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  2. Thank you. I thought this too. I’ll post one in the morning when I’m back at my laptop. thanks v much for your help. X
  3. Can you please open a topic for 7.10 beta 2?
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  5. The Remove Notebook option applies to notebooks shared with you. Please post a screenshot.
  6. Its odd because when i right click the delete option isnt there. just remove
  7. Oh and this is on a macbook air
  8. Hi So yes i have more than one notebook. I have 5. I right click and select remove and then a warning window pops up to say are you sure you want to delete this notebook etc.and i click yes and nothing happens.
  9. That's expected. See my post (a couple) above. Edit: Our upgrade path doesn't play nicely with MSI (Microsoft Installer).
  10. Yes please. I imagine in the product development you guys were thinking "OK if user's note gets duplicated, it's not ideal but user will just delete the dupe." Issue though is there are multiple dupes, and it's hard to tell which one has all the info. I have notes that I've been maintaining for multiple years. When one of these gets duplicated 3,4,5 times, I want to delete the dupes, but I don't want to get rid of the wrong one (they don't sync perfectly I've noticed).
  11. I have beta 6.18.3 but it is asking me to install the latest version, 6.17.7 Public (308474). I wasn't paying attention to versions so said OK, and obviously got this. The update notification: My installed version:
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement around our logic here. I'll forward this feedback to our product managers to see what can be done. If I have any updates soon, I'll post here. Thanks!
  13. 6.17.7 is a hotfix. It contains only a security fix. This was _just_ released, I image a topic will be created after everyone is back from lunch.
  14. I did it for almost 3 years at another company. Driver installs too. (Funny thing, headhunter contacted me, my skills were a perfect match - for installers. Nope! Once was enough!)
  15. Just reset the size on the original text and you will get the same result. If you look at the ENML a font size parameter gets added, <font style="font-size: 10pt;">. Don't know what the plumbing is, but it would appear that EN left to its own devices has two different sizes, 10 isn't quite 10. I've seen the same sort of stuff when dragging default text from one note to another, values get added which then causes display size on IOS to vary for what one would think was the same parameters, ie, default. Saw this with my workout notes, the font was smaller on my phone after dnd when creating a work out note. Copy/Paste is the workaround for that. Oh well.
  16. @Nick L. : If I am using a web-based interface, I completely agree that creating duplicates is far better than losing information. Luckily I am usually running on Win10, MacOS or iOS, so up to now I was not flooded by security duplicates. It would be good if this feature could be assisted by a tool that can be used to get rid of the unwanted twin notes in an economical way. Sort of another entry into the „extended help menu“ ? Pick the notes, present the youngest one of them all and let the user confirm that it contains all the information; then delete all the earlier copies ?
  17. I know the Beta discussions have been moved, but a (EN Win) GA is shown as an update available when my EN loads and checks. This link used to show the new EN Win GA Release Notes https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-evernote-for-windows/ It is only showing the Jan 10 GA 6.17.6.xxx I used to DL the GA releases from those announcements. I keep the older copies of GA releases just in case I need to revert, so I want to DL it myself - Thanks
  18. Thank you so much for the response! That would be wonderful to do but I am not sure it can be done in Zapier - do you have any input on how to ensure that Zapier selects a template for every new note? I would be forever grateful. As far as I can tell there is no way to tell Zapier to use a pre-set template that we can then push text into.
  19. One curious thing: I set the default font to Segoe UI 10, and created a new note, then typed some text into the note ("Segoe UI 10", how original). OK, fine -- looks like the same in MS Word. Then I copied that text, hit a newline and pasted it. With Segoe UI/10 showing for font parameters, I then selected the new text, and re-selected "10" from the font size dropdown, and the selected text, while still looking like the original, spread out just a little, as if the spacing between characters increased a tiny bit, maybe by a pixel. On the other hand, it didn't change if I re-selected the "Segoe UI" font. So I'd guess that the font that's created by default and the font that's specified when you change font size isn't created with exactly the same parameters as the default font is.
  20. The day I'm asked to do installer stuff will be the day I retire...
  21. A "new" version is available. This is a hotfix for the 6.17 GA. Because of our update versioning, this is seen as an update to the beta (because it was released later - yeah, I know. The architecture for that was set down a decade ago. Thankfully we rarely run into cases like this.). If you're running Beta2 (or 3), the hotfix issue is already fixed, so you probably want to ignore the 6.17.7 release. (And because of MSI versioning, the installer itself knows this is a downgrade and will complain. Loudly. double sigh.)
  22. OK thanks Nick. I do understand. I'm not a paying user so I guess I can't really complain.
  23. Well, all I can say is these forums are littered with posts of accidental secondary accounts causing notes to "disappear". It is the de facto way to start the debug.
  24. What you're experiencing is by design and it's triggered when we detect network problems through your browser. Because Evernote Web can't rely on a local database like Evernote for Mac or Windows, we create the duplicates with the history of the changes during the network problem. Frankly it's not the most graceful solution, but it avoids losing data. If you find that this happens too frequently, we recommend that you try using Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows.
  25. Can you provide details? I'm interested in the digital filing cabinet stuff instead of editor details We know the Evernote provided editor and enml format is more suited to basic notes; - but it's something I can work with, especially on a Mac Another interest is expanding beyond the information silos of each note. Evernote doesn't allow for sharing or consolidating data between notes; - the best we can do is note lists and note links Currently, I am extracting note data to spreadsheets/databases.
  26. I first looked at, and tried, Notion back in October last year. Liked the concept and potential but decided it wasn’t really ready to be an Evernote replacement. Looked at it again two weeks ago and tried again, now it’s so much better than Evernote there’s no comparison. i used Notion’s Evernote importer to transfer 9000 notes (seven years worth) and imported all of them flawlessly in about ten minutes - and nothing imported counts towards the limits on Notions free plan. Have been using Notion instead of Evernote for the last ten days or so seeing if anything doesn’t work as well as it seems, but everything does. It’s very powerful and very flexible and being updated all the time. So today I also downgraded my Evernote Plus to the free version, and have switched completely to Notion. I don't have any intention of using Evernote anymore. It’s outclassed, poorly coded, overpriced and now just basically years out of date.
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