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  2. While we cannot always expect instant attention to everything we post, I wish some EN support people would have at least acknowledged awareness of the problem on that discussion link, so we can more patiently wait for a solution. Meanwhile, I tend to double click encrypted texts very slowly these days . . .
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. It was not a limit or syncing issue. I identified that it was the beta version which caused the issue. An update must have been made during the day somehow leading to lost data and other bugs after that time. I did not opt-in to use the beta version. Users should be notified through clear and formalised opt-in process if they wish to opt-in to testing, in particular obvious early stage beta, where bugs would lead to hours of lost work.
  4. I keep only one version of documents; and store them in Evernote Is there a reason you're saving the original? If yes, I would store a file link in Evernote instead of a copy Of course you can export the copy from Evernote to replace your "original copy"
  5. I know how to access a document, edit and sync it to other devices, but how do I update the original document on my computer? only a copy goes into the Evernote file, which is what is edited.
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  7. Oh what the hey... After a long and intensive analysis of the available products on the market (a hard job, but someone had to do it) I eventually found the one clear winner for my specific circumstances. That was (and continues to be, until I find something better) Wychwood King Goblin er, Evernote. Honeshtly ossifer.
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  9. I have seen the same behavior running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5.
  10. Sour Monkey, my new favorite summer beer. I'm not usually a fan of sour beers. This one is more tart to my taste than sour and very refreshing on a hot day. What was this topic about again? I remember now ... no matter how bad you think the editor may be, this beer packs enough of a punch that you won't care.
  11. That’s true, and one step in the right direction.. Was a fan of the Mohiomap easy solution, but maybe one day it will be worth a DIY side project.
  12. That make YOU Evernote customers. What you are basically saying is that Evernote is a perfect solution for the specific user base that loves the way Evernote works. I.e. die hard EN fans. Which is fine and true. But there is real competition out there, and has been for a while now. Again, only when you are talking about die hard Evernote users for which, if it doesn't work like Evernote, it's not going to work.
  13. How long a note are you talking about? I generally don't notice this happening, but none of my notes is extremely long.
  14. Not the same poison. US NSA wants to spy on your political views and possible terrorist connections. ("Terrorist" may be defined somewhat broadly...) Google wants to build your profile so that they could sell you services, or perhaps down the line influence your vote. China wants to do all of the above, plus steal your company's business secrets, your intellectual property, any bit of information that could be used for industrial espionage, plus perhaps money from your bank account because the nameless agent working in a nameless numbered spy unit is underpaid, overworked, unregulated, and wants to have something for himself, too.
  15. We have created date/time for each note. I could work this into a graph.
  16. Hi. Evernote, as they say, is not the app you're looking for...
  17. You can do so using iOS 12 and EN app 8.22 - for now. If „using“ means you have something serious at hand, you should stick with the official releases. Betas are not only prone to crash, they may take down your data as well.
  18. Jeff that is just incredible, thank you very much! Igor
  19. I just posted something similar here and then saw this thread. Looking for something similar and preferably not able to be able to be read by the company serverside. Probably asking too much on the last part.
  20. Found one called A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. Had to buy. Turned out to be a good buy.
  21. Won’t activate for me with 2fa on, anyone else had luck with that?
  22. Yea, there’s a rate limit for EN mails and third-party API’s for this kind of stuff. Seems to remember something like 30 per hour for email and something like that for ifttt. I once took a lot of time to route a bunch of gmail to Evernote via ifttt, then deleted the email. Only to later find out they weren’t all routed (there were no you’ve gone over the iftt limit notifications back then). Next time, I’m thinking some kludgy work around like gmail to Thunderbird export to html to Evernote just so I know they get there.
  23. I saw someone ask this somewhere else.. and I’m curious if there are any current dashboard apps like Mohiomap used to be for Evernote? I would like to see a dashboard of my activity to determine Notes per day graph to identify creative peak & work times Word count into time blocks and correlated for trends Popular words by time entered Word Clouds with filterable source notes by tags, notebook, dates Mind maps of words often used in range of each other
  24. Ah! Excellent idea, I think I will definetely do that now! Thanks a bunch! Stef
  25. It stops a single time then seems to work fine afterwards. Incredibly annoying. What's odd is that this never happens on my mobile (Android) devices so it would seem to be either a setting or inconsistent programming in the background.
  26. Double tapping an area where there is no text in note should bring up select options.
  27. No crashes on Windows, Mac and iOS. The „freezing“ of the iOS app got eliminated with a recent release to 8.21. No experience with Androids. From other threads in the forum, I would regard the Android app as the least stable at the moment. With Windows, have you tried creating the notes in local notebooks (non syncing), and move / copy them to their destination after the note is completed? It will mean that note creation and sync will take place one after the other. Or quit the WiFi on the laptop before you start taking notes. They will sync after you reestablish connection. Both is not permanent, just to find out whether syncing plays a role. With Android, I can’t help you. Tried Support yet ?
  28. That is one option. But if I want to see all the notes that are imported from scannable or unnamed notes, I want to use the alpha sort. And what about if am moving documents.....I go with the note to the new notebook.
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