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  2. Not a function I need, but the notebook/tag trees should be useful >>I hate tags. They don't work and they are a pain to try and use. They don't work for me. I've tried. It isn't logical and doesn't make sense. Tags are Evernote's primary tool for organization I see two advantages - multiple assignments to notes - hierarchy for unlimited levels Notebooks and Tags are two fields in note's metadata I make use of both fields I merged your post with the primary discussion for this feature To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
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  4. No, local data is not a must have feature; this internet thing seems to be working 🙂 However, a data export feature is a top requirement I need to maintain my own data backup; and have an exit option
  5. Lilica Mazer


    perdi todo os conteúdos dos meus cadernos, todos desde 2015... o que faço?
  6. Hi, I would like to share my feedback here, because the "Feedback" button disappeared from the Web version 6.15.0. The buttons to expand/collapse Stacks, which are in form of tiny triangles left to Stack name are just to small/narrow. It's not a good UX design. On a touch screen is not easy to point them. Usually I enter a Stack instead of to expand/collapse it. I would like to suggest to: 1. Make a symbol to expand/collapse stacks bigger - easy to see and touch/click 2. Have an option to set all Stacks to be always expanded by default - currently I need to repeatedly expand Stacks each time I enter EvN web-page TIA
  7. When clicking the new note icon in left bar I get a spinning window that never goes away. It normally works fine. Not sure where else to report this issue. I've logged out, closed browser and it keeps doing it. I can perform other functions, but as soon as I click that button it locks up the system.
  8. I use google chrome on my Mac computer, and this morning Evernote won't sign in to either the website or the chrome extension in my browser. Both let me enter my email address, and then they go to a blank page when it should be asking for my password. It does seem to work in Safair (which is how I logged in to post this question). Any suggestions on how to fix the issue with Chrome, or is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
  10. For Evernote/IOS, inline display is only supported for images I moved this discussion to the IOS forum
  11. I can make pdf documents display automatically (i.e "inline") in Evernote on my MacBook. How do I do this on my iPad, please? I want to see the document as soon as I click on the note - not have to click on it for it to display. Thanks
  12. In reading the Posts in the subject of Sub-Notebooks / Nested Notebooks I noticed that these requests go back to 2006/2008 with little if any response from Evernote. I hate tags. They don't work and they are a pain to try and use. They don't work for me. I've tried. It isn't logical and doesn't make sense. I need to be able to see and move around in the hierarchy so that I can properly manage my content. I'm not sure why this is so difficult for Evernote personnel to understand that we all have different needs and ways of doing things and thus Evernote shouldn't seek the lowest common denominator, but rather EN should seek to expand OUR options so that Evernote becomes more flexible and tolerant of it's customers needs. My need is to have are as follows. Hopefully someone at Evernote will respond with a respectful, customer-centric answer Folder one with Subject name +1. Manuscripts = Folder +1. Non-Fiction = Folder +1. Coding = Folder +1. PHP = Folder +1. Custom Reference = Folder Form Handling = Document Functions = Document OOP = Document + 2. Javascript +1. Notes +3. Python + 4. React +5. JQuery +6. JSON +7. MongoDB +8. Ruby + 2. Fiction = Folder +1. Literary = Folder + 1.Titles = Folder +1. Cold Springs Farm = Folder +1.Characters = Folder + 1. Charlotte Parker = Folder Backstory = Document Personality traits and descriptions = Document +2. Raymond Stiles +2. Locations +1. Cold Springs Farm +2. Parker County Court house +2. The Lighter Side of Death +2. Reference +Genre +SciFi +Thriller +Fantasy +Romance If there is a way I can see this type of visualization with TAGS, and since I've paid, someone at EN can tutor me in how to use tags to achieve this visualization of the nested folders, then by all means please show me how to do it. Otherwise, nested folders are what is called for and is what I need. Thanks
  13. Hi. Samsung have their own note app, and if you check the Play store there are quite a few there for generalised pen use. I don't believe there is an 'integration' as such, but if you attach the output file from the pen app to a Note, it will be available wherever you have access to your account. I don't use my Galaxy Note or Tab for handwriting directly - closest I get is taking a picture of a scrawled paper note. Others might have more specific suggestions...
  14. Hello, thanks for reporting this and apologies for the trouble. We are investigating reports of this behavior on certain iPads and hope to have a fix soon. However in the meantime, force quitting the application and relaunching should fix this. Let me know if that does not work for you.
  15. Hi all, I do a lot of pen notes to my Tab S6. At the moment I take the meeting notes in onenote/s note export as PDF, then either email to evernote, or attach them. The inbuilt pen input is ok, but I like to set up my agenda/titles using the keyboard, have ruled lines etc then pen after for the meeting notes, if that makes sense. I know there used to be an app for IOS that used to integrate with Evernote, but is there one for android? Thanks Kev.
  16. I’m new to the BETA test program for the iOS app. Received my invite and downloaded the new beta app through Test Flight. Unfortunately I am not able to complete the install as it hangs on the initial configuration screen to setup notifications - tapping the “continue” button yields no action. I can’t find anywhere In the Test Flight documentation how to get help other than to see the beta program email address - which I sent to but have received crickets. Thought about uninstall/reinstall but I think I need a new Redeem code to do that. I would look forward to contributing by being a tester and providing my feedback but am just about to punt... I apologize if there is a separate discussion area or thread already, I searched but didn’t find it. Thanks, Rob IPad Pro 12.9, 2nd Gen
  17. Hi. Top left of your Android screen there should be a green tick (check mark) after you make a change to the content. Tap the tick and it's a left-arrow, tap again and you're back to your note index with that change saved. If you're doing something different, you are not saving the note after editing it. Evernote doesn't reinstall or reindex notes. If you reinstall the app and log in, it will check in with the server and download a search index from there. If you don't have a solid network connection that could take some time, but - unless you opted for lots of notes to be 'offline searchable' - your entire notes database will not be stored permanently on the phone.
  18. It is obvious that Evernote is not interested in fixing this problem. After I paid the service I was logged out and since then I can't login using desktop etc apps. Only web working. Kept getting the same error. 0% HTTP request failed, code: 429, error: OK The whole reason I wanted this service was cause of it's smooth sync when I started with this app. And now I can't even login in to the service and Evernote is not responding to any of my complains/tech support. Is there a way to claim refund and get out of this service?
  19. I've been using Evernote Web without issue for months, only to suddenly be unable to login on Friday 9th July 2020. On the login page, I enter my username and then click on 'continue' to enter my password, and immediately get redirected to a blank white page. Checking the console yields the following result (see attached image). This comes after disabling uBlock for Evernote on a domain level. I can't even log in to post on the forums for help, and have to resort to Internet Explorer (the ONLY browser that lets me login -- even Microsoft Edge gives me a blank page!). I am using Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116. When I first encountered the problem a few days ago, I tried clearing my cookies, cache, and entire browsing history, as well as restarting the Chrome and my computer several times, to no avail. I've also tried using different networks (to try and eliminate the possibility of it being my company firewalls or Evernote being a blacklisted site), similarly to no avail. Even today, I was still able to write notes on Evernote Web on Internet Explorer, until about an hour ago where the page started lagging and freezing each time I tried to start a new line or type anything in -- I was met with repeated 'evernote.com has stopped responding' errors. Is there some kind of widespread issue? Thanks.
  20. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this I'm playing around with a method and may create long form post in the next month I'm welcoming of all views on this
  21. Having the same problem, I think. Maybe. Or at least a similar problem. On Android anyway, not web client. If I make changes to a note's tags, and then click the arrow to go back (since there's no "save" button), all tag changes I made will disappear. I think I'll have to record my screen and submit it, I guess....I don't know, I'm really tired of uninstalling and reinstalling EN on my phone, it takes a long, looong time to reinstall/reindex all my notes.
  22. Atlas has been gone for how many years now? And while there are 80+ votes to support the request, there are other feature requests with 400+ votes that haven't happened yet... Just for interest, why is geolocation of notes so important to you?
  23. Yesterday
  24. I can confirm that this behaviour occurs on my EN-Win v6.18.4 premium account also. Never been an issue for me as my multi-monitor and windows arrangement, between EN and File Explorer has been arranged such that these two are immediately adjacent side-by-side...but can see how this would be super annoying if another window setup is used. I tried dragging a file from File Explorer (on left side) to another File Explorer window on far right side, with EN app window in the middle, and used a file larger than my premium account allows, and the drag-n-drop was stopped half way... beyond the obvious of re-arranging windows to prevent this, if this should not be happening then yeah EN should get on top of it, as the pop-up should IMHO only occur on mouse button release.
  25. No. Will do if times allow..
  26. Some of my notes that refused to sync have dates in, some don't. I don't recall getting that request from Evernote, but I probably would have denied it too.
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