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  2. Are you only on the web, or using a desktop client as well ? On the assumption that there was content lost on the cloud server (which only happens when it was deleted by the user, often accidentally). The cloud server is the master file of your EN data. But the Desktop clients (Win, Mac) hold their own database. If you stop syncing (easiest way is take the machine off the internet, by detaching the Ethernet cable and/or switching off WLAN) BEFORE opening EN, a local copy will most likely be available. It is possible to retrieve it from there. Same with the mobile apps, if and only when the notebook containing the note was declared „offline“ and the EN app had not been opened before. Here go to flight mode before opening the EN app to avoid synchronizing. In both cases, a local copy of the note must be created by you and the EN client must be closed to save everything before connecting again to the internet. Then the „twin“ of the copy will be synced to the cloud database. if the desktop client was already synced, you have one more chance - but only if you have a backup created before the note was deleted, and the local database is included in the backup. Then you can retrieve the backup of the EN database from the backup file, and again create a copy of the note like described above. How to retrieve depends on the backup software and setup you are using. If you do not know, get professional help, if the note is important enough to pay the professional you will need. And if you do not backup your machine, you should think about changing this any time soon. No backup, no pity ....
  3. Thanks to those who replied. I have downgraded to prior version and my note contents are still missing. I'm open to additional suggestions.
  4. Hello Yes PLEASE !!!!! I have been asking for being able to edit the create date on the IPad. Not having this option is stupid for my workflow and currenlty makes me not use the iPad for evernote. I try to have all my documents in evernote, with the creation date set to the Original document date, which is totally different from the date the document was introduced into Evernote. In Windows, I edit the create date to align to the Original document date (date as printed on the invoice, proposal, etc) This works good in the web app and in the windows app. Common Evernote, please add this to the ios app as well Gerard
  5. I understand. I said it seems buggy because I used the same Tahoma font in the Windows client when I got different results for the very same emoji. Tahoma was the previous default so I got used to it, I don't know if the current default is considered more stable.
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  7. Don't know if it will help, but if you right click on the tag icon in the left panel and select Show Tags View you get more real estate to work within.
  8. There is a pre-defined Shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app that says "Add new note from Watch" but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. I can tap on it in the Shortcuts app and do a note, but I don't know how to make this work from the Apple Watch, which would seem to be the point. I'm not seeing how to install Shortcuts to the Watch via the Watch app on my phone, and there isn't anything obvious on my Watch to make this happen that I've found. Running all the latest release versions on iOS and watchOS. (No beta's)
  9. Like the fix, but I didn't do That /\ 😑 -- MatS14
  10. lol, I just saw that you wrote that in there. 😑
  11. I've seen a couple of these problems, here is a link for one of them:
  12. And I, who "am" an old kid (over 60) just dump them in there and hope to find by search, which is GREAT when EN is working correctly.
  13. YMMV, but I'm looking at notes with highlighted content. I just typed "accord" for instance and got several hits - some titles, but also this... - which does not have that word in the title...
  14. This is more or less a description of my approach. 👍
  15. MatS14 THANK YOU!!!! I had clicked on most of those options and it said I needed to submit a ticket but a link to do so never came up! Thank you for all your time on the screenshots, hopefully I can get this fixed now!
  16. Hi!! 

    I made a Signature ( kinda ) for the End of every post, hope anybody that sees, likes it!

    Here it is:

    --  MatS14  1425988930_ScreenShot2019-04-12at10_16_34AM.thumb.png.5f8a6584071f10588e50bd4e2684b3f1.png.5e21ce36151749887aab6cf32f2fb5ef.png

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