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  2. Today I have had a sort of freezing as well again. What was different to before: While the app did nothing, the data connection wheel kept spinning and spinning. In the end I force -closed the app, waited a few seconds, reopened and things were o.k. again. Now I had regrouped a lot of notes a few days ago, like tagging, moving from inbox into the destination notebooks, merging and deleting notebooks etc. This alone was worth more than 1 GB of upload consumption, because EN treats all this as new content. The iOS client does not hold note content, but still a lot of overhead / metadata. So first I can not reproduce this, because I will not redo that many notes in the next future. But I will observe if it was a one-timer (then probably caused by a lot of syncing), or if it will happen again. If this takes place, I will go straight to reopen the support ticket on this that was closed when the new client version got released. For serious work on the database, I use the Mac or Windows clients, but most of my EN day to day retrieval happens on my iPad. I want this to perform dead sure when I need it.
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  4. @luckman212 and @Caryn, do you have more than one Evernote account logged into Evernote and switch between accounts? If so, can you reproduce this issue if you log out all other accounts and just leave one? If you can DM me your activity logs too, that would be ideal. 1. Open Evernote for Mac 2. Hold down **Option** on the keyboard then click **Help > Show Logs in Finder...** from the menu to open the "logs" folder 3. Attach all the log files in your DM to me. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for reporting. We're able to reproduce it and are looking into it right now. Unfortunately the best workaround here is to put in your user administrator password and press always allow when this comes up.
  6. I'm having the same problem. Version 7.10 (457750 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)
  7. Don't know on this one. How many off line notes? I have over 34,000 notes that sync, of which only 10 or so are in off line notebooks, so mostly download when I need a note. No speed issues at all since a couple of releases ago. Only annoyance is when I return to the app sometimes I don't go back to the note that was open when I switched from EN.
  8. This is the Evernote for Windows client, correct?
  9. Agree with all above. After seeing the trouble others have gone to - it's clearly not worth barking up this EN tree and giving up is the better option. Sorry EN developers - otherwise, great product but time to go and delete that premium subscription.
  10. File under "No good deed goes unpunished". Yah. Correct support response for this would be "Sorry, but don't do that."
  11. On my iPhone, when viewing a note if you press the share button, there is a "more sharing options" available. If you select that, you can then select "share outside of Evernote. Pressing that gives you the option to share with Message. I haven't used this much but it appears to create a text message with an evernote link to that specific note.
  12. I make some back-end updates to images, and replicated your issue. The updated images will not sync. I now have different image files on my Mac compared to the other platforms The note contents sync ok, not the images I had an idea; duplicate the note with the updated image. Don't try this. My installation is corrupted and I will have to reinstall We could open a support ticket but I don't think it will go far. Back-end updates are not a sanctioned activity. fwiw The sync process is device <> server <> device When debugging sync issues, check the server data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  13. It might help if you post a screenshot. I don't spend much time troubleshooting my devices First step would be to trigger a full sync - Hold the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel Next step would be remove Evernote, and do a new installation. - The app AppCleaner is recommended for this.
  14. I posted too soon. Freezing on relaunch of EN on iPad again! I have again deleted app, restarted iPad, reinstalled app but same problem if search term left in search field (sorry, it’s just my workflow and I’m not going to change because of this sudden bug that wasn’t in EN before. I’m on a good internet connection so that’s not the problem. 700+ notes. Longtime user. And I see from App Store that the latest version is 3 weeks old. VERY disappointed. what other productivity tool are EN users looking to migrate to?
  15. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but if you are an iPhone user there is an iMessage app that essentially does this.
  16. I have been using Evernote for Mac for many years but lately it has become almost unusable for me. I am on OS 10.10.5 Yosemite so the latest version I am able to update to is 6.12.3 so I'm not sure if that is part of the problem. The issues I am experiencing are: Search issues - When I search I see the spin icon then nothing happens. If I click on the relevance dropdown to the left it will usually allow me to see my search results, but in the past the search results were fast and instant. Slowness - Overall the tool is lethargic. Seemingly any function I do results in sluggish responses. Card Preview - If I click on a note thumbnail the preview to the right does not display the message. The only way to display the message is if I double click on the note thumbnail which opens the note in a separate window. Any one experience these or similar issues and know of any potential fixes?
  17. Not true, I have the most recent version of iOS and Evernote and it is still happening.
  18. Does anyone know if there's been any updates? I haven't found any. For now dealing with Evernote handwriting feature but would prefer to use Samsung Notes if it auto syncs with Evernote
  19. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Evernote app when I made the original post, so it is the most recent version.
  20. There you go. It was indeed unchecked. Thanks CalS!
  21. There is an issue with this build that causes it to suddenly disappear randomly but always when there is a search involved, ie it only ever happens after I have typed (or started to type) something in the search bar. Before I hit enter the program just disappears. It happens at least every 2nd day. Perhaps it is to do with the 'search as you type' delay, which was set to the default "50". I've just changed it to 0 to disable the feature and I'll see in the next few days if that fixes the issue. I'll report back.
  22. {05/21/19 @ 11:42 EDT} Thanks for your response. The subject editing functionality was included in past versions of Evernote. I consider its removal a coding error--a Bug. How many millions around the world use Microsoft applications. Microsoft's editing functionality could be considered to be a 'Standard' based on the numbers of its users. Since all of the applications in Microsoft Office Professional use the subject functionality and Microsoft owns Windows 10, the name of this forum, my description of a Bug seems to me to be totally appropriate here. As stated previously, even Evernote's 'Search the Community' forum Search Box uses this 'Standard.' Try it yourself--copy (Ctrl-key) with drag & drop in the Search Box. If you have been an Evernote user for any length of time, you would know that past revisions have mistakenly deleted good, solid working code. Eventually, the bugs were realized and fixed. Here, I am reporting a Bug to be fixed.
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