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  2. It says the variable 'the message" is not defined. Any thoughts?
  3. It was just a paragraph list of tasks...
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  5. Hi. Just had a play, but nothing seems to work - I either lose the trailing text completely or it moves to the next line down as you might expect. Was this a numbered, bulleted or just a paragraph-style list?
  6. No one is insisting this feature is not needed; I require this feature often The work-arounds are being suggested for users who need this feature today >>It really isn't enough that Evernote can OCR notes in the background so that they show in a search. That's great but it doesn't enable you to copy and paste the text elsewhere. There is a feature request posted at the top of the discussions. You're welcome to indicate your support using the voting button at the top left corner. The current user vote count is
  7. IMHO it's not a workaround to use a free app that does exactly what you require - CamScanner (forinstance) will produce an OCR'd PDF while Evernote Android does not. Evernote Scannable (sadly, only iOS) will (AFAIK) do the same, but that is an also an 'external' app. Both Scannable and CamScanner can 'share' a scanned, OCR'd PDF to Evernote. Since there are already apps that have this feature, what is the business justification for the effort required to jam the technology into the standard Evernote app? Not saying I'm against the idea, but what's in it for Evernote? This feature request has had an average of 5 votes per year for 5 years - other requests are into the 400's of votes.
  8. Hi All For many years I've wished for a Onenote feature to appear in Evernote - the ability to just grab a line and move it up or down in a list. Today, I just did it by accident!! I had a list and just added some text at the beginning of one of the lines. I pressed return and the whole line moved down one line with the one that was below going above it. I pressed Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y to make sure I wasn't seeing things then tried other key combos to try to figure out what I just did but just cannot re-create the action. Does anyone have any idea what I may have done? My cursor was midway along the line at the time and I'm using Windows desktop version if that's any help....
  9. MA: Was posted twice, merged into this thread.
  10. You are right, it was not a frequent runner in the forum yet. IMHO for the business environment the feature is needed. Out of practical reasons when a team works on the same document base. But out of compliance necessities as well.
  11. 1) I‘ve voted for this proposal ... 2) There is a difference between what one can do TOday and what may be a nice feature SOMEday. 3) Currently EN does not change the attachment when doing the OCR. The result is not embedded into the pdf, for example. With a JPEG it would not even be feasible to do so because the data format does not allow for it. 4) This cuts both ways: Because the OCR result is embedded into the note, it could be easier to extract it. But an OCR result made to build a search index may do no good if you want to get an extract of the text itself. Goodnotes for example uses its own document format to store the handwriting. And even there the OCRed search index is not identical to the extracted text when you manually decide to copy a paragraph somewhere else. The search index is build from singular words followed by a reference of where in the document the word is found (often multiple times, which makes the index file smaller). So let us wait and see. Since new features are ranked second priority behind getting the actual EN setup stable and unified, it is most likely not on the agenda for now and the next future.
  12. I know that the forums is primarily for users but since evernote staff participates in discussions from time to time I hope they see this posst. Plus I wanted to see if anyonelse would react to it. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. I really don't understand why some people insist that a workaround using other apps is all that's needed or that it doesn't need to be done because they themselves don't have a need to extract the OCR'd text for further work. It really isn't enough that Evernote can OCR notes in the background so that they show in a search. That's great but it doesn't enable you to copy and paste the text elsewhere. It's time the feature was introduced - and it can't be hard because it's being done in the background already in order for the notes to be searched.
  14. Spotlight crash discussions have been merged
  15. EvernoteSpotlight_2019-07-21-202137-1_Georges-MacBook-Pro.crashEvernoteSpotlight_2019-07-21-202137_Georges-MacBook-Pro.crashEvernoteSpotlight_2019-07-21-202112-2_Georges-MacBook-Pro.crashEvernoteSpotlight_2019-07-21-202112-1_Georges-MacBook-Pro.crash
  16. I'll try that too; however, I believe it is not about the context within my shared notes, as I said, it is about all the links starting with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/.."
  17. It's a request. Evernote aren't obliged to respond or deliver - and may have other developments in progress that would delay this being implemented until they can provide the feature in all supported operating systems and on all devices. If it was easy, it would surely have been provided already...
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  19. As with @PinkElephant and @DTLow - don't care what philosophy Evernote embraces, I only care that it currently helps me complete my tasks. If it ceases to exist or stops doing that - I'll move. Unless and until that happens I'd rather concentrate on getting my stuff done.
  20. As per @pinkelephant, I am a user of the Evernote service My investment is knowing what the service provides, and how to best use it. This is what I'm interested in discussing. If Evernote suddenly goes dark tomorrow I will carry on with the app and my full data copy. This may be a temporary internet blip, or a permanent shutdown. I'll have lots of time to decide how I want to proceed. There are many alternatives.
  21. So, you have no problem if the service suddenly folds tomorrow, and are not interested in discussing its history and future. That's great, but I don't see how it's "weird" to discuss these things for those of us who do care. I've been through more than one case of a service I've been relying on either dying suddenly (Springpad, anyone ?) or getting bought out and getting changed so drastically it was no longer useful to me. Even if I have a way to transfer all of my data, it's still a major disruption. In case of Evernote, I don't really have that much invested into it anymore, outside of maintaining my wife's notebooks, but I still care about it and would like it to become attractive to me again.
  22. Weird discussion ! I am not thinking about all this stuff, because it is the Job of EN management to keep or make the company and it’s service sustainable. It is not my job. I have a piece of SW that allows me to take my data and run, whenever I like. This may be when I find a better service, or when the service of my current choice (EN) would go belly up. I do not expect this, but if the black swan swims by, I am prepared. Only EN management knows what their cost drivers are: Upload or keeping data, numbers of users or numbers of data retrievals etc. No company can exist when their cost drivers are not reflected by their way of doing business, esp. their pricing model. I am using other services where I pay for the share of server space I want to have reserved for me. EN is taxing me on the monthly upload, and the service level I want to get. If I look for the actual usage of whatever I use, I think that EN is getting a better cut than others with their service price oriented model compare to those who charge you for the space on the server you want to use. But this is this in my case, with my use of data and cloud space. As I say, I am not interested in how and what EN has to do or does to run their business. I am interested in how I can use what I have more clever and better to meet my use case. And that is it, let it be written in the NYT what they want to write.
  23. @gazumped For pretty similar reasons I switched from Win10 to MacOS this year. Linux for me is no alternative. The system maintenance to application use ratio would be too bad. I already run a Linus-based system on my Synology NAS, and I am quite happy about the fact that I rarely have to leave the GUI level to get things done. On the Win10 I was running Lightroom 6, which is the last one time purchase that was possible. As long as a stay with my LUMIX, I can use it, when I switch, and the camera and lens profile would not be there, I would be doomed. And LR creates its own, proprietary catalogue including the development data - a fact that I miserably underestimated. Adobe is locking you in for good (their good, if I look at the pricing model), thank you .... So I decided that on the Mac, I will stick with a piece of purchased software. After giving AfterShot 3 a chance, I decided to go for Graphics Converter. This SW is much more than a „Converter“: It is a importer, catalogue, Tagger, GPS adder, RAW developer, face recognizer (locally! No server involved ...), simple picture editor (not like PS, GIMP or Affinity Photo, but doing fine for 80% of the small modification work, including masks and layers) etc. All modifications done to a picture including development data will be written into an equal named XMB-file, which is an open format that can be read by many other programs as well. The learning curve is steep, but manageable. There is a good handbook, and support. Mac only, but see above ...
  24. Followed all these suggestions. Website looks all synced correctly, as well as Evernote for iOS. The sync bug still happens intermittently on macOS. FWIW, I'm also playing with the Catalina Public Beta on an external drive. I see the same issue with Evernote running on the Catalina beta (latest version). There shouldn't be a network connection error, ever, unless my broadband is down. I have broadband and no bandwidth-hogging apps running that would crowd out an Evernote sync process.
  25. +1 This feature would be huge for me. I link Evernote project notes to corresponding tasks in Omnifocus, and I want to be able to jump back and forth between the two quickly. May have to hack this with an Applescript in the meantime.
  26. There's a longstanding feature request for this. You can go there and click the upward arrow at the top of the page to vote for it. I'd advise against holding your breath, though.
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