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  3. The annotation is quite basic and I rarely use it; preferring the feature-set of dedicated apps >>They need to either 1) buy Notability ... Why does Evernote need to do anything? Notability is a great editor and I use it often It supports handwriting, and pdf annotation My Notability documents are stored in the Evernote service (indexed for text search)
  4. I'm with Coswell Tarp. The pdf annotation feature set in Evernote is complete $hit. What's more, it hasn't changed in at least four years. They need to either 1) buy Notability and integrate it into Evernote, 2) create an integration with Notability that indexes the PDFs in Evernote, or 3) build the Notability feature set in Evernote. The existing Evernote pdf annotation feature set is like something built by two high-schoolers in a weekend hackathon three years ago.
  5. Are you running the EN installation on a SSD or a conventional HDD ? If you need to restore from the cloud storage , the best way is to wipe EN from your local machine and start with a fresh installation. Force syncing with the existing installation may work, but as you described it can get stuck, maybe out of the same reason that caused the problems before. I agree on the backup issue. I am running a special job every day using Acronis True Image to make a separate backup of my EN data base. It is fast and will write the data to my Synology NAS, just in case ...
  6. How did you pair your Evernote to Assistant? I currently use IFTTT to save notes.
  7. I found there is a Whats New menu option when you click your name in the upper left. The web version seem to have reached a point where it is usable, minus a few features. I'm missing the edit created date, which I heavily used.
  8. OK as a lesson to everyone out there with my issue, basically I messed this up further by using Optimize Database option in the program. The program crashed during this and actually corrupted the database file permanently. (the database file usually lives in /Users/yourname/Evernote/Database) I have tried deleting my database entirely and getting a sync from Evernote's servers but that only downloaded 1% of my notes before it finishes the sync and says it is all done, totally not good. Anyways, very very luckily I had done a system backup to an external hard drive 2 days ago. I restored that database file to the Evernote folder in Users and IT WORKED! I guess bc my database got errors during today, so whatever it was 2 days ago was clean. It opened up my 2 day old database file and even synced to grab all the latest files between 5/25 and 5/27! I can tell because I also made a small backup of May notes and when I manually imported them back into the program, the notes dates and times all matched. LESSON LEARNED-BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FILE OFTEN TO ANOTHER SOURCE. WHEN ***** GOES BAD, UTILIZE THE BACKED UP DATABASE FILE AND SWAP IT OUT OF THE MESSED UP OR CORRUPTED CURRENT DATABASE FILE. BACKUP THE DATABASE FILE OFTEN AND TREAT IT LIKE A GOD Also even if you import all your notes back in using Import and Export, the freakin program won't remember the notebooks for each note. I did NOT want to sort out 3000 notes back into notebooks. By restoring the database file, I maintained everything, my notes, tags, notebooks etc. Import export WILL NOT retain which notebook each note goes in. And for some reason trying to force Evernote servers to sync all their note copys back to my computer did not work. ALL HAIL THE DATABASE FILE. And IDK why optimise database made it worse, but I will just stick to backing up the database file often. Way more useful than import export for 100+ notes. Seriously though, if I was not fortunate enough to have that database file copy, I legit would have had no other good option.
  9. Can I just add my voice to the (long) list of folks suffering from this. I was so excited to get full dark when moving from Windows to Mac; this is certainly annoying.
  10. Hi For some reason starting today, Evernote for Windows freezes up completely and uses nearly if not all 100% of my disk usage according to Task Manager. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program and restarted my computer. The problem is still there. My program is up to date and I do not see that other programs are interfering or hogging computer resources. Windows Defender is not blocking file access either. I just don't get why the Evernote program suddenly needs to hog the hard drive and use it a lot, but then after 30 seconds to 60 seconds it remains frozen and seeking so much on my hard drive! I can't use the program, it does it within 2 minutes of beginning to use it! Help is appreciated, idk what else to do beyond re installation and restarting the computer. Perhaps it is a bug.
  11. ...And I'm back. Just found a small green cog if you hover over someone else's name that also offers the 'spammer' option. Here's my (now) two options.. (Not picking on you particularly - I also tested this on a few other profiles)
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  13. I’ve just grabbed the 40% for a year deal and I’m happy to give the year. In that time I expect the updated release of all clients and for greater stability. I do think they are working hard to do this so I’m not too worried but things like the iOS app refreshing every time I leave the screen to multitask must be resolved by the new version or I would have to review the app I use.
  14. Arh i know i'm just so frustrated. it's been so long. I really use code blocks a lot. However, since the last few releases the highlighing between the windows client and the web client has thrown a bit of a wobbly. I did raise it with support a few weeks back, so they are aware and i know covid has broken everything too. If you want to test it yourself do this 1. On windows create a note add a title add a code block, type stuff in to the codeblock (doesm't matter what it is, code blocks are just text really). 2. Now highlight the text 3. sync the note 4. open and view the note in the web client. you'll notice the highlighting is missing. 5. now type some more text below the code block 6. sync the note and view it in your windows client.... highligting is now gone. I've got some big notebooks with lots of information in loosing the formating has been a heart ache. of cause i didn't notice for a while so lots of my notes got messed up and i could tell you when it broke or what i've changed since it broke. Code blocks in tables. We used to have this as well (but it's been broken for ages and i sucked it up and use a work around). 1. create a 2x2 table on your windows client 2. move to a cell. click the code block button. Nothing happens 3. create a code block below the table. 4. put some stuff in it. 5. cut the code block. 6. paste it into a cell in your table. now you have a code block in a table. So why do i use code blocks? They not a trutype font so every character is the same length. This is handy if your pasting stuff from a command line as it preservse the commandline spacing format. I've tried a work around by using a single cell table and setting the font to monospace. with some limited success. I know stacks and tags i get them i use them a lot. but the code block thing has upset my work flow. I used to find them really useful for documenting code snippets. Its the loss of functionality that really hurts. it's slowly messing up my notes unfortunatly I need both clients, I can't install the fat client on my work machine (no rights) but I can use the web app which was fine. I've been using the product for 7 years, i guess it's made me a bit salty. I've invested a lot of time into my notes, I'm just worried it was a waste. If anyone has any better work arounds i'm all ears. Some kind of inline plugin i've not found, anything. I'm a bit desperate.
  15. There wasn't a forum for Evernote for Gmail - so I've posted my idea here. Not a massive change, but I think it would be nice. when you have the Evernote panel open on the right-hand side of an email, you can change the default folder. If you close the panel (because you want to read your emails in full screen), then you decide to save another email, you open the panel, then you may want to change the default folder again. Each time you click on the change folder, it looks like the plug-in logs into your account to get the list. Why not save the list in cache, or a cookie and provide a refresh icon if you want to re-read the list from your account? Just saves those precious seconds and would be it far more responsive. I also posted a bug about how Spam emails are treated, even if they have been moved into your Gmail inbox - hope that gets resolved soon. cheers, Pete
  16. Please be aware that these are user-to-user forums, not a means of addressing Evernote directly. And as a user, I disagree with you completely and rather vehemently on this question. Privacy is in fact hardcore to Evernote, and I would wager that 90%, maybe 99%, of its users like it that way. People upload business and personal records of all kinds to Evernote, and if there is ever any hint that the privacy of this information is being breached, there is a storm of angry protest. Evernote is doing it right, and I'm sure they plan to keep doing it that way. And they absolutely do say so: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/235660588; https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/235660588; https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313518. Another way of putting this is that Evernote simply is not the tool for the job you're trying to accomplish. If you want full Google searchability, Google Docs or maybe WordPress would work much better for you. But in fact it is quite possible to share public links to Evernote notes: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005417; in the current Evernote Windows program, you can right-click on a note in the Note List and share it to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and from there it will absolutely be searchable by Google. Frankly, it might have been better to have used Evernote's Help & Learning function to find this information (or just Googled it) before coming in here to rant.
  17. @elevennails, as may or may not have become clear from the answers to your post, these are primarily user-to-user forums. You're not actually addressing Evernote directly here. I assume you've looked at the very recent post by Ian Small to which @gazumped linked. Almost no software company gives a detailed road map of where they're going with development or a detailed schedule on when they plan to get there. Things just happen in the course of software development, and then people get mad if there is a deviation from a map or schedule. It's not only safer for companies but kinder to users, IMHO, not to make promises that you know may depend on things you can't control. Can you give some details about these problems? That's the sort of thing these forums are able to address. E.g., I find that table highlighting is consistent between the Web beta and Windows clients; by "highlighting" I mean using the drop-down in a cell to choose a cell background color. What are you seeing go wrong? (I haven't used code blocks, so I can't speak to them.) Of course, most of these have been requested more than once, in particular nested notebooks. One response by an Evernote staffer to the latter request is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114231-why-evernote-refuses-to-implement-multi-level-notebook/?do=findComment&comment=553790. Evernote's structure has intentionally deprecated nesting of notebooks. Will they make that fundamental change? Or will they persist in offering the notebook/stack/tag combination as organizational tools? My money's on the latter, and I recognize it could be the deal-breaker for some. (Personally I love nested hierarchies. Wiser heads here are very, very slowly persuading me to get serious about tags.) WRT Linux, markdown, and code blocks, my guess is that the priority placed on these may be based on the percentage of users who need them, or new users who might be drawn by them.
  18. Actually I do have exactly the same issue. Also for me cooking with recipes stored in Evernote got such a pain that I started taking a screenshot of the note and accessing it via Apple Photos app.
  19. Hi, and welcome to the forums. As you've seen, there have been many reports of this. (But it doesn't help to respond to multiple threads with the same report; it only confuses things, IMHO.) There are some indications of what's causing this toward the bottom of this thread: I don't use Chrome, but I've had it happen in Opera one time. Supposedly it may be connected network difficulties.
  20. Yes i was expressing my frustration about a "request" not being fulfilled.
  21. No i dont think RTL is really added, i'm on arabic keyboard and indeed RTL isnt working..
  22. If Evernote had a $ for every post that specified "relatively easy" ... The existing infrastructure is not set up for this, and it would not be "relatively easy" My work-around is to use in-text keywords, for example tag_!Sample The keywords automatically get indexed for text search, and can be inserted in note contents, or note attachments I use scripting to pull the list of keywords from the existing tag table >>please make it possible to highlight sentences in more colors than just yellow The latest beta versions support a colour palette
  23. This is do-able - I format the date to yyyy/mm/dd Here's an example of code I use set {year:yyyy, month:mmm, day:d, weekday:dddd} to theJournalDate set dd to (text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & d as text)) set m to mmm as integer set mm to (text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & m as text)) >>2. My pop-up window starts at 1 line only; even if there's more than one option to choose from. Is there a way to increase its height or make height dynamic? See screenshot attached. Sorry, I don't have an answer. My drop down list is larger, and allows scrollin >>3. If it doesn't find a match, should we display a dialog that indicates this? Sure My idea is to ask if a new note should be created - the script can create a new note and generate a link
  24. I would echo what others have said - if you have found something you feels suits your usage better then better going for that. If it’s down to frustration due to waiting, which isn’t always easy then I would say wait it out. I don’t know of another notes app that has the flexibility of stacks and tags and for me that is the fundamental feature I’m using a lot as I settle back into Evernote (I was a subscriber and have just returned).
  25. I tried that, and I waited for minutes for Evernote to run, it did not. Thanks anyway.
  26. This is fantastic! Thank you so much @DTLow for making this a reality! I really appreciate it and plan to dig into it further to learn each aspect of this code. I hope you find it just as useful. Below is the full source I'm running at the moment. A few comments I had, I'm not sure what options you'd recommend. 1. In the note selector that pops up, the date overpowers the title. Might recommend minimizing date format and/or perhaps add some type of delimiter. 2. My pop-up window starts at 1 line only; even if there's more than one option to choose from. Is there a way to increase its height or make height dynamic? See screenshot attached. 3. If it doesn't find a match, should we display a dialog that indicates this? tell application "Evernote" to set theOriginalNote to item 1 of (get selection) tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" set theLink to ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) if theLink is not "" then set theLinkHTML to "<a href=\"" & theLink & "\">" & selectedText & "</a>" tell application "Evernote" set theHTMLCode to HTML content of theOriginalNote set theHTMLCode to my Replace_Text(theHTMLCode, selectedText, theLinkHTML) set HTML content of theOriginalNote to theHTMLCode end tell end if on Replace_Text(this_text, search_string, replacement_string) set prevTIDs to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string set the item_list to every text item of this_text set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string set this_text to the item_list as string set AppleScript's text item delimiters to prevTIDs return this_text end Replace_Text on CollectnoteData(searchQuery) set noteData to {} tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to find notes searchQuery repeat with theNote in theNotes set theTitle to title of theNote set theDate to creation date of theNote set theLink to note link of theNote display dialog theTitle & " " & theDate & theLink set end of noteData to {theTitle & " " & theDate, theLink} end repeat end tell return noteData end CollectnoteData on ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) set theLink to "" set noteData to CollectnoteData(searchQuery) if noteData is not {} then set noteList to {} set i to 0 repeat with noteInfo in noteData set i to i + 1 set end of noteList to i & " " & item 1 of noteInfo as string end repeat set i to (words 1 thru 1 of item 1 of (choose from list noteList with prompt "Select Note from " & searchQuery)) as integer set theNote to item i of noteData set theLink to item 2 of theNote end if return theLink end ObtainNoteLink
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