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  2. No. All Evernote notes have a certain amount of associated metadata.
  3. Sure; similar situation with respect to books. A couple of things, though: The Evernote tag system appears to have been designed to facilitate hierarchical browsing of collections of notes, a la a file system, rather than having the notebooks hierarchically organizable (stacks came later on). It's not clear to me that multi-parentable tags would allow for the familiar tree control used currently. The hierarchic nature of Evernote tags is not reflected in search: the search language (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php) has no facilities for expressing something like childof(someTag) (or my long-ago suggestion: +tag:someTag). True enough, the Windows application supports a form of child tag search, but it's the only one that does as far as I know, and even so, it's pretty much a hack, as noted above. Search language changes are very rare, as they need to ripple across all clients and the Evernote servers. Short form: Evernote tags can be organized hierarchically, but they do not intrinsically express subclassing. So without an effective UI or facility for making use of multi-parentable tags, I don't see just don't see much advantage for multiple tag parents, at least at this time. Plus I'd guess that the audience for this sort of feature would be relatively small, and potential for user confusion relatively high. I'd put this in a similar category with proposals to add mind-mapping to Evernote. Interesting, and useful to some, sure, but probably not any time soon. Me, I just use separate tags in combination to express more complicated categorization, much as we do in language with adjectives, and don't invest much time keeping them organized.
  4. Odd problem that I can't get resolved. I use the GMAIL app on my iPhone and 12.9 new iPad pro. I enabled evernote as an add on. I can see the evernote icon on the bottom of the iPhone gmail app emails, but no icons appear on the iPad emails in the gmail app. Any ideas?
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  6. I'm using Family Tree to store my geology data; tree, images, year of birth/death, images, stories, sources I'm not using Evernote for any of this data. I only create a task note if there's followup required. I like the idea of storing the data in Evernote, but haven't figured a way to keep the two platforms in sync
  7. I've stopped using apps and integrations to link Evernote with Google calendar. Instead I simply copy a note's link (Note/Copy Internal Link) and past that into the notes section of my calendar entry.
  8. Agreed; we need access to the parent structure instead of drag and drop. For Mac users, we have this access using Applescript. >>I would also like multiple parents. Multiple parents discussed here.
  9. Seems obvious to me that if you backup something, you might want to restore (import) it some day.
  10. This is so funny. First, many users are admonished to NOT use Notebooks -- use Tags. Now, we are being told that we use too many tags. What works for one user does not necessarily work for others. I have had many tags for years, and they all come in handy at various times. A good UI will help the user find and select the tags he/she wants to use. The EN Mac Tag Filter is a good example of this. Also, the Chrome Web Clipper does a great job of allowing the user to quickly find/select tags.
  11. I'm with @JMichaelTX, I have hundreds of tags, maybe more than 1K. When I'm working with tags, I get there from the TAG item on the left panel. I have a 25" monitor which displays 6 columns of tags. Moving the item I identified above took 6 - 10 DragNDrops. Which is ridiculous. YOU may organize YOUR tags in your preferred method and reduce the quantity of tags. I like tags because they allow me to lump similar things together which don't use the same language in the note itself. For example, I use ONE tag to refer to the following: pie, tart, crostata, clafoutis, galette and wähe. It is unlikely that, without the tag, these items would be selected in the same sort. Another example of tagging: onion. If I searched using the word "onion" there would be thousands of notes, because somewhere in most recipes is an onion; however, if I want a dish which is predominantly onion, I would use the tag "onion".
  12. Just a little story about my personal experience: A while ago I managed a department where a sort of tagging was going on to classify information, day by day. About 100.000 entries were created and tagged every year. We had a discussion about the tagging quality, about whether there should be more tags for some rare cases that were difficult to structure etc., and made an analysis of the database. There were about 3.500 possible tags in the given structure. Out of these, about 700 were used in real life. There were about 50 people actively tagging. Nobody used individually more than 300 tags. The majority used between 80 and 150. The 700 in total resulted from the fact that the same issue was tagged differently by different people contributing to the database. After this, we shifted focus from the tagging of the exceptions to a better standard of the day-to-day tagging. We actually got better by reducing the number of actively used tags. The exceptions were treated as such, not as reasons to complicate the tagging structure. When the structure was revised later, we axed a complete level of the nesting structure. Transfer: The more tags you create, the less likely you will use all relevant ones when searching. I do not think there exists a "right" number of tags, but cleaning the existing tag-base out from time to time IMHO sounds like a reasonable house keeping job. When you find a tag with few entries, and is is existing since quite a while, why not ask yourself whether it should continue to exist.
  13. I leave Create Date as the date the note was created. On my Mac, I store "Original Document date" in the Subject Date field; using a script. Since Evernote makes accessing this field so difficult, I store a copy in the Note Title (prefix). I also append a copy of the metadata to the note contents. This was also discussed here
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  15. Looks like the carriage return issue is finally resolved. I don't normally use betas but was desperate enough. Thank you!
  16. Import wasn't mentioned as a requirement; just "will they be available forever, like a PDF"
  17. Yes, to collect the notes this searching is quite similar to what I do. My special tagging takes place after the work is done. For reference reasons, I want to know which notes were in each of the shared folders created through the years. Since I delete the folder after the tax declaration for a year is done, I tag the notes in there, then I archive everything in a huge archive notebook, then I delete the shared notebook. By this, I can always reproduce the content of the shared notebook even after the sharing is done and forgotten. German tax laws are very complex, and sometimes I need to check something years later. In these days, I have got a tax refund for the years 2009 and 2010, because some legal action by somebody else has run its course to the final court, and the ruling was positive for the taxpayer. If your tax declaration contained the relevant docs, and your accountant kept it open with the tax authorities, you will get the refund even 10 years later. In situations like these, it makes sense to be able to find all the docs that were filed in 2009. Nice argument to keep everything with a service that will not forget, and makes retrieval as easy as EN does.
  18. You guys are missing the point. For those of us, like me, that have many legitimate tags (>> 100), the current process to move a tag to a new Parent tag is ridiculous. We should be able to right-click on the tag ( in BOTH the left Sidebar, and in the Tags View), select "Move to Parent Tag", and be provided with a popup, auto-complete list like the Tag Filter uses. Reducing the number of tags is NOT an option for us.
  19. I do this with a saved search. I have year tags (_2018) and tax tags all starting with 1040 (1040.Sched.A, etc). Then a search for tag:_2018 tag:1040* yields all documents for 2018, change the year for other years. All the notes are in a local notebook. Do the search, Save attachments, use Adobe to combine into one PDF, and either post to the accountants site or zip/encrypt and email to accountant. Just another way.
  20. I don't see any way to get Aus English set as the language, or even UK English - only option is US English. Have I missed a step in my installation? Anyone know how to add this?
  21. ENEX is a much better choice for backup purposes. When you restore (import) ENEX all data will be restored except Notebook. This is NOT the case with HTML. But you should test this for yourself. Export the same Note as ENEX and as HTML, and then import both. Examine the differences.
  22. It does appear to be since the last update. It doesn't always show the previous search list. It also takes longer to search. And the app can freeze for a few seconds on the search results but it does finally respond. I can wait for a fix in the next update. I'm on 8.9 basic version.
  23. You know, I've been having this happen occasionally for years, but it's been happening at least a handful of times a day for about a week now. Occasionally, it will keep happening every few characters. I'm seeing this on both the Windows and the Mac platform. Fully closing and reopening the Windows application seems to help for a while.
  24. The only reason I use a tag like „Taxes-2015“ is when I had created a notebook with all the docs and shared it with my accountant. After the tax work is done, I will dissolve this shared notebook. To know what was in there, I create a tag like „Taxes-YYYY“ and assign it to all notes that were shared. The I move them out of the shared notebook, mostly into an archive, and delete the now empty notebook. But this is not a nested tag, it is one for each occasion when I want to be able to reproduce what was in a share without sticking with that particular notebook forever. When putting a ZZZ in front of the tags text, it will be moved to the end of all tags, and out of reach for daily work.
  25. Maybe it would be the right moment to check which tags have a low or even zero usage. And then retag the notes with similar tags used more often, and delete the rarely used tags from the notes. When on zero usage, delete them. Maybe you could get rid of 1/3 or even 1/2 of the tags because they are not needed.
  26. Would be nice, so you have my support on this. As a workaround, you can write the date as plain text into the note. It will be searchable as such, if you always use the same format.
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