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  2. You could try reinstalling the update. After that I would contact support.
  3. Options as to what appears in the left panel make sense to me. My set up is side list view with the left panel closed (ends up being a ribbon). In this view the shared with me icon does not appear. I like the extra real estate for the note list and the note content. FWIW.
  4. Hi. I obviously don't know your detailed requirements or whether this is relevant, but for information I have a tag and reminder driven 'tickler' set-up which alerts me to outstanding items, currently dated and important items, and gives me an overview of what's coming up in the next 7 days. That can be run (I think) with three or four saved searches, or - as I currently do - with Filterize which runs the searches continuously and maintains table of contents notes listing the various categories separately. Use tags for priorities 1and 2, and set up reminder dates for notes with due dates. Then set up searches (or Filterize dashboards) for Overdue: notes with due dates set for before today Now: notes tagged with priority 1 or notes with a due date of today Soon: notes tagged priority 2 or notes with a due date in the next 6 days - It's possible to add further priorities if you need them.
  5. To recover something that you accidentally delete and empty from trash you need your own backups. If that is not a major concern, then you can get by entrusting backup to EN. You have to backup any notebooks designated as local in any case.
  6. I would steer clear of the beta until enough function is added to satisfy your use case(s). Just frustrating otherwise.
  7. I doubt it. As per @DTLow use the ENEX format to backup your local notebooks.
  8. Hi. Thinking about it, I don't believe that tables are designed to expand and contract to fit the screen. If you resize the table (not in Android) to fit the wider display, it will require a scroll on a mobile device. Not sure if it would be possible to re-flow the content of the cells in your example to fit a table that would also fit the two screens exactly, but it would be a good feature request for the future sometime...
  9. Today
  10. Hmmn. I did try both ways in my previous test - image+text, and image alone. Just tried another three notes with both text and images, using Ctrl+A to get the whole note content, and I still just get one copy of whatever I paste. I'd suggest raising a support ticket if you still have a problem. Do tell Evernote exactly how you're copying the content, and share with them a note you're copying from, so they can try it out with the same data.
  11. My intention is to ignore the HTML code as much as possible and just focus on switching lines 1 and 2. Also updating the title, which requires stripping the html code from the line
  12. The keyboard needs to be visible 1st. Tap on text so the keyboard appears. Then swipe left where the Bold and Underline icons are. Select your text then tap the highlight icon.
  13. In the general sense of gently kicking Evernote as an incentive to upgrade the web experience I voted you up. Full disclosure - I'm also now half a Linux user, having lost patience with Windows which is erratic, slow and - these days - frequently dangerous to update.. but unfortunately necessary for practical reasons in the day job. My backup laptop runs Linux, the primary is still on W10. You already appreciate that there's a limit to what a browser-based app can achieve, being limited to whatever local workspace and access the browser will allow, and whatever download capacity the server can achieve over a remote link. However, Evernote haven't ever (to my knowledge) actually released a final a web client. There was - let's call it Plan A - back in the dim mists of time, which was replaced by a beta - appropriately B - which had some upgrades so it almost became usable... and then got replaced by version C which was a 'ground up revision'... that never got over ground level, because version B (which is still available - switch between them in Settings) is still better in some respects. Now. Unless I'm falling for the hype, or suffering a 'senior' moment, I'm sure I saw recently something to the effect that Evernote's current focus on fixing persistent bugs and satisfying some common user complaints is going to pay off bigtime later this year. The web client was mentioned too, so we may not have long to wait for a better version D. On the other hand Evernote have used that 'later this year' expression before - and it turned out they weren't necessarily thinking of the same year that we were... Still progress is being made - but if you find some things don't work in your version of Evernote Web, do check them out in the 'other' web version while we still have it. Sadly multiple note selection is not one of the options in either client. If Windows is not an option at all - check out the Android (other mobile OS's are available) client. Multiple note choice IS an possibility there!
  14. From my experience: Evernote is not the culprit... Windows updates made it slow down in my case, and filled my SSD with sedimented data left over after the update was through. What helped: Clean up the start up disk (in most cases “c:“ ) Using the explorer, right click on „c:“, properties, clean up as admin including the system files, then empty the trash, and restart windows.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I just removed and performed a clean install of Evernote (restarting the system), and the problem is still there. Actually, I've been facing this issue day after day in the last month. Regarding the images being duplicated, if you select just the image in a note and paste into an external application, the image is pasted properly. The problem appears when you select - together the image - the content around, including text, then pasted. Images are duplicated!
  16. Hi. Just tried pasting into Word - x1 image plus text >> just that image plus text. Image on its own >> also pastes as single image. No experience of your issue here. Have you tried restarting your system?
  17. This this is a great idea! You have my support on that series!
  18. After I manually deleted Gorup Containers for Evernote, version 7.10 started working - don't know why App Cleaner didn't delete them. But bug with text rendering on non-retina displays still not fixed. All fonts for both my languages (en+ru) in right side look horrible, shame but it's still unusable. Back to version 7.3.1. First picture - 7.10, second - 7.3.1.
  19. Anybody can and should use what he likes for his purposes. Dynamic Type will only change the appearance of the font on the iOS device, not the font itself. The same text will look larger or smaller when displayed, allowing either for better reading or more information on the same screen. The font in itself is not affected - you can test it yourself when altering it, create several documents with several settings (in an app that supports it) and open it on a Mac. One app to try this is Apple notes, which supports dynamic text. Independent from the settings of dynamic text on iOS, the notes look all the same on the Mac. What would be really nice: If Evernote would support markdown editing, which due to its closeness to HTML should be reasonable to code.
  20. I am having exactly the same problem, I uninstalled using Clean my Mac and then tried reinstalling ( via app store and also EN website)-have reported the issue to support no response as yet.
  21. @JMichaelTX @DTLow Thanks so much for your responses - I would love to see your solution JMichaelTX as that sounds like exactly what I need and I haven’t had time to look at the simple option 1 solution myself yet - if you have space would love to see your script
  22. That would work if the HTML is always nice, neat, and orderly as you show. In my testing I have found it can vary quite a bit. So I'm using RegEx. I have three RegEx patterns currently in place, and the script tries each one until one works. After a bit more testing and cleanup, I'll post my script. @AngusSanto, are you still interested in an AppleScript solution? Please let us know. I have a solution I'm testing that will do this: Extract the first two lines of the Note body Set the Note Title to the 2nd body line Insert the original Title at top of Note Body. Would that work for you?
  23. Hello PinkElephant, thank you very much, I just messaged the Support. Best, Max
  24. Hi, Sharing information. I'm using Evernote for Windows (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) As shown in this screen-recording (http://bit.ly/2w60zyL), the note content having images seems ok. However, when the content is copied and pasted into ANY other apps (e.g. Word, Thunderbird), the images are being duplicated. Are there other users facing the same issue? Kind regards, Carlos
  25. Can you give us specific examples, maybe a screenshot
  26. Yesterday
  27. I don't really understand what you are saying.. that iOS limits the font sizes that can be used to three? Take a look at 1Writer on iOS, very similar to iA Writer, but lets you set the font and size. Or closer to Evernote, look at Bear or Agenda, which allow you to set either or both the font and font size. In fact, iOS includes a mechanism to set font size for apps - Dynamic Type, which you can set in iOS Settings. Many iOS apps honor the type size set there. But Evernote doesn't. As for font consistency and control not being important, well to each his own. One of the primary reasons I use Bear now is because of this issue.
  28. I am searching for text in the title or body of a note. I get some results which match and many more where there is no match.
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