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  2. Since the current software can merge two notes without a formatting disaster, it seems odd that appending is so difficult. It seems like basically the same operation.
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  4. Update-I dragged all of the Database folder files out of the Evernote folder which I guess forced the program to finally rebuild the database and redownload all of my notes. The program actually worked normally. I am now trying to update to the latest Windows Evernote version to see if that step is ok. Maybe my old database just needed a redo. The new database file is 1.6 ish GB making me think the program triggered a full database download several times, for no reason, to get to 6gb the first time.
  5. Thanks for responding. No, the menu bar is at the top of the page above the text. I can't generate any of the drop downs or options suggested in the Help advice.
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  7. BTW how big are your database files? My database file wen up to 9.54gb from something like 8.75 gb since last night. And I didn't add new notes.......maybe the program is accidentally beefing up the database file to a really big file size?
  8. Having the same issue. Not very encouraging to see no support on here after two weeks.
  9. In Firefox currently it doesn't work: syncing indefinitely.
  10. Hi I have used Evernote for Windows since 2012. I enjoy the program a lot, but I noticed that the program struggles to handle very long notes. I tolerated this performance issue for awhile, but now, for no apparent reason, the Windows program will just freeze up suddenly and start using 97 to 100% of disk usage according to task manager. It goes on and on like this, Not Responding, until I force the program to end process. What gives?? I don't understand why the program behaves that way. I just hope it is a bug that can be patched in a near update. In the meanwhile, I will continue to work using the Web version until the Windows version can work without suddenly deciding to freeze up completely and hog my hard drive indefinitely. I checked the activity log a few times when this happened, the log does not mention any errors. In fact, it doesn't even seem to acknowledge the freezing or the program crashing. Please fix this so I can continue to enjoy the Windows program! I even tried using a slightly older version of Evernote for Windows, and the problem happened again.
  11. Huh I thought in options you can select the folder location. I tried using the older version of evernote. Same problem. I am just going to use the Web version until they hopefully patch the bug or explain why my account suddenly has so much trouble. Perhaps in a future major update they will fix the issue.
  12. Hi. The status bar is at the bottom of your note?
  13. Hi. I'd recommend restarting your PC to see if that clears the issue. If all else fails try uninstalling and reinstalling the app... How to uninstall and reinstall Evernote
  14. It would ***** up your other reminders in a search, but sorting a reminder search by completed date would group completed at the top, Windows desktop anyway. FWIW.
  15. Hi. If you have a Business account, you'll also have a premium personal account - though your membership comes up as 'basic' here. If that's a separate account you could contact Support via the premium account to ask them to investigate, or you could contact your company to find out what's happening with that account.
  16. Hi. No clue why that note should be 'unavailable', but it does seem to be shared with others and the subject of active chat - it may be that it's locked because someone else has access to it?
  17. OUCH on the grief. Glad I rarely use the web i suppose. Relative to this, try creating a new note, then merge with the "phantom" block, and then delete the resultant merged note. I've done this a few times with notes that have no notebook that aren't modifiable. Might or might not work in this case.
  18. Hi. You're responding to a four-year old thread and Evernote have revamped several things about how they store and sync data over that time. My previous answer though is still applicable: I very very rarely see a 'conflicting' note. I use two laptops (Windows and Linux) plus a Samsung Note and a tablet. All run Evernote (on Linux, that's the web version) and I input and edit data on all of them. Perhaps my secret is that I don't switch between devices - the ones I'm not using don't have an Evernote window open on them while I add comments from elsewhere. I finish entering data on my device, save/ sync the result and (usually) close Evernote down - unless I'm working from base, in which case Evernote is open on my desktop. However: conflicts don't seem to be a current issue for most users, but you could raise this in a Feature Request forum and see whether others agree with you that a note comparison option needs to exist.
  19. Ctrl+Z will undo as long as you haven't changed context.
  20. Hi. The post just before yours confirms that your issue is one that appears to affects certain customers only. It's difficult to 'fix' something without someone reporting this to Evernote Support and working with them to find out what causes the problem. Of course if you were a subscriber you'd have access... - And sorry but this is a mainly user-supported forum. Evernote staffers do read the content, but it's unknown when that information might get back to the company.
  21. Maybe a number of posts thing. I see what @gazumped sees.
  22. There's options for the note sequence All my note titles are prefixed with the subject date; for example 2020/05/21 Receipt [Groceries] They "remain in calendar sequence" when viewed in title sequence
  23. I see. It doesn't work in the Expanded Card View, you have to be in the Card View. Thank you!
  24. Ok - I figured it out too: You must use the "notebook" view - you can't rearrange notebooks in the sidebar.
  25. And now I would, reluctantly, have to dispute @Nick L.'s explanation above. It happened to me again today, and it happened with the same note as the one I reported on May 16, 2020, above. So to me it seems to be related, not to a particular browser or problematic network connection, but to a particular note. And it gets worse: the Web beta created 10 copies of the note. I went to the Windows program, synced to get all 10 copies there, and then deleted all but one of them (i.e., moved them to Trash), and synced again. Back in the Web beta, annoyingly 3 copies were still showing in the All Notes list, not in Trash, though they seemed to function as a block and were labeled Trash. Stupidly assuming there was still one valid copy of the note in its notebook--but stupidly not checking--I stupidly emptied the Trash in the Web beta. Evernote dutifully synced this to all devices, and the note was gone forever. It was a note I used to keep track of something I want to keep track of, so months of data are lost. 😱😣😢 PS. The @#$# blank 3-note block is still present in All Notes and in the notebook, showing no data, unremovable, only there to mock me.
  26. Could you share what the solution is? I'm having the same problem!
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