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  3. Good catch. But I'm not sure how up to date that information is. It still says that saved Web searches can't be done in the beta, but they can, at least in v. 6.12.0 (which I now have on Opera).
  4. The block of 3 non-notes seem to have disappeared now that the Web beta has updated to v. 6.12.0 in Opera.
  5. An update: I've now experienced this too, after editing a note produced multiple duplications of it, and then a process I tried to use to remove the duplicates ended up permanently deleting the note itself--but leaving these stupid blank entries. See my post here: EDIT: I see that the block of non-notes seems to have disappeared now that the Web beta has updated to v. 6.12.0 in Opera.
  6. Evernote support reports that they've issued a new update which should have fixed this. It's intermittent, so I'll have to watch and see.
  7. Hmm. I honestly don't see a problem. The blue of the outline box around the selected note is distinct enough from the black of the side menu that I can see it; and even if it weren't, the rest of the outline is plenty of indication for me that this is the selected note. So this may be something that is an issue for some, but not for others.
  8. I've found that they do in fact get OCRed, so they can be searched. Some caveats, though: This may only apply to newly created notes. A test note I created 7 years ago did not seem to be indexed; one I created this morning did. It may not be instantaneous. This morning's note did not seem to be searchable until some time had passed. I edited it just now, and it was searchable after a few minutes had passed. All-word searches succeed; exact word sequence searches do not. By this I mean that searching for be found will find notes with all those words in them, including ink notes; but searching for "be found" will find notes with that exact sequence of words in them, except for ink notes. Evidently the indexing of text in ink notes does not index this.
  9. +1 with this issue. The only workaround I found was to go into the photos app and select the photo I want to put into my note and tap the share button...then click copy. Then go to evernote to the note I want to add the photo to and tap in the text box and then tap the paste button. A bit of a PITA but works until there is a fix to this bug.
  10. Was there ever a resolution to this? Currently driving me crazy.
  11. Hello, I believe there's a display issue with the way notes are outlined. Attached is a screenshot of the outline that appears once a note is selected within a notebook. If you look at the left most line, it clashes with the black background color of the side menu, making it difficult to see. I suggest that the line be moved over to the right a little to gain better clarity of that section of the note being selected. Note: I didn't add this to the feature requests section as I believe this may have just been added by the New Evernote Web experience a few days ago. My software information is listed below. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to reply. Operating System: Windows 10 Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) Additional Notes: Using the New Evernote Web experience
  12. Apologies I didn't even see that bit, on my work MAC I'm not allowed to install unofficial software hence using the web browser, I haven't tied it on the PC yet which to see if I get the same issue. Google found this post
  13. Not stupid; but it does pay to look at the options. What's really needed is for Evernote's spell-checking to once more allow checking through an entire note, which might at least make the process simpler. That was killed off long ago, when they switched to a different spelling system. Till then, disabling spell-as-you-type is the only way to get rid of the red squiggle. Unless, of course, you want to try one of those self-help affirmations: "I am a person who likes red squiggles. Red squiggles are OK. There is nothing wrong with red squiggles. I am a person who likes red squiggles." Repeat until you either don't mind red squiggles, or get taken away.
  14. Aha! Sorry for the stupid question and thanks! Any other work arounds you might suggest? 🙈
  15. I was only testing in the Evernote desktop client for macOS since this post is in "Evernote Mac Issues". I really don't use Evernote in the browser, so I couldn't comment on if/how this works there.
  16. On the Evernote program Tools menu, select Options, then Language, then de-select Check spelling as you type.
  17. @thong tran @Lan Doan Thank you for reaching out! I'm going to reach out to you via DM to get more information.
  18. Hi, and welcome to the forums. I agree--I hope they're working on that, but it might be good to put it into the feedback and requests forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/.
  19. To avoid the specific problem you mention, you might tag sensitive notes with a tag like "sensitive" or "nosearch" or whatever, and then when you do a search in a professional setting, put "-tag:nosearch" at the end. That will keep those notes from appearing; and assuming what you're doing is interesting enough, your colleagues wouldn't spend much time wondering what tag:nosearch was about.
  20. I have no response to your actual question that would improve on what others have said. I only just wanted to comment (with a smile on my face) about the above quote: And how productive is that? 😄
  21. Sorry, I can't see where people using Evernote for free are a "market." They are people taking advantage of Evernote's decision to make much of its service available for free. That's a good decision for them, and it must be working somehow for Evernote, but I wouldn't call it a "market," since a market involves an exchange of money or goods. (I'm not an economist; perhaps someone who knows better will correct me.) In honesty, what will Evernote lose if all the free users go away? I don't consider myself a big client; I have just over 1,000 notes, which is not very many compared to some users. But I consider Evernote Premium to be worth every penny for my purposes, and that makes me part of Evernote's actual market. Since it seems that your main problem is that Evernote is acting buggy by preventing you from accessing devices that should be available to you, let me suggest that you create a separate thread with that problem, and someone here may be able to help you.
  22. If this is the case, then indeed for users like you Evernote may indeed become obsolete. I feel that your subject line is a bit misleading, since for some users COVID-19 might make Evernote even more necessary, and for many others it will remain essential in any case. I would suggest the following test: get everything out of Evernote that you will ever need to have, and deactivate your account (detailed instructions here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314088). Then in the following weeks, see if the following scenario occurs: whatever you happen to be doing, you think, "Oh, I should save that to Evernote." For myself, I am 100% sure that I would be back on Evernote in one or two days. But if you find that you are truly doing as well without Evernote as with it, then you're good. OTOH, if you do find yourself frequently saying, "I should put that in Evernote," then you'll know it wasn't actually obsolete.
  23. Thanks, Cal. Note merging isn't a feature on the Web client yet; and the phantom (still there in the Web client) doesn't appear in the Windows program. If it gets to be a real aggravation, I may raise a support ticket.
  24. Saludos, Actualmente nos encontramos en el proceso de improvisar la navegación de los foros de discusión. Durante las próximas semanas puede ser que vean foros moverse o desaparecer temporalmente mientras trabajamos en mejorar la accesibilidad y navegación de los foros. No se preocupe, no estaremos borrando ningún tipo de contenido o comentarios. Simplemente estaremos moviendo el contenido a diferentes partes de los foros. Aqui veran algunos de los cambios que tomaron efecto hoy: Creamos una sección destacada para Evernote Business aquí: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/619-evernote-business/ Cualquier publicación anterior relacionada con solicitudes de funciones o problemas técnicos para Evernote Business se han trasladado a esta nueva sección. Hemos cerrado el subforo de Pasatiempos e Intereses. Todo el contenido ha sido migrado a los foros de discusión general: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/ Estén atentos, ya que continuaremos anunciando cualquier cambio que se realice en los foros de discusión. Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en comunicarse conmigo a través de DM.
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