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  2. Had exactly the same problem (almost identical setup: Evernote (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), Dell XPS 13, model 9360). Evernote worked fine this afternoon, but suddenly this evening the left panel had disappeared and the "View/Left Panel" option didn't work. No obvious trigger for why it suddenly didn't work -- hadn't changed anything on machine, nothing had updated that I know of. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked. Annoying bug, now waiting for thousands of notes to re-sync.
  3. We didn't address tags; they are included in the Mac HTML export similar to the other metadata
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  5. The windows HTML export is missing the meta data that is included when exporting from the Mac. This includes the source URL, author, date created, and more!
  6. Thanks for all the replies! Seems crazy that the Windows export should be so different. I'll create a new idea suggestion, specifically asking that the meta data be included in the Windows export.
  7. I would like to be able to confirm the creation of a new tag from just typing into the tags area in a note (similar dialog to the confirmation for tag deletion). I am frequently having to go and delete a newly created tag where I've just typo'd an existing tag and hit enter as I add multiple tags to a note at speed. I have a fairly structured tagging system so adding new tags is a very infrequent occurrence compared to using them. I appreciate this may not be for everyone, so a setting to enable/disable the confirmation would be ideal.
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  9. The master version of our data is stored on the Evernote servers. You can check your data using the web platform at www.evernote.com Confirm the status of your notes there
  10. I did not say I had a blank account... a few notes are there but most are missing. Yes, I'm posting in the Mac forum - because I am running on a Mac. Also, I have only created one Evernote account. Recently, I noticed an 'upgrade'-type pop-up (don't recall the specifics), but went ahead with it. Next time I logged in, it required me to log in (not typical when I'd click the Mac desktop icon) and all my important notes were missing. This post in another forum states that there are such issues with the web version: "Important notes deleted - help needed urgently and unable to figure out how to send email to support"
  11. You're posting in the Mac forum. What do you mean about 'upgrading' to the web version.
  12. Hi. What?? A blank account usually means you logged into a new account. Please log out of everything, power everything off... and then restart with your original user details. An update would not 'delete' notes.
  13. The master version of our data is stored on the Evernote servers. You can check your data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  14. Hi. How do you know the account was hacked? Where and how are you seeing the IP address??
  15. On Windows, try signing out out of your user name, then exiting, rebooting, then signing back in. On your note list, make the sync column visible, sort all notes by sync, then sync all notes. If any notes still have a dot next to them, they are not synced, so additional steps would be needed. I find the Android version kinda buggy in general, I try not rely on it for entering data too much, though it has more features than the iOS version, which seems more solid.
  16. If the entire performance of the program is affected, it has been reported that manually signing out of your user name on the program (not just closing the program), then exiting, rebooting, and signing back in manually, is supposed to help. This is a lot safer than what I describe below: __________________________________________________________________________________ If you are feeling really ambitious, you could try the Ctrl-Help menu. Warning: it is possible to break something or lose data using the Ctrl-Help menu: 1-Sync all your notes, then sort the note list by synced. Make sure you can see the sync column, then manually copy all notes that didn't get synced into new notes (the notes with the dot in them). This is to preserve them, since the next steps might destroy those notes 2-On the note list, show all notes (Shift-F6) 3-Click anywhere on the note list, then select all notes ((Ctrl-A). The entire list should be highlighted. 3-Press Ctrl while clicking on Help, then from the menu, click on "Fix Selected Notes". My understanding is that this step replaces selected notes with the server copy. This should help fix problems, but notes that are not synced may get deleted, you should be able to find such notes on the first step. 4-If this step did not quite help, you could try other options on the same menu, like "Optimize database", "Fix Lost resources". "Fix Notebookless notes". Keep in mind that the entire Ctrl-Help menu is normally hidden for a reason, and it was originally designed to be used under guidance from support. I have fixed my chronic speed issues successfully with the above, but I am only a regular user, and I found that if i made sure of step one, I (apparently) did not lose data.
  17. Right-click on a notebook in the left panel (note: doesn't work for stacks), and select "Style...". It is present in (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), which I am also using.
  18. I just tried this in version (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), and can't see a way to change the color. I know it is (or was) possible, because some of my notebooks have a different color font. Any further advice?
  19. This seems to be the place where people are voting for this feature request. An upvote there might help promote the feature: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96782-internal-note-links-inline-tags-create-anchor-points-in-notes/
  20. This seems to be the place where people are voting for this feature request. An upvote there might help promote the feature:
  21. Here is the feature request for this feature. An upvote there might help promote the feature:
  22. ...but to prevent them being displayed? - (IMHO) No.
  23. Evernote is great at many things, but it is a terrible solution for photo backups. This is not what this software was created for, and it will fight you tooth-and-nail the entire way. You won't be able to batch-edit photos, the 200MB note limit will cripple you, and quickly browsing through your photos will be agony. I'm pretty sure there's an old thread on here somewhere where EN staff outright discourage this practice, but I can't find it for the life of me. Use a tool that's meant for this type of backup. Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. all support automatic photo backup services.
  24. You can tag notes and exclude them in searches For example: * -tag:hidden This search could be saved accessed by a shortcut named "All Notes except hidden"
  25. This happens to me on android when i 'minimize' the app and open it again several times.
  26. I just battled this for about 30 mins and Google wasn't helpful, so I'm posting here for the next me that encounters this issue... In short... Penultimate notes that are 200+ pages seem to have issues syncing from penultimate app (ipad for me) to evernote. This shows up as a orange exclamation mark (not red), but it doesn't tell you why. Here's what I did as workaround: Split the journal to < 199 pages Found the point in the penultimate journal where page 200+ started. Selected all those pages and copied to new penultimate note. Named that 2nd journal as a continuation of the 1st, sync'd to Evernote (no problem) Found the original note in evernote and verified I have now have all content sync'd between first notebook and second notebook above Renamed original note in evernote to clarify the sync broke Then just use the 2nd note in penultimate from that point fwd Clunky but works. Hope this helps you. Probalby will NOT come back to monitor replies, but if Google brings you here then good luck on your journey = )
  27. Is there any way to hide notes? I don't want some notes to appear in 'all notes' section. Thanks
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