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  3. I'm having the same issue since yesterday.
  4. These are my initial observations as a beta-tester. The attached image shows content from one page of my Evernote desktop version & web-based beta version. As you can see, the web-based beta version is twice as long as my desktop version. Hyperlinks are displayed in my web-based beta version and the images in the table of the web-based beta version are not centered as they are in the table of my desktop version.
  5. What I am doing right now is adding the cards to google keep. It does a great job in recognizing all the text, and you can copy it over to Evernote or anywhere else you need it. This way does not sync with the address book or linekdin obviously, but if you are like me and don't need these features, it's the best way I found.
  6. If I need to track something, I share a link into my task manager (Things 3, for iOS and Mac). There I can set recurring reminders, among other features. I use a GTD structure for the tasks there. I can move the task with the link around when I work it down, the link always stays on the task with the EN note as target. If it is recurring, it will pop up again and again, based on the settings. The EN note is just one click with the mouse away, if I need the content of the note.
  7. As of now (company policies may change, and we users know it when it happens) this is how I read it: When you are in PLUS, you can remain there. As soon as you change it, you can not go back. For me it means as well that the PLUS user base is relevant to EN, but not covering the cash flow needed to grow the business. This would be especially true if Premium users could downgrade to Plus.
  8. You might have a long wait; Evernote has not indicated an interest in implementing recurring reminders There is a request posted at the discussion linked below. You're welcome to indicate your support using the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  9. Yes, I understood you are a user. That’s why I wrote “other users”. Anyhow, I will check what is that reminder finder feature. Thank you for the quick replies! P.S if the workaround include writing scripts on Mac I think I will wait for the feature or move to another app 😊
  10. Just to be clear: you're posting in a user discussion forum - we're both users Evernote is a generic digital filing service The reminder finder is quite useful. I use it as a control for basic task management. Most of my tasks have a single due date; as I pointed out, there are work-arounds for recurring reminders
  11. Thank you! As a new user that have memory problems: what’s the benefit of tasks app that doesn’t have recurring reminders? Look like you implemented a workaround but what about other users?
  12. Evernote implemented a reminder feature but there's no support recurring reminders Some work-arounds manually reset reminder when completed automatically reset reminder when completed Third party Filterize I use scripting on my Mac
  13. Hi, i noticed there is no such feature. Now have to move my tasks to a different app. How can you guys not provide a feature that takes to developers 10 minutes to write?
  14. fwiw Right Click > Services > Show in Finder
  15. +1 This highlighter would be a killer Instapaper/Pocket feature!
  16. Use a shortcut to a saved search - you can name it anything you want For example, I have a shortcut to a search called HotNotes tag:HotNotes
  17. I'm using the beta version on Chrome and it is working well. Behind the scenes video here.
  18. You have to shorten the Title in the Note, like in my pic on original post.
  19. Same here! Can't believe after over 3 years this basic function is still lacking!
  20. From help.evernote.com: "To get more features than Basic provides, upgrade to Premium. Note: Current Plus subscribers will maintain their subscription as long as their subscription remains active." I believe that means Plus is intended to disappear, so I am not in any hurry to upgrade.
  21. As @gazumped posted; it's a text only encryption feature. My solution is to use the native encryption in files; pdfs, office/iWork documents, ... So on my Mac and iPad, I use Apple Pages and save as an encrypted document. The document is stored in Evernote as a file attachment in a note
  22. Yesterday
  23. I was about to ask about the ability to simply shorten or edit the characters of my existing shortcuts, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible, and in any case, I like this idea better. +1 Vote from me
  24. Hi. Relax - rumours that this forum eats newbies are wildly exaggerated... mostly. I'm guessing that your blood test data included one or more images - the in-note encryption applies only to pure text. It might also balk at very long texts - I haven't tried it on anything more than screenfull of data. The way to deal with mixed documents is - if you have access to a PDF editor like Acrobat - to convert the file to PDF and then password-protect the whole file. You'll see a PDF icon in your note, but if you click on it you'll be asked for a password before the file will open on your screen. If you don't have access to that option, you could try 'indirect addressing' - keep the file on your own computer, or add it to a cloud storage system like DropBox or Google and put a link to that file in your note. Again, you click the link, it takes you to your cloud account, and you open the file from there. Last option - a 'Local Notebook' - that's not synced, and not available from any other device, but at least it's not directly online. You do however need to keep a backup of that data - as you should for everything else that's on your hard drive - in case of some problem. The copy on your hard drive is the only one, and when it's gone... - There will probably be other posts to fill in anything I forgot, but if you have any more questions, don't be reluctant to ask! What is a local notebook?
  25. No clue. I'm only another user. Basic users can (obviously) get back to Basic again, but Plus users will have to stay with their current account level, or chance that Evernote will have another Premium discount scheme in 12 months time, or will have introduced another 'tier' of user between Basic and Premium. Your risk, entirely your decision...
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