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  2. Hi. Submit a support request. Subject to annoying things like legality and copyright...
  3. I would love for Evernote to respond to this as well. I have 3 Premium accounts and am pretty good at Web Clipping and modifying the clip after Evernote doesn't save everything the way I want. It would be totally awesome for web clipper and Evernote to just get better at capture regions of the content and processing from there. Is it possible that Evernote can pre-process on the device, send it to the cloud, finish processing, maybe doing some more complicated parsing routines and then making it available once rendered? It would be amazing if Evernote added more benefit to clipping than just storage.
  4. I would like to hear back from Evernote themselves on this idea. I could care less who owns the page, or how its constructed because I know software can at a minimum figure out the borders of such content and take a screenshot, manipulate as needed and post into the Evernote capture stream. Then easily enough make the URL available as an embedded link and maybe even capture enough metadata to paste with the image. We are talking archive and functional use. I would appreciate some action take to capture both Twitter, Facebook and other content, even if its "hard". Just figure out the best possible way, including a psuedo screen shot and go from there. Thanks.
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  6. @DTLow Yeah I was thinking that, that there must be a much higher proportion of paid users on desktop.
  7. Good job. I suspect the breakdown is different for paid accounts; and more skewed to the Window/Mac platforms
  8. Web ~12% Windows ~12% Mac ~12% IOS ~32% Android ~32% What do I win? I must say I am very surprised such a majority is on mobile. How I used to use Evernote was completely different. Please could you clarify that editable file attachments on desktop will still be a feature? It is the #1 feature I miss about Evernote. I suppose so with having a local store. I know you don't want to give to much away but I would be very encouraged by this news.
  9. Yes you did, and jeez I'd completely forgotten that you had followed up with a response. Thanks for the reminder. I won't stir the mud up on this one again ... but considering I forgot once already, no promises 😀
  10. Ian, thanks for pointing that out. I just went back an viewed the video again, and of course you're right. So what I originally thought that you were showing was incremental search, but you were also (instead of?) showing a form of auto-complete, where you are showing in the panel below the Search box tags, notebooks, and people that matched your typing. If I am able to select the one I want quickly via keyboard, then that would be great! But please don't make us use the mouse when typing in the search box. It will be interesting to see how you detect and show auto-completion filter choices from the same typed text for tags, note title, and notebook. Looks like you are considering making it a very smart search, so maybe it could support the "easy" method (for some users) of just typing keywords, and also make it easy to specify the Search Qualifier (filter), like "ta:" for tags, "ti:" for title, and "nb:" for notebook. My most common search is for Tag and Note Title, and I really hate having to type "intitle:". My organization method is to use tags for broad categories and then keywords in the Title to narrow it down. Thanks again for the great direct interaction you are providing us with.
  11. I also use the internal links external to Evernote; - calendar/reminder entries, - spreadsheets
  12. It's resolved for me (7.10, MacOS). Looks great now.
  13. I really will go back to lurking soon, but while we're at it... To your (1), I will observe that one of the things we showed in the video was the ability for to type the first few letters of a tag or a notebook, have that tag or notebook be automatically suggested, and add it as a filter (eg. "Mexico" was a tag). I understand that incremental search may not be up your alley, but I suspect that for most users, auto-matching what you are typing to possible tag names, notebook names, space names, recent searches, etc. is faster, more interactive, and likely more effective than needing to type or pick "tag:" or "notebook:" first, followed by auto-matching and picking. Our goal is to design for the breadth of the constituency (both paying and non-paying, although we pay the most attention to paying users and those who are likely to become paying users). I completely understand your mileage on a given design approach may vary. To your (2), obviously this is a super power user capability. We have been looking at various options around what the default search logic is, and we have contemplated what full boolean logic would take. One of the things you'll find about me is that I don't make promises that I don't know that I'm going to deliver on. In this area, while we have been and are looking at it, no promises at this point. Thanks for investing the time to respond. -- ian
  14. Regarding local notebooks, I previously posted this: I know it isn't a 100% guarantee, but I'm pretty confident in the response from the lead. We understand the importance of local notebooks to a subset of our users.
  15. I am facing the same problem. I have an long screen recording and would like to add it as as attachment to the note for this recording. Beeing unable to manage also large files prevents me from using EN as single source for all my notes and reseach work.
  16. Hello, When I copy code from an editor (Notepad+++, PyCharm etc.) and paste it into an Evernote code block, all empty lines are doubled. If there is an empty line, in the block I will get two instead. Two empty lines, the code block will create four. If I paste the code without block, just in the body of the note, no problem but if I select this code and click on the "block code" button to format it, the empty lines are duplicated. I've had the problem for a few versions. I am in version (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) and I'm on Windows 10 64bits. Do others reproduce the same concern? See the attached files. Thanks for your help, this bug is very annoying for me. Tim
  17. The old (original?) CTO used to have a pretty good presence here. It was welcome, though he didn't always have good news for feature requesters.
  18. @Ian Small: Holy cow. I don't recall seeing your predecessors addressing customer concerns directly in this forum. And you responded to them with substance, to boot. As a customer, I'm impressed. You've further boosted my confidence in this company. As for the interactive search? This is very cool. I'm no longer just cautiously optimistic. I'm outright excited about the future of Evernote.
  19. I opened a ticket with Evernote support, and the problem does exist, although it seems not to be affecting all users. For users who are facing the problem, I'm sharing Evernote reply, which points to a forthcoming fix without a release date for now:
  20. Another issue from a thread in the forum: If the MacOS was not updated for a while, it can cause the new Evernote version not to launch. So if this still does not work, maybe check about your MacOS version.
  21. There is more to not emptying the trash: Standard search does exclude notes in the trash ! You will not see search hits from notes that are in the Trash. However, if you explicitly choose the Trash-notebook, search will search inside of the trashed notes, and show these results. So it sometimes come useful to trash something to still keep it, but exclude it from being searched. Because trash does not empty if not forced by User action, trashed notes will be kept practically indefinitely. Just do not forget about this before starting a housekeeping session ...
  22. I'm in this camp. I'm sure local notebooks are a thorn in development's and support's sides. It would make sense to include everything under sync/server control BUT the only reasonable substitute, IMO, is zero knowledge encrypted notebooks. That has its own set of tradeoffs, so we'll see how this plays out.
  23. And I selectively empty trash ... can't seem to find a way to dump individual notes in Trash.
  24. It finely crossed my mind that part of the struggle I've had with organizing some of my research related to how many of my notes are related to one another. This can be resolved through tagging and Notebooks--that in it of itself a is obviously a large conversation. However I was faced with the problem of constantly opening related notes for my research. Then I asked myself, is there a way to link notes together? There is! Maybe most of your already know this but I wanted to make sure to point it out. Note | Copy Internal Link will copy a link to the specific note. I now have structured a table of contents for listing of notes that link back to the TOC. Although this can be sort of resolved with tagging/Notebooks and clicking on the notes you want to read, the internal link structure creates a really nice user experience. I now just have a single window experience where I can view my information through it's own unique navigation. Any details relating to tagging and notebooks are irrelevant to this navigation experience. With regard to my notes, my TOC links to individual research notes in addition to a topic outline. In the images below you can even see arrows in the right hand side that allow you to quickly go forward and back in the navigation. It's really ideal. I strongly recommend this feature.
  25. You're right -- that's not explicitly addresses. I think there's be a lot of unhappy people with that decision, if they made it, Some might be mollified if they also offered encryption on notes and/or notebooks. My sense is that they wouldn't eliminate local notebooks, but that's not based on anything by my (fallible) intuition, so it's be good to get that clarified.
  26. Ian, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. This was very helpful. Thanks for stating this so clearly. I think it will alleviate a lot of our concerns. I am definitely all for that, as long as the incremental search can be turned off in Evernote Preferences. Since you are highlighting Search here, let me make two suggestions: Auto-Complete Search Qualifiers and Corresponding Data I think this directly speaks to your goal stated in (a) While I'm not a fan of incremental search, I am a huge fan of auto-complete, if done well As I type, perhaps there can be a keystroke (like TAB or SHIFT-SPACE) that would give us a drop-down list of Search qualifiers, like "tag:, notebook, title, date, etc) Then if the user chooses one of these, like "tag", you would shown a dropdown list of Tags like you do in the Tag Filter. As I type, it filters/selects from the Tag list Same for "notebook" and "date" Full Boolean Search We have been asking for this for many years. Since the underlying database is a SQLite database, I would hope this would be a relatively minor task to implement IAC, this would be huge! It would allow us to greatly and easily narrow down the result list of Notes. With a smart auto-complete, almost any user could easily use this. Thanks again for all that you have shared, and plan to share, and thanks for considering my request.
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