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  2. I've been a payed up member for 3-4 years and a user since 2013. Recent issues with: table highlighting between browser and windows client loss of highlighting in code blocks loss of code blocks in tables combined with functionality i've been craving for ages which have been a constant frustration Linux Client markdown more code block functionality deeper nested notebooks I'm struggling to stay, i've been so patient. you're so close to being the ideal solution for me, yet you're missing the mark. Evernote could be a killer app! It's been nearly a year since Ian promised big changes, i know the back end has been upgraded but I've not seen much UI functionality change (except templates) are we nearly there yet? What features are coming? what is the road map? timeline? Only 485K forum posts since the forum refresh implies your customer base is not very active or shrinking are you going to survive the competition from other vendors? If you don't what happens to all my data!? Joplin is starting to look like a good alternative. Convince me to stay i have nearly 1000 notes with detailed information, it would take me some time to make a switch.
  3. Well, I hope the developement is going on. At least, it would be great having a new video from Ian Small about the status.
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  5. Hi Peter, version 6.11.2 is just a beta version with limited functions. You can find such a menu in the stable version 6.24, in the german version it's called "Optionen". Best Regards
  6. Nice, I’ll give this a try this morning! Looks like I have a lot of dissecting to do on these last few steps to learn from. 👍🏻
  7. Interesting idea You should post this as a feature request at https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/
  8. Could you please tell me how to make a note public? I have checked all the user panel and couldn't find anything how to make it public. The URL of Evernotes are all Internal Link as the user account says. Internal Link means not public. It means private. This platform SHOULD provide public links which can be indexed by Google Spider (Bot) without submitting a special index action on Google Search Console. Can you believe how this sounds ridiculous? I am a Premium User and I have to make a manual submission on Google Search Console to index my Evernote page. Evernote builds on Internal Link which means everything is private. No Google index. I want public feature. Please explain me how to make my published note URL to be public? One other very interesting point is the page source. When you check the page source of your shared note URL, you cannot find anything related to your note in page source. This is a hard core privacy. Is this a hardcore privacy notes platform? If yes, you should use such wording!!! Where is PUBLIC features? Yes explain how to make this hardcore privacy shared notes public and visible?
  9. >>manually select the string , set a link to it Notes - capture the Orignal Note so it can be modified - obtain the link (previously developed handlers) - retrieve the HTML Code for the Original Note modify the HTML Code (uses a Replace_Text handler I borrowed from another user) replace the HTML Code tell application "Evernote" to set theOriginalNote to item 1 of (get selection) <<capture the Orignal Note tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} and selected text delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" set theLink to ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) <<obtain the link if theLink is not "" then set theLinkHTML to "<a href=\"" & theLink & "\">" & selectedText & "</a>" tell application "Evernote" set theHTMLCode to HTML content of theOriginalNote <<HTML Code for the Original Note set theHTMLCode to my Replace_Text(theHTMLCode, selectedText, theLinkHTML)| set HTML content of theOriginalNote to theHTMLCode end tell end if on Replace_Text(this_text, search_string, replacement_string) set prevTIDs to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string set the item_list to every text item of this_text set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string set this_text to the item_list as string set AppleScript's text item delimiters to prevTIDs return this_text end Replace_Text This is the final step There can be some code refinements; let me know if you need assistance
  10. Well, even though this thread has few votes, every vote counts! I am voting for this one... "selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it" is not enough for me.
  11. Now that Surefocus has stopped functioning, is there any other app? The lack of notifications is driving me nuts. I've been using Evernote for around 10 years as a paid user... Notifications of note changes in shared notebooks is a pretty basic function and I'm surprised Evernote hasnt included this yet. How difficult is it to implement?
  12. Thank-you for posting this because I was just about to do the same. We are approaching halfway through 2020 and I understand Covid-19 has had an impact but it is frustrating when you see fortnightly updates to a similar solution, Onenote for Windows 10. Meanwhile for Evernote, a drip feed of small insignificant changes. (This year marks 10 years that a Manual sort order has been requested and yet nothing still). If I didn't know better, I would say they have stopped development of the product. I emailed support about a month ago and was pointed to the beta program which I'm aleady a member of. Its all top secret I guess!
  13. >>>>get a drop down to choose from (Part 2) Notes - segregated the ObtainNoteLink code to a handler - added a bypass if no notes found matching the search query - added an index # to the drop down list because Evernote fails to identify the exact selection - added the search criterIa to the drop down header set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" set theLink to ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) on ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) << segregated the ObtainNoteLink code to a handler set theLink to "" set noteData to CollectNoteData(searchQuery) if noteData is not {} then << added bypass if no notes found matching the search query set noteList to {} set i to 0 repeat with noteInfo in noteData set i to i + 1 set end of noteList to i & " " & item 1 of noteInfo as string <<added an index # to the drop down list end repeat set i to (words 1 thru 1 of item 1 of (choose from list noteList with prompt "Select Note from " & searchQuery)) as integer set theNote to item i of noteData set theLink to item 2 of theNote end if return theLink end ObtainNoteLink Next on the list is to update the original note with the link
  14. Yesterday
  15. He simply stated that he wanted it as well. It is something that needs to happen and is quite possible. I mean this is a "Feature Request" forum and that is what you are supposed to do, to help prioritize requests.
  16. Right My purpose is to segregate the code from the primary flow
  17. So CollectnoteData is a custom function you're creating?
  18. >>get a drop down to choose from (Part 1) At this point, we have the raw noteData containing the title/date and link I'm converting this to a drop down list noteInfo and displaying it using choose from list set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" set noteData to CollectnoteData(searchQuery) set noteList to {} set i to 0 repeat with noteInfo in noteData set i to i + 1 set end of noteList to i & " " & item 1 of noteInfo as string end repeat set theSelectedNotes to (choose from list noteList with prompt "Select Note")
  19. Ah, thanks for the clarification. As usual in forums like this, one never hears from the people who think something new is a great idea, only from those for whom it is an intrusion! In Tools > Options > Notes, under Note editing options, it is possible to disable automatic formatting altogether, or to disable only certain elements--all except emojis!! If that option were added there, I think everyone could have what they want.
  20. I meant: Have many users requested to be able to insert emojis (and not to turn them off). Disabling auto-formatting is a workaround but not something I want to because I like to insert e.g. a line or a bullet list with the known shortcuts. But it seems that I have to deactivate it completely. Some more options in Evernote would make everybody happy. The emoji hater and the fans.... Shouldn't be too hard to implement IMO.
  21. Yep, I've been on since this has never been addressed as far as I know since I reported it No response from EN except it's in the list to be addressed. I can't believe they don't get tons of complaints about it.
  22. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Is the problem still happening? This sort of connectivity thing can be temporary and just resolve itself after a bit.
  23. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Are the notes gone both on your laptop and on your phone? What platforms are you using to access Evernote (Android, Windows, iOS, Web, etc.)? If you haven't tried checking them using the Web client (https://www.evernote.com/client/web), take a look there, since it should show you the master version stored on Evernote's servers. I don't use Google to log in, but it's hard to see how a login problem could cause loss of notes. If you've had more than one Evernote account under different login credentials, you may have accidentally logged into an old one. That can definitely happen.
  24. OK, yes, since I did ignore this user, they do show up there. Well, maybe this is all that can be done. So far I've heard no more from them. Ohhh no, I'm not getting near anything that might get me called a guru!
  25. >>working on capturing the data from the search I'm using a handler (procedure) called CollectnoteData to process the notes and return a list called noteData I used display dialog statements to provide some feedback on the process set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" display dialog searchQuery << Troubleshooting set noteData to CollectnoteData(searchQuery) on CollectnoteData(searchQuery) << Applescript Handler (procedure) set noteData to {} tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to find notes searchQuery repeat with theNote in theNotes set theTitle to title of theNote set theDate to creation date of theNote set theLink to note link of theNote display dialog theTitle & " " & theDate & theLink << Troubleshooting set end of noteData to {theTitle & " " & theDate, theLink} end repeat end tell return noteData end CollectnoteData
  26. Hi Thank you for your reply. First, I could no find where to start a newpost/thread, and wondered if its because the support chat is closed? I will see if the search works after a couple of days, and will check if the files are searchable pdf's What would you say Evernote considers as a large document? Cheers
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