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  2. My date format is yyyy/mm/dd I can search for intitle:"07/04" The logic behind this is that special characters are ignored (except for _). My date becomes "yyyy mm", and my search becomes "07 04"
  3. Evernote does not support multiple notebook searches, period, except in the case where you search a stack, which contains one or notebooks (and you can only search one stack at a time).. A query builder would be useful, but until such time as the underlying search syntax supports it, multiple notebook search won't work.
  4. Yes. It known that Evernote's search language doesn't do infix searching; it only matches from the start of the word, title, or tag name. There are any number of previous requests to change the search language in different ways, and this one has been requested before.
  5. 4 years later ... what are now the news about storing offline notebooks on SD card?
  6. Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce it and filed a ticket with engineering for a fix. To get around it for now, I would recommend to hightlight the text, right click on it (or ⌘K) and select Link > Add and paste the URL again. Thanks for reporting!
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  8. If the menu command doesn't work, then that points to something deeper. I'd look in the registry for the Evernote settings; should be somewhere like: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote. In there, look at the "LeftPaneWidth" to see if that's out of sorts. Mind if 240 decimal F0 hex.If I shut down Evernote, set it to 0, and restart, I see the same thing happening as you.
  9. Very odd - do any of the other options under the view menu work (e.g. Note List)? To further clarify, the left panel won't collapse for you, but it does respond when clicking items within it such as notebooks and tags?
  10. If you post an link to your note, I'll test it on my installation I did experience the issue noted below
  11. Hi, I uploaded quite a few notes back on 23rd June 2019, and now I'm going through those notes, checking and tagging, and find that many have still not been indexed - 18th July 2019. My understanding is that unless the notes are indexed, any search against these notes will fail. I have tried 3 times to sort this out with EN support - twice they have suggested Recreate Full Text Search Index, which I've done, but this didn't solve the problem. Today's session with EN support I could not get them to understand indexing - Have I got the wrong idea about indexing? Many of the notes are hand written, many are typed, but as EN should do hand written notes - I will take anything it can find! EN asked me to upload a note that wasn't indexed. These are the responses I got - (I uploaded the same note to Onenote it was instantly searchable - although only the pre printed text on this sample.) a - The image might need to be upscaled to find the text. b - The image indexed when separating the image into each page c - It looks like when the entire image is added into the note, the image is shrieked down to fit with the image. This would explain why the app is having issues indexing them. Can anyone explain these? Thanks Doc
  12. No the menu command does not work. I just installed evernote fresh in my new laptop so pretty sure we can rule out the hijack thing by other program.
  13. This is my first post, please excuse me if it isn't a right place to post a bug. I'm facing bug with Evernote for Mac (Version 7.11 (457847 App Store) / Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)): it doesn't display and open web links with Cyrillic letters in them:
  14. No..i just installed it fresh in my new laptop and its not working since then...i will re-install and check.
  15. Welcome to the forums. Evernote's a favourite tool for me. I use it to store/organize all my documents.
  16. I have wondered for years what happened to the atlas feature... I'll cast my vote to please bring the feature back; I found it very useful.
  17. One factor in priority is user interest. To indicate your support for this request, use the vote button in the top left corner of the discussion. There are currently votes >>My best solution for mathy content is to use a LaTeX document and sync it via cloud Yes to using a LaTex supported document. Add it to a note as a file attachment
  18. Warning duly noted, but since this is for a vacation and not work, will likely be ignored 🙂
  19. As per @gazumped, please identify your device/platform Two possibilities - You're logging into the wrong account - You're using the new web version which has issues. I posted downgrade instructions here
  20. Hi. Deleted notes wind up in the Trash notebook. If they're not there, then the chances are you logged into a different account, or you're using a new version of the app. What OS/ device are you using, and what version of Evernote? - Access to Support is a paid-for feature, though you can (obviously) get assistance here from other users, and you can use Twitter to contact @EvernoteHelps for low-priority help.
  21. It is freely available, but do be warned that one (500ml) bottle is never enough, and two go down very smoothly... but unless you have a outstandingly quiet day planned afterwards, stop at two. The after-effects seem to be on a logarithmic scale...
  22. I just happened to be reading this older string. For anyone who finds it, editing the templates is really quite easy. Make a note from the existing template. Edit it. Choose ‘Save as Template”. To see your new version, open a new note. Click the use template button. While you’re in there, delete the old version if you’re replacing the old one, and not making a ‘Version B’. As templates concept is to host notes that are likely to be rarely edited, this process seems fine to me. Makes it difficult to accidentally edit your master copy of the template.
  23. Thanks for the comments. The use of syntaxis is not very friendly in my mind, particularly with the range and number of tags and notebooks I have created over time. The addition of a "multiple-tag/notebook-selection-menu" would tremendously help. DTLow - I understand Evernote/Mac has more advanced search features, but I use Windows. Don Dz - I have saved searches that help but cannot replace the requested function primarily because of the dynamic nature of most searches. I might not be a skillful user, but I find it almost impossible and very time consuming trying to anticipate all the options in tags/notebooks. I have added special characters (+ & $ #), keywords and numbers to better organize my notes which makes syntaxis even more complex.
  24. Revoke access to the device and change your password This should be an Evernote only password; don't use it on other sites
  25. Hmmm, I have a trip across the pond coming up. I'll have to look that one up.
  26. Do you use the same password/username on other services? That info might have been gained through a known breach. Some things you should do; 1. Reset your password --> Something unique and long. Think of a passphrase for example " !reallyENJOYtyping2000 " 2. Enable multi-factor authentication 3. Check if any of your accounts associated to your email address have been part of a breach https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Best of luck
  27. Also works fine for me, same version. Does the menu command (View / Left Panel) still work? Is there a possibility that some other program has hijacked the F10 key using a global Windows shortcut?
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