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  3. No, Tags can only be assigned at the note level There's nothing stopping you from adding a keyword to note contents; for example tag_sample This is indexed and searchable as text
  4. Thanks . Is it possible to add tags on certain portions of a note?
  5. Hi, I keep having issues with Evernote for Windows (I use the latest and have tried slightly older versions too, (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) locking up and not responding indefinitely while I work on a large note. Only fix i found so far has been to remove all Database folder contents to force the program to rebuild the database, but I hope this is an issue that can be fixed in a future update. So far I can only gather that the program gets tripped up by the database file and/or syncing. My amateur opinion is that in prior versions, evernote would just restart itself by magically moving from the far left of my taskbar to the far right and it would work again. Lately, the program seems to prefer loading on its own, causing a hard lockup/freezing and not responding. This will happen over and over when I reopen evernote unless I force delete get the program to redownload my entire database and all my notes.
  6. Like week ago or two, i can perfectly print note as PDF, but now i my note got cut out when i print as PDF. What i already did.. 1. print other note / new note --> has the same result 2. change margin and change paper size --> the margin still way to left
  7. Not quite the perfect solution to missing Atlas, or weather meta data - but you can use the IFTTT service to generate a note each day with the weather forecast. It won't "follow you" if you're travelling - but it does work for where you've got it set for. I do this with a daily journal note that gets sent to my Evernote account each day - with built out spots that I'm always filling in (how much coffee I drank today, how much water, what did I eat, etc) - and the note heading always gets the weather forecast. Might not be what you want or need - but it's an idea in case you haven't thought of it before. But ultimately, yes, it would be nice to have the atlas feature again!
  8. When I clicked on check for updates, I got a pop-up saying it was up to date. Still can't resize the windows.
  9. I'm not seeing this effect in my preview. Perhaps it's a difference in the language settings that they need to fix.
  10. I can't select multiple notes?! I tried selecting one note, holding shift, and selecting the last note in the list - nope. Tried selecting individual notes via the Ctrl key - nope. Looked for a way to enter into a multi-selection editing mode. Nothing. This is a major roadblock for one of my notebooks where I clean out many, many notes older than 1 year every month. Eek. I'm NOT right-clicking on EACH note individually to delete them. Why doesn't the delete key work? Why is there no delete button? A once easy task is now made near impossible. #notcool Related to managing a large notebook... It is difficult to drag the slider to the bottom of a long list of notes. My mouse reaches the end of my screen and not the end of the list. I have to re-grab that slider and pull all the way down again... and again. The responsiveness to scrolling this way or with the scroll wheel is slow.
  11. Definitely bring it back. Basic memory science: location is important. If EN is to be the ultimate digital memory, this must be resurrected...... A weather metadata take would be useful too. Like to recall time/date/location/environment with my notes.
  12. @gazumped there is hoping they bring it back. Think there should be a map/atlas feature and local weather should be added as metadata to a note. EN was conceived as “The Ultimate Digital Memory” and location, geography are things that help that. Basic memory science - location is important. Hopefully their devs read this........
  13. Currently, note titles are free form text fields I use scripting on a Mac (Applescript) to implement a formatting standard My title standard is: Date Type [Description] keywords
  14. @DTLow I'm not seeing any share option here
  15. You have to roll your own at the moment if you want title to be a part of note title. Very easy to do with a text expander like PhraseExpress. You can create a hotkey using PE that will cause YYYY_MM_DD to be added to the front of a note title. FWIW.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Do you know how to obtain a note link? Share > More Share Options > Copy Internal Link
  18. I merged your post with an existing request The phrase "beating a dead horse" comes to mind imho I think you're better off switching to a supported product; I use Notability (iPad) I continue to store the documents in Evernote as note attachments
  19. Would be great to have a wider range of pen colours and a tool to select a colour on the page and then to be able to draw with that same colour, like a paint dropper?
  20. When I want to insert a title that I’ve made or a transparent image it will always have a white background, even if the image is a PNG. This might be something that I’ve been doing wrong but if anyone has the solution or has the same problem let me know
  21. The vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion; currently 1 vote
  22. I’ve also found this issue! How do you upvote ideas?
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