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  2. Hi. You have paste and match style option in Edit, as well as simplify / remove formatting. It's also possible to paste to a text only notepad and copy/ paste from there into a note. Is none of this suitable?
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  4. Hi. Haven't seen anything to say that Evernote is working on additional integrations, but as with Google Drive it's already possible to add a link to any cloud drive file as a note attachment. Google files just get a slightly fancier link.
  5. Hi. I don't recall seeing anything about Evernote files being flagged (correctly or otherwise) as a threat, and I'm running virus and malware scans regularly on my own system without any alarms going off for me. Where did you download from? The Windows Store, or Evernote.com? It's always possible that you've picked up an infection from somewhere - I'd recommend running a full system scan with as many options turned on as you can for the most up to date, closest possible examination. If you get a hit from Evernote files again, go with whatever quarantine or deletion advice you get - unless it's from the database file! Download the app again from Evernote.com, and if it sets off the alarm again, raise it with 360's support team - it may be a false positive, but they'd have to talk to Evernote direct to confirm.
  6. And these characters aren't characterless! Hüsker Dü, Motörhead - come on, you clearly don't want us users not beeing able to link to a file in SUCH folders (-:
  7. Same issue, have latest EN (308474) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) and Win 7. Dear US people, there are characters used in the world other than in US. You should know by now.
  8. FTR got the following answer from support for my ticket #2822847:
  9. FTR got the following answer from support for my ticket #2822847:
  10. The request discussion for "manual sorting" is Here Currently, Evernote only supports "manual sorting" in the Shortcuts and Reminders section.
  11. The discussion has been moved to the Technical Issues forum Yes, Evernote is a cloud service and syncs to devices. This requires an internet connection. The master version of your notes is stored on the Evernote servers. If you have access to a computer you can verify this data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  12. Same problem - unable to search for any item. Automatically updated from Google Play on two Android devices (Oneplus and Lenovo tablet). Both are on EN version 8.9(1082873). Prior to update, searching on both devices was working fine. Reported problem to EN support and sent them log files. To make the situation worse, I am unable to access EN from an Android browser - message "Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on Android browsers". So in essence, current EN on Android is not usable at all for anything but data entry.
  13. It seems that many have requested this feature for some time. Maybe a separate issue but manual sorting would be really useful notebook by notebook. If one uses Evernote for research, perhaps with a view to writing a book or preparing a presentation then the ability to manually sort a sequence of notes within a specific notebook would be awesome. I have read up about this and am aware of the work rounds but it would be really useful to many. For those, paying perhaps it could be a pro feature?
  14. Hola. Se me ha mojado el móvil y no se enciende. Me he bajado en otro dispositivo la app Evernote pero al abrirla no aparecen las notas que tenía en el Evernote del móvil aunque es la misma cuenta de Gmail. No guarda Google las notas al estar sincronizadas? Dónde puedo encontrar esa archivos?
  15. I did find a solution to this, and Evernote’s many other unaddressed bugs... I moved to OneNote.
  16. Reported and not fixed since December 2018. As a result, I have many dead links
  17. Evernote for Gmail is very inconvenient. I have to scroll through pages and pages of notebook names and tag names. Why don't they make it like web clipper where it is searchable or in one big list?
  18. @Scott T. Thanks, I really appreciate you and the dev team for looking into the issue and taking the time to update me.
  19. I use / in my dates; for example 2019/04/19 and I search for 2019/04/19 I realize the / is dropped, but I still get useful results. >>but I was hoping for some way of using the note link The note link returns the note, regardless of special characters. It uses the note id (GUID), not the title. The link is url evernote:///view/...
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  21. +1 please bring back single-spaced checklists. We are using evernote to keep track of our lists - there is absolutely not requirement of large white space anywhere.
  22. Confirmed, the HW acceleration issue still exists in Not nice at all !!!
  23. How do you create a saved search for a note that uses unsearchable characters for the title? I suppose I could create a tag for just such a note to use as a saved search, but I was hoping for some way of using the note link. Barring that, I guess a special tag is currently the best available option. Changing the title and using special keywords in the body are a bit impractical for my use case in frequently changing notes. I currently use shortcuts for this, but I tend to use saved searches to save space on the shortcut bar, and during particularly heavy sessions I remove all shortcuts except the ones I am currently working with, hence the additional need to backup and restore my regular shortcuts as saved searches. It's an organizing issue, not really a big deal, just hoping for clues other than what I already mentioned. (Yes, I do use Dashboards notes with links, and table of contents, just hoping to work with saved searches.) (Platform options include Windows, Android & iOS, if that matters).
  24. I use selected screenshots and Safari > File > Save As > Web Archive
  25. Reminder view is abailable in the previous web version. You might want to downgrade
  26. I'm moving this discussion to the Mac forum There are two types of windows in Evernote; Note List and Note You posted a screenshot of a note list window, with three note list tabs The tabs show the note list descriptions Here's a screenshot of the note window with three note tabs You'll notice in the note window, the note titles are displayed
  27. The master version of your data is stored on the Evernote servers. You can verify your data is ok using the web platform at www.evernote.com Confirm your data is ok, and then we can advise on fixing your device problem
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