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  2. Ah yes, green on black! I think I did move up to amber on black at one point. I also had a pre-Windows word processor that used yellow on dark blue. I don't know if it's good for me, but the fact is that I feel more like I'm writing with a paper-like white background.
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  4. You can go back to the current web version with tags in their proper place by clicking on you user symbol in the upper left and selecting Switch to older version of Evernote.
  5. When I started with computers, all we had was dark mode: First came green on black, then (a revolution, one needed a special permit to get one of these) amber on black. The first screen with nice black on white was my first Macintosh SE, back then. But whoever wants dark mode - maybe some of the old CRTs are still selling on Ebay ... you just need to find a converter for the monitors plug. HDMI or DisplayPort will not do !
  6. With the iOS app it is possible to annotate an imported pdf using apple pencil, and save it back again. With the possibilities of the Windows mobile / convertibles I am not familiar. But I think that annotating a pdf with the pen should be possible there as well. EN itself will not allow to mix text and handwriting into one single note. What can be done is making one note with the text and attachments, and a link to a second note, containing handwriting. But to be honest this is one field where OneNote is probably better suited.
  7. Sorry, that was pretty snarky. I do recognize that dark mode is in fact a deal-breaker, essentially a health-and-well-being issue for some people.
  8. Evernote Tags It's a design decision: not a bug or technical issue I moved the discussion to the feedback forum
  9. If you make it a shortcut, Ctrl+1-9 will work... Ctrl+1 goes to the first shortcut (etc...)
  10. Hi. We're a mainly user-supported Forum Evernote is currently working on updating and upgrading its editor, though they haven't shared any details of their planned improvements. At present mixed typed/ handwritten notes are not possible except by using third party applications or including images of handwritten sections in otherwise typed text. If you open a dialogue direct with Evernote via Twitter at @EvernoteHelps or maybe chat with some of the others in Education here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/244-education/ you may be able to get some suggestions...
  11. Sorry, Paul, but the blog reads like a don't convert to me. Going from pothole group E to pothole group O. That and "...organizing on the EN side is easier...". How is it going to be when you organize in the future on ON? If you think the juice is worth the squeeze, best wishes and I hope it works well for you.
  12. Yes, mee too. But it´s not editable and i have to use 2 tools instead on one :-)
  13. Hello, the keywords have slipped to the bottom of the page in the new design. I think that's very bad because I don't expect them there. I look up in the head of the note because they are among the metadata of the note. Please change this again. DreiBaer
  14. Late to this but ... but as others have written, I would never use Evernote for backing up photos. A few alternatives depending on your circumstances, to me the important things are two: if it's not automatic it's not backup and there has to be one off-site copy. I'm not using it myself but one of the simplest solutions is probably Backblaze. If you have storage space available somewhere, Arc or ChronoSync might be an alternative My personal backup solution involves two external disks + two Synology NAS machines (one offsite), I have at least four copies of all photos. If you happen to have a Synology NAS then you probably have most of the tools you need there. For those who doesn't like Adobes solutions for editing/organizing there are many alternatives depending on what you want to do. Professional level: Capture One. Entusiast: Luminar, DxO Photolab, On1, etc. If you mainly want to organize photos "manually" then I would check out Lyn. For editing the most popular seem to be the programs from Affinity and Pixelmator, depending on what you want to do Acorn might be an alternative. If you want to have an iOS + macOS solution for editing & organizing the only real alternative currently is Lightroom (cloud or classic version) but that might change with the release of iOS 13.
  15. Paul, I checked out your blog posts. From what I can see there, dark mode is the primary, almost the only factor in your decision, along with the evaluation that ON is about at parity with EN (which I assume is correct) and that EN is in serious trouble and is abandoning EN for Windows (which is rank speculation, verging on FUD). I also note that, in exploring OneNote's forums for issues around initial import and organization, you learned that "Apparently, people just deal with this nonsense. It seems crazy to me."--pretty much exactly what some folks (not you) say here about EN and its users. So, I hope it goes well for you, and best wishes for, um, pretty much exactly what you already had, but with dark mode.
  16. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I just tested this, again, and once again got only a note in Google's own low-end little notes system. Nothing went to Evernote. What version of Android and what type of device do you have? Actually, what's your service provider as well? I'm on a Samsung phone with Android 9 and Verizon. Verizon is known to make its own little modifications to Android.
  17. In the meantime, I use Notability and store the document in Evernote as a note attachment >>i have to use 2 tools instead on one In my work I use many tools (editors)
  18. Yeah, second this request to at-least have a default font set option in prefs for setting the presentation mode fonts. As an addition to this formatting or lack there of. My presentation randomly started using GOTHAM font instead of the old legible one. Now Presentation mode is completely unusable, if not embarrassing. This was the only feature with web-clipper that I use en for! ~So gutted.
  19. I kind of share the same need. For me the "Onepager approach" of sketches is a real pain in my workflow. So for me it would be either extending the drawing area in all directions or simply the possibility to add pages. Like GoodNotes or Notability does. Please Evernote Team, break down this limitation 🙂
  20. Might be time to implement reminders on the web beta?
  21. I have resolved the issue by rebuilding the search index. To do this just click on help, then "Troubleshooting", then "Recreate full text search index". If the troubleshooting item doesn't appear, hold the option key by clicking on the help menu (this information is on MACOS). The reindexing could take a long time. For more information look at all the answers I Have had.
  22. Thanks Pink Elephant. It seems to work fine.
  23. Thanks Pink Elephant. It seems to work fine.
  24. thanks pink elephant. SO, I will try to rebuild the index with the troubleshooting first option. I haven't made first because The item didn't appear but now I know how to do thanks to the member DTLow. I inform you of the result.
  25. Hey All, I use quick note as my main notepad to document my research as I work. I need to able to write in my own words then add in the links without the long address link. (I prefer not to spend extra time opening up Evernote to add the links to the right words as that is highly inefficient.) And the ability to emphasis words by using bold, italics and underline. These are basic features that basic text editors have. Can you please make this feature? Cheers B
  26. For the TLDR crowd, translation: "I really really think dark mode is what makes a piece of software great, so I guess I'll just jump into the first dark mode life raft I can find and it will be groovy note takin' and note makin' times forever! And the winner is... OneNote!!! (voice of Flounder from Animal House, "This is gonna be great!") So even though I don't really understand OneNote all that well -- or Evernote -- I'm just going to jump in feet first, 'cuz I have a master plan!!.An-n-n-n-n-d ***Kersplash!!!*** OK, that happened. So OneNote's importer is *still* pretty much borked, and screwed up my big plan. And my organization. And other stuff, that took a long time to fix up by hand. Because Microsoft, with all its myriad resources, doesn't match up all that well to Evernote's architecture, and didn't even fix their broken importer after 2 years cause the don't care or don't get it. But yeah, man, *whistle whistle* 'Jus' castin' off those old Evernote chains, shoo-doo-be-doop! Hey OneNote's got a beautiful dark mode and it's free, free, free!! Oh well, my time isn't free, and by the way, its search sucks, and it's tedious to work with and its forums are filled with lackluster no-hopers who just put up with OneNote's nonsense (at least you can get some good info out of those boners in the Evernote forums once in awhile, if you can ever get them to be serious for even three seconds). But anyways, did I mention it has dark mode? Big beautiful dark mode? Maybe the best dark mode!! I really like OneNote a lot!! ❤❤🐶🐶🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼!!! Yay OneNote!!!" Vaya con whateva...
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