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  2. The question of "foundational" can be debated I see a benefit of Evernote dividing functionality instead of having a single bloated app
  3. 2.28GB is much too high Have you quit and restarted the app lately I've only experienced that issue on a data import
  4. Using ScannerPro, can create jpeg (1-page) or pdf. A big plus is that there are workflows to import scans into EN. In the workflow you specify the notebook and the standard tags to use, and it creates the note. Saves work later. And it makes use of the 2x-camera of my 11Pro, which means I can move farther away and don't cast a shadow on the document with my own phone.
  5. Cool 😎 10.15.5, Version 7.14 (458244 Direkt), EDITOR: 69.3.10951 (15add1e), MBP 2019 / 15", i7, 32GB EN was just opened, some notes opened and closed just to give it a little tickle. Maybe it will go up when using it a bit longer, or edit some stuff. But it never produces any issue, not CPU, not RAM.
  6. DTlow, could you please check if you can use searches like the following on your iPad? Background is that this is not working at all for my EN on iPad but very fine for EN on macOS "todo:false" -> show all notes with open tasks stack:XXX -> show all notes in notebook stack XXX -stack:XXX -> show all notes that are NOT in notebook stack XXX stack:XXX todo:false -> show all notes with open tasks in notebook stack XXX Very curious if this works for you. Would also be great to se which EN for iOS you are using BR, Holger
  7. DTLow, why should we use additional applications to get a function that seems to very foundational? At least I was not aware of this opportunity with this extra APP, but I will try it. Thanks a lot for this hint. BR, Holg
  8. Hi all, I assume that most of you rely heavily on the search abilities of EN - which is working great on my macOS app. Recently I started more and more to use Evernote on iOS (iPad) and I had to learn that the search function is not working reliable there. I found posts from 2015 which describe exactly the problem but according to an EN post this should have been solved already years ago. I use searches to organise my personal and also professional work like the following: - stack:JOB todo:false => get all notes that are not in my JOB notebooks, grouped in the stack JOB that have tasks that are not completed -> should bring me list of notes with personal tasks stack:JOB todo:false => get all notes that are in this my JOB notebooks, grouped in the stack JOB that have tasks that are not completed -> should bring me a list of notes with tasks in my job In macOS this is working reliable - on EN for iOS this is not working at all. Even using only a search "todo:false" does not bring any result. Queries like "todo:*" show me some, but not all, notes with tasks. I even tried "en_todo_false" without any success. Now my question .. is the search working different on iOS (which would be bad but this I could handle) or is this simply a defect? If so, this might be a blocker of using EN to organise my tasks at least on iOS. Hope4help! BR, Holg
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  10. My evernote memory usage is as follows: macOS Catalina Version: 10.15.4 (19E287) Evernote Version: 7.14 (458244 Direct) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) How is everyone's situation?
  11. Thanks. This too was super helpful. What about decrypting an encrypted pdf within evernote? i.e. the reverse of this encryption process. I know one can manually open the pdf, remove security protections in adobe acrobat, then re-save the document, which does the trick but there has to be a faster way of automating this too I'd think? Is there another app one could trigger by right clicking "open with" again? Can you recommend anything? Many thanks for all your help. JGS
  12. When using EN-for-Windows, should I wish to change the color of any text, or in my case add a 'custom color' to the palette for later use, I simply go to the Editing Toolbar, and click the icon as pictured below, or use keyboard shortcut of CTRL+D keyboard shortcut. My 1st question/issue: When I create a custom color on the Text Color palette, EN gets rid of it, the next time I open EN, which I notice happens from day to day, rather than closing and immediately reopening. Anybody know how to add a custom color to the Text Color palette on the Editing Toolbar that EN will retain?? My 2nd question: Why when accessing the Text Color editing via keyboard shortcut CTRL+D after first highlighting text I wish to have it's color changed, that... a) The popup dialogue box is so different ....and more seriously b) The custom color, at the bottom of list, weirdly changes to reflect the text I highlighted, rather than display the custom text color I added earlier...very weird! Notice the dark grey color in my custom colors, and by way of example, look at what happens when I try to apply this to some lines of text, but using CTRL+D shortcut (versus accessing text-color feature from editing toolbar)... the first line is green text I want to apply my custom 'grey' to... the 2nd line is red text, that I also wish to apply the custom color to... but it the pop-up box just changes custom color to the text selected color!!! Making CTRL+D shortcut, useless for 'Text color'! ...how could a flaw like that pass through alpha, beta, omega, whatever testing? Screen captures added below. *Note, EN does not actually get rid of the custom color, It just means I must use the editing toolbar to get to it
  13. Strong vote of support. Doesn't have to be a feature on every platform (as with font changing on some mobile) if devs are worried about screen sizes (and people who can't figure anything out) but it would be really good to have it on non-mobile and web (and I'm sure many people want it on mobile too -- either way it should respect the pins you made on any platform.)
  14. Here is a temporary solution,on a page shared publicly: change: to: Or another larger value, depending on your needs
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  16. Why are you guys holding out on Dark Mode for Windows? Is it really that difficult? You are seriously the LAST app I have that does not have Dark Mode. Time to move into the 21st century.
  17. Hello I'm a newly Windows Beta Tester still the link provided to join the sub-forum de discuss - comment this beta is not available .. Could some moderator share the right link please ? thanks !
  18. You would be better off using chat support, where you can talk to evernote employees, lol
  19. My method is to generate the ToC, but then replace every link with the public share URL for each note
  20. Merged with an ongoing discussion
  21. I posted some Applescript basics at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112316-scripting-on-a-mac-applescript/ Here"s the basic script ExtractSelection.scpt and addresses the following steps Instructions to the Evernote app tell application "Evernote" activate Save the original note and the selected text (replace the selected text with [Holder] set theOriginalNote to item 1 of (get selection) tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard tell application "System Events" to keystroke "[Holder]" delay 1 Get the title for the new note set theTitle to item 1 of (paragraphs of selectedText) set theTitle to (text returned of (display dialog "Title" default answer theTitle)) Create the new note, get the link set theNewNote to create note title theTitle with text selectedText set theLink to note link of theNewNote as text set theLinkHTML to "<a href=\"" & theLink & "\">" & theTitle & "</a>" Back to the original note, replace [Holder] with the link delay 1 set theHTMLCode to HTML content of theOriginalNote set theHTMLCode to my Replace_Text(theHTMLCode, "[Holder]", theLinkHTML) set HTML content of theOriginalNote to theHTMLCode
  22. The problem is with the Web client only. Looking at google the message been coming up to people for about a year now. Notebooks which were previously shared and never unshared (not even password change on both end of the receiver EN account and the sharer account). Suddenly the shared notes become inaccessible in the web client. The message pops up "You no longer have access to this notebook." But that's not the case and I still have access to the notebook on the mobile device, no problem. I have about 95 notebooks like this. I can attest I am not doing something wrong because I do have access to both accounts and have 2 individual devices for available to test, so 4 devices in total for 2 accounts, 'nough testing for several hours....#(*#(*%* What works is to go back to the work chat and click on those links again. What an irony, the links are 2 years old, now clicking on them again reactivates the share. However, this process only works on mobile device. If I try the same on the Web, I can't get it to work, clicking on the links in the chat gets be back to the notebook and again getting the message "You no longer have access to this notebook". Going to mobile device, exactly same steps, no problem, I can reactivate the "presumably broken shares". I have almost 100 shared notebooks. If I go to do that, it's nut's, I''ll be spending about 2-3 hours doing it including drinking coffee. I only have chromebook and mobile devices, so no PC or Mac. Another strange issue I noticed in the web client, the shared notebooks just randomly disappear from the list on the left. They just disappear in groups sometimes multiple of them are "just not there" and then suddenly they reappear. I've seen similar comments from users in 2019. Wow, it isn't like yesterday and I want too much. Rant follows: It's frustrating to see how Evernote over the years lost its mind. It was trying to be everything for everybody but specialized like a geek's Swiss knife, so useful, but ends up in the drawer. Everybody must own it but it's not used. Except that the web client is buggy, every update brings something different to deal with. Take Airtable for instance. Another startup which I love, it has such an outstanding and amazing product. I hope Airtable stays so. That's how Evernote used to be. It used to be amazing. It is still same product but the bugs and reliability issues made it become a sucker. Sorry to say.
  23. Hi, using EN for years and have never popped in here. Has anyone integrated EN with the Converge Hub CRM? Can it connect directly or have I to use Zapier? Cheers
  24. I'm using Evernote on my iPhone and on my Mac. On my Mac I only use the online Safari version. I get a prompt on my Mac, asking me if I allow Evernote to use 1.2GB on my Mac. It makes no sense to me. I have 107 notes, most of them just a page or to and very few of them has any substantial content (a handful of small jpg files or such). I guess my total storage needs for the notes would be approx. 50-80mb. Does anyone know why it asks for this usage of space? Does anyone know if it actually uses it? I'm on the free version by the way·
  25. I am on Mac as well and would love to test that. Have not touched Applescript myself so far so looking for a free ride 😂
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