Notebook/Tag-combination. This makes scanning very fast, because it speeds up processing the scans, or make it in many cases obsolete. The app cost a few bucks, but it is worth it.
  24. No issue, really (MacOS Catalina, latest EN) to make one big file out of these : 1) Select all notes wanted for export 2) Choose "Print Note", Choose "PDF", choose save as pdf. Best way is to a new folder, because it will generate several pdf files, one for each note, same file name, numbered. Attachments will be integrated into the pdf file of each note, so it can be quite long depending on the attachments. 3) Go to the finder, go to the folder, choose all. Right click on the files, choose "Quick actions" from the pop up menu, choose "Create pdf" 4) The action will create one huge pdf file from the individual notes files. 5) For retouching it, I use PDF Expert which is able to manipulate PDFs in many ways. Any other PDF editor should do as well. If I needed it more often (which I don't), I would probably create an Automator action to run it with a click of the mouse.
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