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  2. Code block language formatting

    Its all out of scope/off topic at this point, and Im OK with the feedback you have given me, but I would love to see an actual representative of the product at this point speak to some of the new features that could be coming to Evernote?
  3. Disable clipper

    I can't see how to disable it on my do you disable it? It loads up on start and sucks up my memory...don't need it.
  4. Hi, I'm running EN on Windows 10 1709. This is a new build workstation (yay, got a new laptop) and when I installed EN it seemingly started using the Chrome built in PDF viewer. I've since installed a couple of other PDF readers (Adobe & Sumatra) and I wanted to be able to use them instead. Is there any way of selecting the default viewer? I've changed it in the OS, but that change doesn't seem to be reflected in EN. Thanks!
  5. What happened to "long press for audio"?

    There is no customization for the iOS widget buttons, unfortunately. That is something I would like to see (in addition to being able to customize the buttons that appear when long-pressing the '+' button, and in addition to being able to access those same customized buttons with a 3D touch from the home screen as macneilpi suggested). I used to have both an Android and an iOS device and I always wondered why several features were very different between the two (sometimes better on Android and sometimes better on iOS).
  6. The last promotion 2018-New-Year-Promotion-FAQ expired Jan 31. I'm not aware of any new promotions.
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  8. If you need premium, why not just pay for it? Or maybe you can get by with Plus..
  9. On iOS San Francisco is used (shows as "Small" font size for default), but it syncs to Mac's default as Helvetica Neue 14 and vice versa.
  10. This would also cover off my need for Australian spelling support in the windows client - probably New Zealand as well
  11. I wasn't aware of the work estimate. Is this all platforms, or just the Mac platform?
  12. Clear All Search

    @CalS Can you elaborate on what this option impacts. I've tried it both ways and don't see what it does. Trying to get clarity on it. Thanks in advance.
  13. F7 Spell Check Gone

    OK, that's the part that's unclear/ambiguous to me. I certainly believe that you shouldn't need to make an explicit feature request to restore the spellchecker feature, and that your tech should have done it for you, and that's how I read their message. But that's an assumption on my part. That being said, posting on the forums should also make this a feature request (and if you want, we can move this to an actual feature request forum, so that others can vote on it). In addition, I'd still be wondering whether spelling errors are redlined in your version automatically? I can certainly see them on my machines. Lastly, you should be able to fetch an older version of Evernote and re-install. They can be found at in the column to the right.
  14. Dave, I just "downgraded" to version and now couldn't be happier. My stacks don't automatically collapse any more and double-clicking on a PDF document that is expanded now opens Adobe Acrobat. I'm convinced that the newer version of Evernote have really messed things up.
  15. Disable clipper

    The web clipper? Which platform/browser? I can disable it on my Mac/Safari, but don't see the point.
  16. Tile view with images

    It's frustrating that we can't count on feature sticking around. I was just trying to decide if I could commit to using Evernote for all my document storage, but I would need this tile feature. And now it may disappear...
  17. Disable clipper

    I would love to disable clipper. I don't need it and don't use it. Please consider adding this as an option.
  18. F7 Spell Check Gone

    Let me start by clarifying - I'm not shooting the messenger. Lucas (the tech support person) is doing their job. I've been in their position and I understand the work they do. I'm upset at whomever the up-stream person is. @Dave-in-Decatur Guru is right. Removing something intrinsically useful and doing it silently is unprofessional at best. And then saying that I need to request a feature to undo the damage smacks of engineering arrogance. Again, with @Dave-in-Decatur , I wish I'd never downgraded to the latest version. @gazumped - I want to see things unbroken. I'm guessing that the ability to work with dictionaries is gone as well. I also don't see why I should need to add third party programs to undo the damage. This isn't a feature request - it's a bug report and a fairly significant one at that.
  19. Not sure what you mean. Are you saying that you're selecting the URL in the browser header, copying it to the clipboard, and pasting it into an Evernote note? Or are you making a selection on the web page, and copy/pasting that into an Evernote note? Or are you using the Evernote web clipper to clip the page into a note?
  20. Reinstalling the app has no impact on the database; but backups are a good safeguard. >>I'm worried I'll lose the local/private notebooks You should be backing up your local notebooks. Users have lost data when the database is rebuilt from the servers.
  21. Thanks for contributing @Jay-Bob Do you know the default font used in IOS notes? Its not a big issue for me, but I do see a difference when viewing notes on my Mac and iPad. I can't set the IOS default, but I can set my Mac default to match
  22. Ink Notes

    That I could well believe--every update is a downgrade in functionality with Evernote these days. So, @bacord, what version are you using? Mine appears in my signature.
  23. F7 Spell Check Gone

    I'm still on v. 6.5.4, and over the last several months have seen a long litany of features reported here as being removed or no longer working properly. I haven't heard one instance of anything being added or changed that significantly improved functionality. Oh wait, there's improved table functioning, no doubt a real improvement for many, at a cost of merely adding pointless huge margins to every note for every user. V. 6.5.4 works great for my purposes, including the dedicated spell-check window (and functioning user dictionary). I am now firmly committed to never updating again, unless there is some compelling improvement (which would include restoration of spell-check and other features). The trashing of Web clipping in Android only adds to my mystification about what on earth they are thinking.
  24. Very slow response time & delayed typing on Mac OS

    This has been my issues for years. I mean how hard can it be to solve this? Or at least find the difference between us and those who don't have this issue. I stopped paying for premium over this.
  25. I definitely see the frustration with fonts when switching between mobile/desktop platforms. It sounds like this may be due to Windows having explicit font settings (10,12,14 etc..) and iOS having implicit font settings (Small, Medium, Large). When switching between font sizes in these scenarios across each platform, it can sometimes lead to unexpected results. While not ideal, a possible workaround would be to set your desired font size on Windows and to not change back and forth between Small, Medium, Large on iOS (keep it on the default while editing notes created on Windows), as this might sync back to Windows with an unexpected size. If you're performing different actions or steps that cause the unexpected behavior you're seeing, please do let us know the exact steps you're taking and what you're seeing. The development team is investigating how to more appropriately handle the size adjustments between clients in the future, but I don't have an estimate on when to expect this.
  26. My computer won't let me open the Evernote app and gives me an error message every time I try to click on it. I'm worried I'll lose the local/private notebooks I have stored in the app if I re-download it. It's telling me that the only way it'll open is if I re-download it from the app store. Will I lose my content since it's not stored in the online profile? Please help!
  27. Search Function Not working

    I've seen two issues causing a search problem #1 Incomplete database copy To trigger a full re-sync; Hold the Shift and Option keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel #2 Incomplet searc index To trigger a full index rebuild; Option-Key Help > Troubleshooting > Recreate >>I have evernote basic account and they do provide customer support for technical issues. Support is available fo all accounts at Twitter @evernotehelps
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