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  2. Particular platform other than Windows which already has the capability?
  3. I would say that the email will be placed in whatever @notebook you put in the subject line. Thought, probably more a function of Thunderbird as to what the result will look like in EN, a bunch of emails in one note. I would do a test and see what you get. Not that hard, cuts out the guessing. One email which will equal one note.
  4. As you've discovered, you cannot create links in Evernote notes that are like the HTML anchor tag that will take you to a specific spot in the note. I don't know how you made your TOC note above, but you can select all the notes you want, right-click, then click the Create Table of Contents Note button. Any additions or changes in the future though would have to be manual, or whack the TOC note and create a new one with more/different notes. In Windows, you can find your TOC notes fast. Just search for the following: That won't work for Mac created TOC notes. It doesn't populate the URL field.
  5. If you can't see the images in a note try right clicking in the note and selecting Save Attachments.... If this works you can then add them back to the note.
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  7. Oh, yeah, Haven't heard it in a while. ty
  8. OK quick fix here - re-copied and edited from earlier in this topic: Link to older version: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/ For this, download the apk and tell Android to install from this "unknown source." Different Android devices/versions may do this differently, so you're pretty much on your own. And HERE is how to disable auto-update for EN, and assuming that auto-update for all apps is already turned on: 1. In the Play Store, search for Evernote, and have its Play Store page on your screen. 2. Touch the 3 vertical dots at top right. 3. Un-check Enable auto update. That's supposed to do it. Note that if you go into the Play Store and select My apps & games, EN will still come up as an update choice. Be sure to not select "UPDATE ALL," and only pick the stuff you want updated. If you don't go there "manually" if auto-update for all apps is on, EN should still not auto-update.
  9. I've split them up into subtopics, then I compile the notes together into an overview note, and link them in a master note like this: Works pretty well, I will do this from now on!
  10. I have a large note, a few thousand words long, which has notes on topics. For example, in my geography notebook I have one note for tectonics, coasts, etc: Similar for history and economics too. I am wondering if I can create a table at the top of the note to let me jump to the various sections? Or would it be better to split the note up into topics, and then create a table of contents for the topic with a link to each subtopic? Thanks!
  11. YES!! I want this feature too. I organize my daily diary by the date I created the note for obvious reasons but I want all other notes to be organized by the last date they were edited. This feature is badly needed!!
  12. Tip for those returning to an earlier version - make sure to follow this thread and/or check into the forum periodically so that you will know when a new version of EN with search working is released. You can then turn the automatic update back on.
  13. Recently updated about a week ago because it prompted me and now it hangs like a wizard's sleeve. Exact same thing as mojtabaa here
  14. Hi Folks, I am cleaning out a thunderbird email mulitiple in baskets before migrating to a new computer and have a number of special in baskets that I want to save intact, I can set up separate notebooks for each of the topics (there could be 10 - 100 emails in each of the in baskets) and then save the emails there. I know how to find my evernote email address to forward them to, but how do I send them so they are stored in the pre specified notebook? Asked another way - is it possible to forward emails to a specific evernote notebook? OK - just to be clear - I am not simply forwarding emails one a time or I could add desired notebook name etc to the subject line - I plan on selecting 10 - 200 emails from one of my in baskets that all have the same general topic and sending them as an email attachment all at once in a single email, So if I add a notebook name to the forwarding subject line, will it put the cluster of these email attacchments into the desired notebook? Also does one email with 200 attached emails count as one email or 200 emails as applied to my upper limit of 200 emails per day? Thanks
  15. Hello, I've been having this problem for about a month now... I followed the steps, and I've been able to correct the taskbar Evernote icon, however the Start menu Evernote icon is stubborn - it has stayed the same, no matter what i've done. I've uninstalled everything, then reinstalled... And have only been able to solve the taskbar icon issue. Please is there anything else you can recommend, in order for me to sort out the Start menu Evernote icon disappearance problem once and for all.??? I await your response. Many thanks, Donald
  16. Indeed, yes. My Google calendar has superpowers when I link events back to Evernote.
  17. Yes, I include the note link whenever I want a reference back to Evernote; Calendar, Reminders, Spreadsheet The apps and integrations also support the automatic creation of the calendar entry. Some also offer a EN<>Calendar sync of changes.
  18. Hi, I am fairly new to using saved searches and shortcuts in EN. My current EN app version is 8.9 I set up some saved searches on Windows and then added them to my shortcuts (also on Windows). Notes appear in these saved searches and shortcuts on Windows but nothing shows in the Android app. The shortcuts show but no notes in them. I have tried synchronising and restarting the app. I don't know if this is a new issue or old as I have not used saved searches or shortcuts before. Is there any work around for this? Without the shortcuts it makes my GTD system hard to access. Many thanks!
  19. Note contents can include files of any format. Use any editor that meets your requirements and store the files in Evernote. I do this with various editors; including text editor apps.
  20. Ok. I will just wait for next update hopping they will fix whatever is wrong. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  21. If I could add my voice to this also... this is a feature that has been available for years (in a basic but effective manner) in the separate (unrelated) app called MergeEver, which has been a lifesaver as I’ve moved more and more on to the iPad. I’m now using the larger screen (12.9-inch) iPad Pro and with the upcoming release of iOS13 and the extra multitasking features mooted for it, I will be doing most of my work on the iPad). I’ve been a heavy user of Evernote for many years, but always found it lacking in iOS. I have had to keep going back to the desktop computer to do my merging of related content. And I do a lot of this. It would be wonderful to finally achieve feature parity with the desktop version (I’m on Mac) but even if this cannot be done, the ability to merge notes really is a crucial feature. If MergeEver could do this on iOS years ago, why is it taking so long for Evernote itself to incorporate the feature? The ability to merge multiple notes is one of the main reasons I moved to Evernote in the first place (on the desktop). Please push this feature up your priority list.
  22. @mottalrd: you should find the instructions above to install a previous version of Evernote, and prevent it from updating. Will try and post the steps here later, but they are detailed above.
  23. Hello, I have a P20 lite Android phone and I have the exact same issue I tried to: Reinstall the app Clear the search cache (Android app -> Settings -> Search and Storage -> clear local search history & clear cache.) None of the above worked. Is there any way I can help support to investigate this issue and fix it? I use the function daily, now I almost can't use the product Thank you
  24. @gazumped I will try Noteability and Goodnotes and let you know my feedback. Hopefully, they will work on improving the quality of Penultimate. @DTLow I get your point and the context from where you are coming from but it boils down to personal preference. For me, rather than having an array of tools for different tasks, I prefer a small number of tools with high efficiency.
  25. No. All Evernote notes have a certain amount of associated metadata.
  26. Sure; similar situation with respect to books. A couple of things, though: The Evernote tag system appears to have been designed to facilitate hierarchical browsing of collections of notes, a la a file system, rather than having the notebooks hierarchically organizable (stacks came later on). It's not clear to me that multi-parentable tags would allow for the familiar tree control used currently. The hierarchic nature of Evernote tags is not reflected in search: the search language (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php) has no facilities for expressing something like childof(someTag) (or my long-ago suggestion: +tag:someTag). True enough, the Windows application supports a form of child tag search, but it's the only one that does as far as I know, and even so, it's pretty much a hack, as noted above. Search language changes are very rare, as they need to ripple across all clients and the Evernote servers. Short form: Evernote tags can be organized hierarchically, but they do not intrinsically express subclassing. So without an effective UI or facility for making use of multi-parentable tags, I don't see just don't see much advantage for multiple tag parents, at least at this time. Plus I'd guess that the audience for this sort of feature would be relatively small, and potential for user confusion relatively high. I'd put this in a similar category with proposals to add mind-mapping to Evernote. Interesting, and useful to some, sure, but probably not any time soon. Me, I just use separate tags in combination to express more complicated categorization, much as we do in language with adjectives, and don't invest much time keeping them organized.
  27. Odd problem that I can't get resolved. I use the GMAIL app on my iPhone and 12.9 new iPad pro. I enabled evernote as an add on. I can see the evernote icon on the bottom of the iPhone gmail app emails, but no icons appear on the iPad emails in the gmail app. Any ideas?
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