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  3. ... or join the club, and change your user name to Dave-The-Enlightened 😎 If somebody does not behave, I think you could DM Shane as well.
  4. Payment through the Apple AppStore, where I usually keep a small fund for apps, music und more. By managing my subscriptions there I have an overview of how much I spend, when they are due and what to cancel. If I cancel, the process is simple and avoids being flooded with „special offers“.
  5. I just tried that out of curiosity but that did not work for me, I'm on EN Windows v6.18 Go to Top Main Menu: Click Tools> Customise Tool Bar Then drag the highlighted icon as pictured below (ignore my customised shortcuts see top right) You can also use keyboard shortcut: Press & Hold: CTRL + Left/Right Arrow Keys ...to go back forward pages at any time
  6. Cheers @Narnk ...I read the link and 1st activated or made sure the touch keyboard for my Win10 PC was displayed on the taskbar, but no 'Mic' Icon was given at top left on the touch keyboard. I played with all settings I could see, but nothing. The link you provided does say "when using PC in Tablet Mode" perhaps that's the issue, as I'm using my PC/laptop in regular PC mode. If you have a sec and know the issue, would be great to hear from you, cheers again
  7. I stumbled across a feature in another piece of software I would love to try and recreate for Evernote and thought it might be doable in Evernote Mac with AppleScript. However, I know nothing about how to create AppleScripts with Evernote I would love to add a keyword phrase within brackets (or manually highlight the string) and have AppleScript search for a note with this title and set a link to it. Any help or guidance on if and how this is possible with AppleScript (or other software) would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi. You decided to be snarky and condescending and accuse someone of having a "meltdown" when they said something that you don't like. Criticizing evernote for chronic lack of responsiveness is hardly a "meltdown." 1. The evernote help article https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005587-How-to-annotate-images-and-PDFs-in-Evernote refers to using a "highlight tool" to annotate a pdf. I agree with the OP -- from 4 years ago -- that drawing a freehand rectangle leads to messy highlights and is not what anyone means by the term "highlighting" a pdf. 2. No, it is not and it's hard to read this as anything other than a willful misreading of the entire thread. Drawing a colored rectangle over a document is not "highlighting" the text -- at least not in the sense that the vast majority of people mean when they refer to "highlighting" a document, hence the comments by the OP and by Thora.
  9. Ctrl ⌥ ⌘ C Works for me; Mac Mini with a Logitech K811 keyboard not clear where the fn key comes in Check the shortcut assignment in the Note menu
  10. Which of these options would I choose to move to a previous page?
  11. Dear experts, I need help please.. total noob here. I can't seems to get Copy Note Link shortcut to work anymore in Mac. I don't know what's wrong. On my Macbook Pro, i will hold down the "fn + control + option + command + C" keys and it works. On the Logitec K850 bluetooth keyboard. I tried pressing "ctrl + fn + alt opt + cmd + C" keys, "ctrl + alt opt + cmd + C" and it doesn't work. Is it a keyboard problem? or Evernote problem? Confused haha
  12. Thank you. It is a very frustrating bug. I saw in Business Insider that Evernote is rewriting a lot. I could not read the whole story because I am not a subscriber to Business Insider.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I'm able to highlight text in Evernote notes (Mac and iPad) - a long time feature I'm looking forward to colour options You're posting in a discussion on editing pdf attachment files This requires a pdf editor app; OCR may also be required
  15. Hi. It has been reported previously that some notes don't show up in the new client. It's still being worked on, and you found the work-around - just check back in a while and it may be corrected.
  16. I apologize again for the mix up. I just tried it on my iMac and it's working fine, but my MBP is giving me the same result as you are getting. I'm running a beta build on the MBP and an older version of safari on the iMac, just in case that helps in your support ticket.
  17. Hi. You had a small meltdown over highlighting text... It's quite possible, and has been for some time, to annotate and highlight text in PDF files, and to highlight in a text note. The How-To Geek site describes PDFs as "typically used to distribute read-only documents that preserve the layout of a page. They’re commonly used for documents like user manuals, eBooks, application forms, and scanned documents, to name just a few." The operative words there being 'read only'. If you want to edit the content you'd normally pay a substantial fee for PDF Editor software to open and re-save the format. Sadly, Evernote can't do that for you, even as a subscriber.
  18. Sorry about that. I saw the pink arrow and my brain automatically said Skitch. I know mine is working so let me check my settings.
  19. Nope, this security setting is not relevant here and as written before, the problem occurs with annotations to screenshots made directly in the clipper, not with the screenshots as such as they do work as long as no annotations are made or the annotations are added later directly in the Evernote app or the same thing is done with another browser than Safari.
  20. My bad - I looked up the thing I found. If you go to the user's profile and scan down the left side of the page, there's a leetle green box which includes the word 'spammer'... It's a bit like the Big Red Button (only greener) - there's this terrible temptation to see what would happen.... <evil mastermind laugh>
  21. @Didi Bremen @akieres This isn't a problem on Evernote's end. It's a problem on Apple's end due to the new operating system security protocols. You have to double check and make sure that Evernote/Skitch has permission to record the screen. System Preferences > Security > Screen Recording Make sure there is a check mark next to Evernote and Skitch. You may have to click the lock on the bottom left to make changes.
  22. @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks for your reply. I searched for a similar posting under the suggestions section of the forum, but did not find this post. I'll be sure and add my upvote.
  23. Hi, and welcome to the forums. It's certainly annoying; what would be involved in resizing an image such that the resize would be recognized across all platforms I know not. For now, the table workaround described earlier is the only solution.
  24. <in a slightly gravely New York accent> "... comes a supermodel for your third wife." Ahem. I did try to find a way of flagging the "user" (perhaps a bot of some kind), but couldn't. Hence here I am.
  25. The Evernote Trash is accessed at the bottom of the sidebar
  26. There have been many, many requests to remove this redundant and annoying message/page. Here's one of them, with 104 supporting votes (which is a lot on these forums). You can go there and click on the upward arrow at the top to add your support:
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