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  2. Right, and you're using the share menu to save the pdf Evernote isn't working, I'm wondering if another destination will be successfull
  3. No, it's not saved. It's in a tab in Safari.
  4. I am uploading image of the issue. There is no saved search section on the android search screen.
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  7. In violent agreement, once again... Just explaining where some of the "clipper" stuff comes from, where elsewhere it's "capture screen"...
  8. Is the PDF saved when you select a different destination?
  9. A PDF of a Bill from ATT. It is problem with ALL PDF's. It will not work from Safari.
  10. Some time ago I posted a link to a public note I created that has colored letters and numbers. I welcome anyone to copy into their own accounts. Not a perfect solution, but maybe better than nothing.
  11. On iOS this is build into the OS itself, and EN just needs to borrow it, like other apps do. A full font Management is not available under iOS. Even apps that have extended functionality like Pages are more restricted than the same app on the Mac. Many others don’t go further than EN, even editors like iAwriter only have smaller/larger functions. What would be more important to me would be an easy way to structure text, like header / subheader / etc. Ideal would be full markdown capability brought into the EN editor on all platforms.
  12. Uh, I think I get it, hence the post. 😊
  13. Just tried to provoke a syncing issue on my iPad, by switching flight mode on and off while creating and editing notes. The iOS client is similar to android because it has no full local database and relies on syncing to the web data. No problem at all, the notes stayed marked with a green arrow to show they needed syncing until flight mode was off, but they were always accessible and could be edited, while offline as well as online. Maybe there is something specific to the Android client. So calling in to support should be the next step.
  14. Same on iOS: Slide to the left, hit the bin - gone (or better: moved to the bin, staying there until finally deleted , or recovered)
  15. For me there is no need for yet another switch build into the software. It just bloats the GUI and makes troubleshooting more complicated. If I want or need it, I can easily change or disable the hotkeys, as shown above. On the other side the fast clipping function is a useful tool on occasion.
  16. This should be checked with support: Out of curiosity I have tried some things on this pdf as well. With tools that are usually reliable, I could neither open nor edit the pdf from the google drive source. The search function of google drive shows „0“ hits even when the searched text is right there. So the pdf is not yet OCRed. Pretty weird. To me it seems the content is mostly a large picture embedded into a pdf shell instead of the usual pdf content. Only a small footer Text is ledgible pdf content.
  17. JanW

    Share Templates

    Thanks gazumped... a forum for templates created in Evernote for Evernote.
  18. A lot of things are planned but haven't escaped yet. A Forum section might be a nice idea - I flagged your post for one of the admins to take a look at - maybe they can make it happen...
  19. As I said, check with Support fwiw, I OCR'd the pdf externally Living with autism Perception.pdf I used app PDF OCR X
  20. Thanks for the confirmation. I think that the ones that Evernote is not OCR'ing were created using the MS Print to pdf "print driver". Which is a sod as there are quite a lot of them and I cannot see how to tell them apart from other pdf's. Hopefully there will be a way to fix this....
  21. I can confirm no search text was returned Just a guess, Evernote thinks the pdf is already a text pdf, or already OCRed You might want to open a support ticket for this. https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  22. Try this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UkjsQRc-KGN9yymEuaqixQtWiM5BXSL9/view?usp=sharing
  23. I just tried creating a local notebook and it shows its name in "grey", which I presume indicates it is a local note book? All the other note books have white text which I presume means these are synced notebooks? If so then all the pertinent note books are synced.
  24. Tried it but made no immediate difference. What does that do?
  25. True enough, but it's the desktop clipper at issue here, and which, most likely for for backwards compatibility reasons, uses registry shortcuts with names that include "clipper". Plus the right-click menu from the Evernote notification bar item is "Clip Screenshot". So yes, there's some inconsistency here, but it's the screen capture functionality that's referenced here. The web clipper extension certainly has its own large-ish set of shortcuts, but they're only operative in the browser where the the web clipper was activated, as far as I can tell.
  26. When I tried, it was on a pdf with public access through the www. Just tried again, worked again on a completely different website, as it worked always for me with iOS. There is an issue with pdfs using Firefox on win-desktop, but this is a different story. What does it mean „PDF was simple Bill from one of my accounts“ ? Maybe the issue is with the source.
  27. JanW

    Wrap text

    Hi DTLow...yeah, I'm finding the best I can do in Evernote with regards the family tree is create family group files then link the notes up but it can make for very long notes...however, all though I do like a tree software to navigate as it is easier to see who belongs to who I also want some text files of the informations as back up...I tried creating pdf files from the family group notes but none off the internal linking I did in Evernote works in the pdf file. That's a bit pricy for the family tree software, is that a one off payment with free updates to newer versions as they are available or do you have to pay again for the newer versions...what's it like to work with?, is it reliable?, do you have all the features you need linking people?...I do like the idea of creating a website or book and having it all synched to iCloud and mobile devices.
  28. DTLow

    Wrap text

    This is off topic, but I'm interested in family tree work. I decided that Evernote is not the best place for this data. I use the MacFamilyTree app. Too many features to mention; here's a sample edit; $60, pricey but it's one-time I find it reliable and backed up
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