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  2. I"m still having this issue. It is incredibly annoying and ruining my productivity at work. Anyone have any solutions?
  3. Not sure that you can avoid it - Evernote creates a blank new note window and then you type something in... and suddenly this formally formerly possible note is an actual note that needs a link into the database and search index, so it can be closed and saved - and found again. I work around this by typing my title first and waiting for the disconnect while the note gets added. This delay doesn't exist however if you attach a file to a note. Attachments are added with the filename as the note title if you use an import folder. If quick notes are a requirement for you, why not consider using a third party app that will generate local RTF or DOCX (or another document format) files and drop the resulting file into an import folder? (Scripting is available for Macs)
  4. You're viewing your notes in alphabetic sequence. I prefer update sequence - all my recent notes are at the top I use an Inbox notebook. After processing (title, tags, ...) the note is moved to my Filing notebook; there are few notes in the Inbox notebook - aiming for zero
  5. I frequently do "batch work," where I create notes and come back later to name and move them. I may scroll through my inbox, changing all the unnamed notes. Once I've renamed it, I move with the note to the new location. If I name an unnamed note "george," I will be in the g's (if alpha sorted.). I now have to scroll down to the unnamed. Is there a way that I can save all that scrolling time? If I move the document I also have to get back to the inbox? I frequently will go through a notebook and move items in the wrong place.....it takes a while to find where I was. Or, is there a better name when I want to scan a notebook moving many items or renaming many?
  6. Often when I use Evernote on the PC, I start typing in a new note and a few seconds later the app stops to sync which causing a backup in my typing and general frustration. What sync setting should I use to avoid this issue but still sync frequently enough? Many thanks for the assistance!
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  8. I use Evernote through Google Chrome. This morning I went on Evernote and the page reloaded and logged me out, but before it did I saw each of my notes disappear one by one. When I logged back in, all of my notes were gone! They're not in my trash, and all the notes that were originally trash are still there. Has this been experienced by any one before / is there any way to recover my notes?
  9. Sorry, no idea then. Maybe try this, open to Basic users as well: https://twitter.com/evernotehelps
  10. Drag n drop is fixed for me. As you're a subscriber, if you're still having issues, why not try Support?
  11. That's fantastic Jeff! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for that revelation. I just noticed that it doesn't seem to work for notebooks in a stack when the stack is collapsed. Any idea on that? Igor
  12. I did try using AppCleaner to uninstall all elements, then restarted, and installed from the website. The crashing error still happens. Since I don't have premium, it looks like I can't open a ticket.
  13. I have had this issue for over a year now.. The fact that this hasn't been fixed is making me re-consider my evernote subscription.
  14. 안녕하십니까 고객님, 현재 당사에서는 에버노트 관련한 기능등에 대해서 좀 더 사용하시기 편하시도록 여러가지 방안을 검토하고 있습니다. 언제쯤 해당 기능을 사용하실 수 있는지 확실하게 답변을 드릴 수 는 없으나 현재보다 사용하시기 편리한 방법으로 구상중이며 추가적으로 고객님께서 말씀해 주신 의견을 제품개발팀에 전달하여, 향 후 기능 개선을 통해 지원해 갈 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다. 새로운 아이디어나, 개선사항이 있으시면 언제든지 이곳에 남겨주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.
  15. I started inserting the PDFs directly into the notes and realized that it really is the best way for me, mainly because of the possibility of using Evernote search inside the file itself.
  16. I was using Chrome in my earlier post. I should have mentioned that earlier. In the way of an update. With Chrome I could not capture a Bookmark with the site set to either language. I was able to use all the other capture options (Article, Simplified Article, Full Page, and Screenshot). I tried using Firefox and was able to capture a Bookmark with either language option. I was also able to use all the other capture options, as in Chrome. In sum, then the only option that did not work was Chrome/Bookmark. It may just be a Chrome issue but it seems odd that it would only impact one capture option.
  17. Thanks for the quick response! You've probably hit on the issue. The site in question is a photo archive and is, natively, Hungarian. The link I provided was the English version but I note that your capture is showing the Hungarian version. I'll explore it further. If I find a way around the problem I'll post an update.
  18. I tried clipping the web page on my Mac. It completed, but this is what was retrieved There seems to be a problem with the web site requiring a decline/allow response Work-arounds - capture screenshots from the site - save as a web archive - print to pdf
  19. As a simple user, I tried to take a closer look at this local hyperlink issue that is annoying me since January. The way accents in local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K in Evernote seems to have changed. What I see however (or furthermore) is that the way SPACES of local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K, has changed since version 6.17 (or even 6.16). Example : regular file path "S:\AAA Ever Note.doc" >>>> old encoding: "file:///S:/AAA%20Ever%20Note.doc." (space = %2520) >>>> new encoding: "file:///S:/AAA%2520Ever%2520Note.doc." (space = %2520) Perhaps like some of you, I am working with thousands (!) of EN-hyperlinks to local files and folders. Changing them one by one would not only be a wearing and tedious thing, but above all, one doesn't know if new changes ot this kind will be coming soon. I reported the issue in January 2019 and just communicated the above mentioned surely trivial "finding" to the helpdesk, seeking for advice in general terms, and more specificely asking... - if older versions of EN (like 6.15 I'm still using) will stay functional and supported (also from a security point of view) for some time?, - if there is a way or a workaround to bulk change ALL the hyperlinks in EN at once.... ......questions that I'm humbly submitting to you, dear Companions of Misfortune, begging pardon for amateurish language, reduandancy or even out-of-topicism.^^^
  20. Recently I've begun to have problems with bookmarking. I don't have any problems using the other capture options and the bookmark problem only occurs on some sites. Following is an link to one site where I've experienced the problem: https://fortepan.hu/?language=en-US&image_id=57975 When I try to bookmark this site I get a spinning circle. The capture never completes. This seems site specific but it's odd because I've used Evernote for years and never had problems bookmarking sites. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Each and every time I attempt to "take a picture" within a note, I get a blank screen followed by "Evernote not responding". Forced to take photo outside Evernote then move it over. Can someone help me with this please? Using Motorola MotoZ3 phone. Thank you!
  22. When will be the notification function available in the web version of Evernote? I think is't one of the best features to remember tasks. In the MacOS version this function is present bus in d beta version of de web version it's not (or i haven't found it yet). De position of the label is in de webversion is not very functional when you work in Evernote because when you work i a fullscreen (F11) it's hide after the windows taskbar if there's a notification in windows.
  23. There's a vote button at the top left corner of the discussion. This request has votes
  24. I prefer to stay mainly to local breweries; I'd never be able to drink all of the brands of good beers in the world at the rate I imbibe. There's one local brewery that brews a variety of "Belgian-inspired" beers, some authentic, some adaptations (their stout is a particular favorite). They are very good, and won a James Beard award recently. They're one of a couple of "goto" breweries in the area, if I see them on the menu, vs. the larger number of less well-known local brands.
  25. You're welcome. Hopefully you can get it sorted out.
  26. I don't know if this is the proper way of voting. But I would like to upvote for this functionality! Just the basic calculations +,-,* and / would be awesome
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