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  2. That's a link prior to Chrome making some changes. Triggered my memory, now you have to To to Settings Expand Advanced Site Settings Cookies See all cookies and site data Search for Evernote Select www.evernote.com (image below) Remove enAppInstalled
  3. You can upgrade for a single month; restore your note and try out the other premium features.
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  5. @sarao, we keep note history for all users, regardless of subscription level. If you upgrade, you will be able to view the full note history of any note in your account.
  6. The changes will be for both Android and iOS. I'm not familiar with exact launch dates and it's quite possible we'll stagger the initial release of the new clients for Android vs. iOS, but ultimately, changes will be consistent for both operating systems.
  7. Thanks everyone, it looks like the problem is being addressed. I will wait for the next release then.
  8. Here are the details: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s12/sh/1a0658b4-b183-4abf-beeb-40a7c6515acb/9129e9c30b255d48
  9. Hi. Hope you eventually got the help you needed, because I only just found your request - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum rather than an alternative contact for Support. If you're still stuck, please reply with your ticket number and I can flag the query for an employee Admin to take a look.
  10. gimme a dark mode in windows and I change to Premium...
  11. Version (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on a Windows machine. And I can confirm that this is still happening. Unbelievable, given when the bug was first reported. Edit: "Set new note focus to title" is already disabled.
  12. I would love to see a dark mode as well - what helps and is very eye friendly is a monitor with eye saving mode which had a more reddish color adjustment, helps a lot and I also have custom made glasses that are darker as normal reading glasses to further dim the radiation. I also work with the windows 10 dark mode, love it
  13. A cookie gets set re where to open the note, browser or desktop (windows anyway). You have to clear that cookie so you can reset the option next time you click on an EN link. With the changes in Chrome across the years I don’t know where that cookie resides anymore. Perhaps someone from EN can chime in.
  14. What is the procedure? I'm having the same issue where Evertnote reminder links I get in emails open in the browser instead of the Evernote App. Why do I have an Evernote app then?
  15. Beware that if you set up an Import Folder in Windows it's possible to have the original file deleted once it has been synced with the Evernote account. Also changes to the Google Drive version of the file are not updated to Evernote. The two separate versions of the file are exactly that - either one can be edited without affecting the other. File A forinstance will be saved to Evernote, but if you then make changes in Google Drive, File A will still be saved online, but file A.1 will be unique and in Google Drive only. It would actually be better to save the files directly into Evernote - the note attachments will still be editable on any device where you have access to the note via an installed app, or the web version.
  16. In the web version, go to your account settings. Under "Account Summary", look for the item "Evernote Web". This will tell you which version of the Evernote web client you are using, and give you a choice of using a different one: Sorry, typo'ed that. Meant "NixNote". Fixed in the original post.
  17. Which device/platform are you using? On my Mac, I can set up a Google Drive folder as an Evernote Import folder using Folder Actions Its also a feature supported by third party Zapier
  18. Is there a way to automatically create a note in EN when new files are saved in a Google Drive folder? I have set up my genealogy program (Brothers Keeper) to store all of documents on Google Drive (this way I can share the data with my desktop and laptop). Most of the files are JPGs, pdf and text so by creating a note for these documents they would become searchable. I was thinking of something like IFTTT but have zero experience of this or similar product. Any suggestions please. Thanks Doc
  19. When in the Mac client, maybe the search index took a shot. The phones search is web-based. You can easily rebuild the index. Go to Help menu, but hold down the „option“ key before clicking on it. You will have now a „Problem solving“ menu position as the last entry in the help menu. Go to the first sub-option of this menu item, to rebuild the search index. Choose it, and wait the indexing to go through. Try again if your search works now.
  20. This is great news. Great to see things being thought out and tested so well. I hope some of these changes will be coming to Android too. It would be great to have a more consistent experience across devices!
  21. That is true for many tasks. On office tasks, my MBP is never exceeding 10% CPU. Many computers sold are completely oversized, and many smaller companies often continue to buy larger individual computers instead of investing in a good office network with 1 good server for all the heavy lifting. This is why I say the investment may be very small for an computer that allows to work on the regular office stuff, but on an actual OS with actual programs. If nested in a decent company network with a sound server behind it, prices can be way below 200€ a piece.
  22. I doubt that your notes have gone anywhere, if they have ever reached the server. Then they will be there, somewhere. On chance would be to go to PREMIUM for just one month. Thus you would be able to reach support on this, and to look up note history. Note history is active for all accounts, all the time. Just access to it depends on being on a paid account.
  23. @PinkElephant U know for the work I am earning money with I just need sth. like dropbox, evernote, word and excel as well as a browser. Believe me, at home with a brand-new machine I am not any faster doing my work compared to the 9 year old machines in the office. Not any measurable advantage, ok everything opens a bit faster but with enough RAM installed these SW I need works pretty well with a second generation I5 processor...
  24. Not really as you are on a BASIC account. EN restricts support pretty much to paying users. Nonpaying only get support on account issues (and of course on how to upgrade 😉 ) You may try this https://twitter.com/evernotehelps Maybe they are interested when you mention that you are on Linux - rumor tells they want to firm up their standing with users of this OS.
  25. I'm glad everything works just fine for you. Is there any way to get in touch with a tech guy from Evernote how could directly check those duplicates in my basket? And then track back to the issue...
  26. I found in the settings that I was on the actual version. So, I'd the choice to go to the beta or to the classic. I went to the classic... I don't think I get all my notes back... But at least, it is faster to use than the normal version... how takes sometimes minute to display a note!!! (Old computer with 4Gb RAM) Thank you for your support
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