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  3. Oops, sorry, you are correct about no color in titles and lists. However, your example appears to show no color in the note body for the green check mark (:heavy_check_mark:), that I do see in color. Also, I got it to display in title by itself (in blue, system maybe?), but as soon as I added something else, it became a box. Rather than not implemented, it seems buggy.
  4. Ditto, no color in note title or note list. If you use Segoe UI Symbol you can get the plus sign to kind of appear in the note title. Also an example of the colors etal for the one emoji I use in a phone call template note. Color is fine when the note link is used in another note, no where else.
  5. As a basic subscriber you can use their twitter account.
  6. I was very excited to see this addon announced but have been very underwhelmed with its functionality on first impressions. It is so slow and counter intuitive when it comes to labelling and selecting notebooks. Why is there no drop down menu like the web clipper that is fast and snappy to respond? I have to navigate to labels then navigate back then navigate to notebooks. It is so clunky. And it just seems to me like the be clipper does a better job of capturing the email overall anyway. The web clipper even adds a link that you can use to get back to your email whereas the addon does not. Am I missing something here?
  7. Yeah, I use parent tags strictly for organization. The auto select all child tags doesn't do much for me. Horses for courses.
  8. Can you provide a link to customer support? I am only finding FAQs on the website under customer support and contact us, absolutely no way to contact Evernote by form or email!
  9. Sorry - should have explained more clearly. When you're using the Android app, you do tap the magnifying glass icon to open the search page. Type your query in the search box. DO NOT tap further to start the search - I have a magnifying glass icon on my keyboard which I tended to tap like a 'return' key. This just generates a spinning arrow. Your search hits should start soon after you finish typing.
  10. BTW all of this has the appearance of a programmer or group of programmers holding back code / holding the company hostage. Or some kind of management gap. Why else would you see this kind of behavior? "Stupidity" alone doesn't quite feel right as an explanation.
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  12. Be sure to shut off auto app updates in Settings in the Play Store, or you might update to the bad version again.
  13. They aren't in color on my updated Windows 10. Some were with my previous version of Evernote (beta 2 I think?) but I just got the latest (downgraded) beta, and there is no colour to be had in Windows. In fact, some (like ➕) aren't rendering at all (display a small narrow box). Here is the green checkmark: ✔ (seems it's not green here either! supposed to be:
  14. They are in color in Win10 already, but not in Win7, I suspect this is not likely to change now that Microsoft is dropping Win7 support soon.
  15. @dconnet, worked seamlessly. Thanks!
  16. @Austin G, any update? Seems to me this hasn't changed yet - still just black and white (or just boxes) in titles and lists.
  17. Saved searches work in my Android.. once. If i go back to all notes, saved searches no longer work unless I restart the app.
  18. Try to go back to the previous version, with me it worked. You can find instructions on how to do this through the above posts.
  19. You passed the test...
  20. Having the exact same problem??? This is not good.
  21. Search functionality on my Android (Samsung Galaxy 8+) has completely stopped working. Just a spinning circle. And when I conduct a search, go back to all notes, and search again, I get a completely blank screen. This is not good.
  22. Toggle Breakpoint!
  23. Thanks for replying. How do I enter words without taping the icon? edit: I have some saved searches shortcuts that when I press it shows results really fast but, is this means that I have to add any word I want to search in the form of a shortcut?
  24. Oh, I am glad I am not the only crazy one! Thank you for confirming the problem @samdale67. As they fix some of the shortcomings of ZOHO Notebook, it will be a contender. Part of the problem is with Firefox too, as Grammarly also misbehaves in Firefox especially when visiting NY Times.
  25. Hey, I'd forgotten about this post. Not really much to do with Evernote, as I track my rides using an Excel spreadsheet (it's currently up to 15 years worth, hopefully starting on year 16 shortly). Time to start dropping that winter weight; Planet Fitness is fine for what it is, but it's not the same as getting out on a real bike. 5 pounds is a reasonable goal for me this year, 10 pounds is definitely do-able with diet diligence &regular rides. Sadly, commuting is no longer an option, which would really help.
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