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    Thanks @DTLow I'm using Evernote Preview and I see they removed that option Also, I noticed this morning some changes (maybe a new update was pushed?) and I see now I have some options of what to display in that Notes List and also I can drag it's right border to the left reducing it a lot.
  3. That's the thing with recent EN betas, not full featured and you find out by yourself. I think the focus is on the editor and search in the betas, but I could be off base there. I stopped using the betas as I just couldn't get stuff done with them. 🤷‍♂️
  4. That would be a last resort for me, too many opportunities for bad things to happen. Though, who knows, could be the issue. I am current with EN and Windows, have 47,590 notes as I type, a 25.6 GB data base, an eight year old docked laptop, and the only thing I see resembling a slow down is a brief lag when I close a PDF I've just modified that is stored in an EN note. I don't have any long text based notes but I do have an SSD and 8 GB of memory and I do shut down any non essential to me services within Windows. Typically have mail, EN, and a browser open. I don't know what Twinkie Dust has been sprinkled on my set up for instantaneous response time, I'd share if I could. 🤷‍♂️
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  6. There's Zapier for integration the two services See https://zapier.com/apps/evernote/integrations/ticktick What features do you use in TickTick? I'm wondering if they can be replicated in Evernote
  7. TickTick is an amazing todo list/ task management app with built in teams, kanban, pomodoro, lists, tags and reminders. I and many others (millions of people) use TickTick every day. It would be amazing if I could sync notes and reminders to TickTick. They are working on releasing a REST API later this year, and creating more integrations with more apps (https://ticktick.com/integrations)
  8. @Shane D. This post is 7 months old, this is still an issue. Any update?
  9. I have the same issue, using windows 10, latest version of Firefox 77.0 (64 bit). WRN: DB set value error: InvalidStateError A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations. I can't get web clipper to work at all...very frustrating! evernote web clipper log.txt
  10. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to connect multiple calendars when using the Cronofy integration with Evernote. Here is my use case: I currently have one Evernote account I have multiple Google calendars and I want to specify which calendar each Reminder should connect to: My work calendar Customer Project calendars Personal calendar When I setup the connection, I am only able to choose one calendar BUT on this Cronofy webpage ( https://www.cronofy.com/calendar-connectors/evernote-calendar-connector/ ) it says, "Sync as many calendars as you like" so I am a bit confused. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this! Michael
  11. Hello, I would like to see the same kind of integration with Zoho CRM as Evernote currently has with Salesforce.com. I use Evernote to keep notes on all of my client activities i.e. phone calls, meetings, strategy sessions, etc., and it would be nice to have these Evernote notes inside my Zoho CRM under each respect account and contact. Thank you! Michael
  12. Same here with Beta 6.12.1 1254, no way to select multiple notes for fusion or bulk tagging.
  13. There is up to my knowledge no way to learn what has been viewed or copied. There is a way to check how often the account may have been accessed. Behind each access is the IP and the rough location from which the access took place, and by what device. Hackers usually cloak this, so device and location are most likely not the real ones. But at least you can see whether, when and how often your account was accessed. Devices and IPs unknown to yourself probably belong to the bad guys. The screenshot is from the EN web client on my iPad:
  14. Glad it now works for you. The only other thing I could think about was an ongoing indexing (like Spotlight), but this should influence all applications. If it just vanishes, fine. Maybe we get hold on it in another case.
  15. Thank you both. For unclear reasons the issue resolved itself today with no reboots or other changes. I'm still on Evernote 7.14. Now typing is very fast without the constantly spinning sync wheel while typing. I'll keep monitoring and see if if comes back or is associated with any clear precipitants.
  16. Can we have a option that you can create a pattern passcode? That would be awesome!
  17. You should maybe try clicking the flagged words, and click “add to dictionary.”
  18. You should maybe just make notes on your own instead of google home doing it, or maybe you can ask Google, “Hey Google, create a evernote note that says ________
  19. Unfortunately not. I’m trying to create a custom shortcut. I’m struggling with using the variables and custom actions.
  20. Hi. Will any of this help? How to use Siri with Evernote
  21. Suggested interim work-around: use a simple word processor appropriate to your device OS to draft and proofread long comments, then copy and paste into the remarks box.
  22. Hi. Sorry to hear this - as @DTLow pointed out, the account would have been accessed with your ID, so there's no way to know exactly what might have been viewed by others -vs- what you were looking at yourself. I agree there's no method to check that we're aware of.
  23. Hi. This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. As you're a subscriber I'd suggest you raise this with Support as a bug. Although Evernote staff do read the Forums, it'll get attention much faster that way. I verified that you're correct: type one letter and all the notebook names containing that letter are found. Don't know if that's new - I hadn't noticed because my notebook names are prefixed by a special character (or two) like the vertical bar '|', and when I search, '|B' turns up the four or five notebooks with that first letter combination. (For some weird reason typing the first two letters of a notebook name without a special character prefix still shows all the titles with that two-letter combination)
  24. True, it could have been caused by windows update. There are so many windows updates every month.. I have not tried system restore yet to see if that plays a role though.
  25. Curious — could one possibly use this to copy/paste a tweet URL and create a nicely formatted tweet to appear within a note?
  26. Possibly a co-incidence, but my issues started around the same time... maybe it was a Windows change - as @CalS says nothing happened with the Evernote Windows app (that I know of), though they were mentioning lots of back-end server changeover work that has been completed. Ah well. I'll work along with Support to see if they come up with anything else - they had a copy log from me. Maybe once we've eliminated all the possible explanations, whatever remains, no matter how improbable... (sorry; went all Conan Doyle for a moment there..) There are some shiny new versions of the app coming 'soon*' so maybe the team are busy kicking the tyres on the new model and don't have the time to go back and beat dents out of the old one.. * for widely variable definitions of the word...
  27. Hi, I have a Siri Shortcut that does a great job of saving an article to Evernote with the share sheet, but I have two needs I have been unable to program correctly. I want to append the URL of the article I’m saving at the top of the note as a link. And I’d love to save the URL to that URL field of the note. Nothing I’ve tried has been able to solve this. Would anyone have a recommendation on what I can set in my action list to accomplish this?
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