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  2. Wonder, it seems that worked perfectly, the only problem is that I do not know when I can do the update. Thank you Khy.
  3. I create notebooks by subject matter (techniques, styles, fabrics, etc.) and by course if I've taken one.
  4. I just opened Firefox, went to the New York Times site and was able to clip an article. I have a Dell laptop with Windows 10 installed.
  5. Yes, you can downgrade. First you need deinstall v 8.9 and then install 8.8.1. I found 8.8.1 here: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/ Once installed, remember to turn off auto update from Google Play store otherwise it will be updated again with 8.9.
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  7. Well if they are somewhat unique the tag idea is probably your best bet.
  8. For me this solution didn’t work at all.
  9. As you said; an unsearchable title. How about sort sequence. In title sequence, do these notes sort to the top or bottom? I'm liking your special tag idea
  10. Ok I reset my password and problem solved!!! How strange.
  11. Support might have to look at this. https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action One last idea; use the web platform (www.evernote.com) to check your accounts. Your device may not be up to date.
  12. Sorry I didn't provide much detail. Having done the swap, when I look into account A, I see the exact same notes as when I look into account B. Further to that, when I go to "Security Summary" for both, I see the email address for account A in both.
  13. All accounts are identified by an email address. You were swapping the email address of your accounts; using a temporary third email address. Possibly, an email was sent to the temporary address; and you need to access the email and confirm.
  14. Well, that character is the entire title, quotation marks don't make a difference in the search. I have a number of single character titled notes like that.
  15. The solution suggested earlier in this thread worked for me: Android app -> Settings -> Search and Storage -> clear local search history & clear cache. However, the next day, the problem returned. Ran the same fix and search worked again. Are others experiencing the same thing? Are you having to run the fix every time you you restart the phone? Or does it have to do with every time the app syncs? Trying to identift the variables here.
  16. Gracias, Cyranobolson, el problema se solucionó con tus indicaciones.
  17. I have 2 Evernote accounts and recently used the method explained here to swap the email addresses: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004757 Since doing that, 1 of the accounts appears to have disappeared. There are 1,000s of notes so it is very worrying.
  18. Okay. Only thing I can think of is to put the special character in position in the search string, all of it surrounded by quotes.
  19. Example of a note title with unsearchable characters?
  20. @Hamburglar, nope, have NOT upgraded to Mojave, and don't have any immediate plans to. The latest version of Evernote Mac still does NOT support macOS Spotlight, which I use a lot. I've been running macOS Sierra for over a year now, and really like it -- no problems.
  21. Do you Android users have a choice in downgrading to a previous version? I can install any version on my Mac, but in IOS we can't downgrade.
  22. I'm in the same boat as you, my model is a Galaxy Note5. It is very frustrating to invest money, time and mainly trust in an application to later have headache with it. I've already tried switching from Evernote to OneNote and also to Google keep but both can still be worse than Evernote. Google keep is very simple, has no way to relate notes and not even an easy way to capture information. OneNote only works well on a computer, on the tablet and smartphone it is very slow to sync and has a poor search. The good news is that the two are getting better over time.
  23. JMichaelTX, did you end up moving to Mojave? If so, what EN version did you settle on? Any problems (or regrets)? I'm thinking about doing the same, but I've been cautious about upgrading (still running EN 6.7.1 on El Cap). Thanks!
  24. No, the link would be within note contents; perhaps a Table of Contents note >>will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date. Something like created:day-5 -created:day-4
  25. Can you use note link in saved searches? That would be ideal somehow. If not, your comment regarding using dates on the title makes me think perhaps a created date search could be used in a saved search to isolate a single note or a few notes, will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date.
  26. What?? My post is unfriendly and not helpful, really???? EN is unfriendly and not helpful, EN is ignorant and arrogant!!!!! How can a reputable company with 225mln users post a buggy software version on Play Store and leave it there for such a long time, with such a significant failure. This is ridiculous and I am not afraid of calling this BS. We are paying for this, just few days ago they charged me $70, for what, I am asking? For constantly monitoring that no new version will be installed on my device, because every new version has more bugs than previous one. Every EN software on my devices is at least few versions old, just to avoid any headache with new installation. A reputable company should be ashamed of having to read such a posts. Stop upgrading, instead make the current versions solid on every platform, and implement thorough testing and quality. With 225 mln users (if it is true) you should have the money and time to do it.
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