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  2. Not clear why you "lose the note you had", but you do lose focus on the current note if you open a different note. With the current note open in it's own window, it is easy to locate.
  3. Hi. Amazon seem to have a pretty wide selection of colours. Haven't tested them for Evernote compatibility.
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  5. Yes that's what I have said we would only have Dark Mode "only if it cost Evernote nothing". That means this issue will never get the resource needed, and we will never get Dark Mode for Windows version. What I don't feel good here is that the reply is not honest about the current situation. If they are not going to give us Dark Mode, just say it. Don't mislead people with UWP/Win32 sh*t.
  6. My interpretation of the response is that it is a bandwidth / priority issue.
  7. Not sure if this is a official reply from Evernote (because @dconnet is shown as staff) but I hope this is not. This reply is misleading and irresponsible from a company that have so many paid subscribers. I am a software developer so I understand what that UWP argument means. But what this reply implied was that Evernote would give us dark mode, only if it cost them nothing (as low cost as just adding a new parameter to the current editor API). Evernote is telling us that we don't have the dark mode because MS doesn't want to implement it. No, that's wrong. Evernote doesn't give us the Dark Mode because Evernote doesn't want to implement it. They just want to see if they can wait until MS implement the dark mode for Win32 Editor. It is very irresponsible reply, because after all, who get the money from paid subscribers, MS or Evernote? Then why blame MS on this? The reply is misleading because, there are so many tools I am using on Windows with dark mode/theme. Just name a few that I use more often, VSCode and Notion (Electron based) both support custom theme very well. Tools as simple as Simple Note support dark mode as well. Old tool like Eclipse and notepad++, at least have dark theme editors (Eclipse is SWT based, NP++ should be Win32). And Visual Studio also with dark mode (should be Win32 too). So, if it is a technical issue or a architectural design level problem that makes Evernote unable to give us Dark Mode in Windows version, just tell users the truth. Please do not blame another company for your laziness or incapability. Anyway, thanks for replying though, at least we knew that's VERY VERY unlikely we are going to have a Dark Mode in Windows.
  8. It is funny that we have been requesting Dark Mode in this thread for 5 to 6 years, and they finally made it, and they closed the thread. Leaving us Windows users to start a new thread for the same request. Do we have to wait for another 5 years or what?
  9. Anyone else still using post-its in evernote. I love post-its, and how they go right to the specific notebook. But now im having a hard time finding the colors that work like the long gone evernote post-its. I had a huge stockpile of them and moleskine notebooks as well but they were destroyed by an Ex. any ideas on equivalents, especially blue and green as they seem to be the hardest to duplicate, thnx Brett
  10. Thanks for that, I've hunted around and it seems if I use the dropdown menu I can open a new note in a new window, after all, but I am sure I used to be able to do it another way. Still, I wouldn't have worked this out if you hadn't helped, so thanks. How do you open a note so you don't lose the note you had?
  11. On the Mac, I can open as many notes as I wish, each one in its own window. Restrictions apply on iOS, there the notes are only loaded to local memory when opened, and the one open will close when the next one is opened.
  12. What I do when I run into problems with displayed content on an i-device is different: Open the website, document, etc. If available, on websites I use the reader option Press the share button, select „print“. A print dialog box will open. Select if necessary the page range. Put 2 fingers on the little document in the box, „pinch“ outwards (move both fingers apart) The document will open as a pdf in the standard pdf display Use share again, select Evernote, add information like title, notebook and tags Save, done ! The „clean“ pdf created this way will be OCRed by Evernote It can be post-processed using a pdf editor, like PDF Expert. This works for me in all cases that show problems with other options.
  13. For a long time now I have been frustrated with the inability to open multiple notes, a huge issue for those that are used to being able to do that both with Evernote and other applications. I truly want this fixed as swapping between open notes is an imperative and if I am not mistaken this has been a huge problem for people for a long time now. The old engine used to do it, so I don't understand why you would either remove a valuable feature, or carry around dormant code in the operating system. I'd really like an answer as to when this feature is coming back. I use this program in bursts for consolidated study and need it to perform this function.
  14. Some downloaded PDFs contain renderable text and won’t OCR completely. You can fix this by saving the PDF as Tiff (which will create a tiff per page), then opening the first page with a PDF editor and dragging the other pages in, then either recognizing text with the PDF editor or saving to EN and letting EN do it. PITA if it is a renderable text issue, but only reliable way I have found to fix. And AT&T fits the bill for this.
  15. Yes, it saves perfectly fine to files.
  16. Right, and you're using the share menu to save the pdf Evernote isn't working, I'm wondering if a different destination will be successfull
  17. No, it's not saved. It's in a tab in Safari.
  18. I am uploading image of the issue. There is no saved search section on the android search screen.
  19. Yesterday
  20. In violent agreement, once again... Just explaining where some of the "clipper" stuff comes from, where elsewhere it's "capture screen"...
  21. Is the PDF saved when you select a different destination?
  22. A PDF of a Bill from ATT. It is problem with ALL PDF's. It will not work from Safari.
  23. Some time ago I posted a link to a public note I created that has colored letters and numbers. I welcome anyone to copy into their own accounts. Not a perfect solution, but maybe better than nothing.
  24. On iOS this is build into the OS itself, and EN just needs to borrow it, like other apps do. A full font Management is not available under iOS. Even apps that have extended functionality like Pages are more restricted than the same app on the Mac. Many others don’t go further than EN, even editors like iAwriter only have smaller/larger functions. What would be more important to me would be an easy way to structure text, like header / subheader / etc. Ideal would be full markdown capability brought into the EN editor on all platforms.
  25. Uh, I think I get it, hence the post. 😊
  26. Just tried to provoke a syncing issue on my iPad, by switching flight mode on and off while creating and editing notes. The iOS client is similar to android because it has no full local database and relies on syncing to the web data. No problem at all, the notes stayed marked with a green arrow to show they needed syncing until flight mode was off, but they were always accessible and could be edited, while offline as well as online. Maybe there is something specific to the Android client. So calling in to support should be the next step.
  27. Same on iOS: Slide to the left, hit the bin - gone (or better: moved to the bin, staying there until finally deleted , or recovered)
  28. For me there is no need for yet another switch build into the software. It just bloats the GUI and makes troubleshooting more complicated. If I want or need it, I can easily change or disable the hotkeys, as shown above. On the other side the fast clipping function is a useful tool on occasion.
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