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  2. Thanks, I had tried that. But it didn't work. I finally found out that the recent app upgrade was not compatible with my OS (I'm behind in upgrading!). So, I deleted the app and re-installed the earlier version. And all is happy.
  3. How do I know which product is the best among the ones listed here? https://www.shaw-review.com/power-efficiency-guide-mark-edwards-review
  4. My main concern, which was not addressed here, is concerning the possible loss of local (non-sync'd) notebooks ... not local (offline) storage. I will admit it is an extrapolation based on my experience with the preview versions and what I saw in the video.
  5. Of course, there's this: Money quote: Nothing about any new technology, not that that matters much, at least to me, except as curiosity only.
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  7. Evernote's lack of decent pen support is frustrating. OneNote's ability to ink directly, anywhere on any note is a huge advantage and it's the reason I can't get fully onboard with Evernote.
  8. +1 for Filterize Been using it for a couple of weeks and already it is automating a lot of my tagging and moving of notes directly into notebooks
  9. Yes. I use it professionally which is why I investigated this issue - very perceptive Pink Elephant. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I will follow up with EN regarding an amendment. Best wishes.
  10. Forking this thread deserves several ❤️ 's ! *Thank you*.
  11. Hi. Saved searches can also be Shortcuts, which show up in the main menu. When I tap the search icon (magnifying glass) I also get recent and saved searches popping up.
  12. Do I have to say it? Seriously, though : @Ian Small thanks for contributing your peek into the Evernote mindset, goals and development process. The 12% web usage was a little surprising (would have guessed lower), and using web for rapid prototyping makes a lot of sense, though the age-old problem of rolling out new features to the native applications seems to still remain. In any case, as an Evernote fan, and also a developer, I always appreciate that kind of clear and informative information out here in the wild, wild forums. Carry on.
  13. Very disappointed that the sky isn't falling in. What am I going to complain about?
  14. Hi pdunningan, I had the same issue. If you are using a Mac, 1. Download the following app cleaner to completely remove all Evernote app files; https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ 2. empty your trash, and then 3. down load the Evernote app from the Evernote website. Hope this does the trick, Kindest, da
  15. I’ll keep noodling with it.
  16. Site http://tic-recherche.crifpe.ca/docs/guides/en/Evernote_guide.pdf Browser: Safari No problems saving the pdf, using either share option
  17. Dear Ian, dear team, first, the new openness and integration of users is very positive. No company can tell everything, but involving users to get feedback - like in this thread - is always leading to a better product. Second, I like the incremental approach. Much better to improve things in steps, we all can feel, try and comment on, than being promised a big leap whenever (and often never). Third, any focus on the engine that drives EN is very valuable. For me what counts is the reliable, performant structure deep inside, not wet, shiny paint on the surface. Keep up the focus, keep up the drive !
  18. Conversely, people expecting to see Delete (and trained to do so via previous Evernote experience) get confused. Me, for example. I seem to always need a mental second to remember it's "Move to Trash" now. And after how many years? Yeesh. Anyhow, it's a problem with no good single answer, and it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of my world.
  19. Wow! FIrst the video series and now a thoughtful response on this forum. After a rock-bottom low last year, my faith and confidence in Evernote is now at an all-time high. Ian-- so far, you are truly doing a great job as the leader of this company. Thank you.
  20. A lot of things weren't ported to the MAC version All of the functionality next to these shortcuts is gone: F5, F6 , F10, F11... upVOte this issue so they get to fix it.
  21. thank you very much for sharing, Ian, and for addressing & ending (at least) my concern! obviously your first point begs the question how the remaining 88% of usage break down by client. generally some stats on my(/our?) favorite tool would be very interesting..:-) thanks, Lorenz
  22. Anybody should be happy to learn that EN has outsourced the data storage to Google (or Amazon, or Microsoft, or ... any other major cloud service). This is common practice today for a lot of companies. It does not mean that Google is handling the data, they just run the data center on which the EN data (which is my data, your data, our data !) is saved and processed. This means the data is super-save, distributed over a number of data centers, backuped to an extend that a single company could most likely not guarantee. If you use the data stored in your EN account professionally, you should think about closing a data processing agreement with EN. For European users with professional data use, this is obligatory under European data protection laws. I did this, with a very professional reaction by EN and without additional cost. Just issue an support ticket, briefly explaining why you want to add this amendment to your account. EN confirms in there that the data will be handled and protected in compliance with the new European data protection laws (which is to my knowledge the strictest ruleset of all G20-countries).
  23. Hey gang - There is some useful feedback in this thread which I have read with interest. Thank you! There are also a lot of concerns raised, whether it be feedback to the specific content we showed, or all sorts of interpolations and extrapolations built off what we showed (and in some cases, what we didn't). I don't have time to respond to every possible angle raised in this thread, but here are a few quick responses: 1. Roughly 12% of Evernote usage is on web sessions. 2. No one ever said anything about making Evernote a web-only experience. Just because we demo a set of improvements to search on web (which is the least adequate search experience, btw) doesn't mean this is the only thing we are working on. In a series of videos that may well have a lot of episodes by the time we're done (depending on the response we get, I guess), we judged it to be a reasonably approachable initial subject for a first video. Why? It's relatively easy to understand. It's visual. 3. Following up on #2 above, we are NOT planning on eliminating Windows and Mac versions of Evernote with local stores, nor Android and iOS versions with local stores, etc. Being able to use Evernote whether online or offline is a major feature/benefit and in a million years that's not going away. Of course, having a local store would be even better if sync was fully robust. Working on that. 4. Having the kind of interactive search capability we outline here doesn't mean we're taking away your power search capabilities. It means we're trying to find ways to (a) more quickly get to the content you're looking for *without* needing to know quite as much of the search instruction arcana (b) give more people more powerful search tools (c) get there in fewer keystrokes. I'm sure we'll get some things wrong along the way, but we're trying to have our cake (improved UX, improved relevancy, more interactive search tools) and eat it too (powerful command line syntax) on this front. 5. As I said in the first video in this series, some of what we choose to show in this series won't relate to a problem you in particular are facing. Hopefully some of it will. I recognize it's frustrating if the first video we drop doesn't relate to your top pain point, but you can rest assured that there are others amongst our millions of users who do. Otherwise we wouldn't be working on it. We can only do one topic at a time. 6. One of the reasons we prototype a lot of new stuff on the web first is because it's absolutely the fastest way for us to design/test/validate/deploy something new to a limited set of customers in order to get a feedback loop going about a particular design direction. As I said in the very first video, we are trying to test - with users, live in the wild - as much of what we are working on as we can prior to release. If seeing what we're working on in a web setting disturbs you simply because we are showing a concept in a web build, I'm guessing that for your own peace of mind, you should probably stop watching much of the Behind the Scenes series of videos. 7. If you *do* get invited to participate in a Preview release of some kind, as part of that we will point out to you that Preview is definitionally pre-Alpha. Which means more than "it's buggy". It means it's not even close to feature complete. It's not performant. It's so early there isn't a proper name for it. But if there's enough in there for us to get directional feedback early in the process, we will do our best to put it in front of some users, live and in the wild. Because the earlier we get feedback, the better chance we have of being ultimately on target. All we will ask of you is not to pre-judge the eventual release of something by its Preview release, a release that may come months before we lock down direction, functionality or performance. Previews usually come along with non-disclosure requests, too, because they're so early. Which is one reason you (appropriately) don't hear a lot about them. I'll return to lurking now (and get back to my day job, which ultimately is where I have the best chance of generating value for you all). Thanks for watching, and for caring. I recognize that the last part - that you care - comes through in every comment. ian
  24. Since the one-time with heavy syncing I have reported above, no more problems. Sync is fast, search is working, switching apps or time-out has no effect on the responsiveness.
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