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  2. The ability to access a local file system would be great not only for auto import of content via watched folders, but also for import of arbitrary .enex files (for home-brew templates, perhaps), and export of same (for backup purposes).
  3. If you want to make EN work on it, I propose a support ticket. They will not drive by here and pick it up. For me it is still not clear why clipping of a plain image should be restricted in Chrome, and not in other Browsers. I think to sort this out somebody with an installation of that type is needed.
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  5. YES, Thanks for elaborating it. As mentioned earlier, using the EN Windows app clipping feature, I was successfully able to clip this PDF. Currently I am using that only. Evernote team should take note of it.
  6. That's a fair assumption, but not necessarily true. Chrome (and presumably Firefox?) allows code running in the browser to access to the local filesystem. For instance, it's possible with Google Play Music using Chrome to watch a folder on your laptop and automatically upload new music it finds there, to keep your Google Play account in sync with your local music directory. It's not impossible (although not likely) for Evernote to do something similar with the web interface.
  7. Three issues, all of them serious (1) tags that are visible in windows on notes in windows client not visible in same note on web. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when this happens or why. (2) when I click on "tags" in left pane, should see a list of all my tags. Instead, only a tiny subset appear. (3) when trying to add tags on the web, only the tags that show up on this web listing can be added. Attempting to add other tags does nothing. Are others experiencing any/all of the above? Not sure if this is a new bug or an old problem (There are some posts about this from months ago.) Either way, it's been over a year since the "New Web Experience" was announced with much fanfare. Very disappointing that this basic functionality not working yet. EDIT: Just switched back to old version of web client, which does not seem to suffer from these problems. My comment above stands. SOLUTION: For anyone else experiencing this problem, I found solution (some helpful staff member posted in response to a different issue). Open evernote in chrome. Then open javascript console (in chrome on windows this is done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+j. Then type the following: Cupboard.clear() and then enter. Remains to be seen if I'll have to do this repeatedly.
  8. Well, decided to try the export again. This time I got 9 files versus the 106 the first time, a marked improvement. Target file size seemed to be 2 GB. Based upon @gazumped above at 1 GB and my first experience at 160 MB, it begs the question if some parameter is getting diddled somewhere or is it a random act of violence as to the target file size for each export file? IAC, the previous mentioned option to decide if a single fie is okay would be appreciated.
  9. Sorry @DTLow I didn‘t catch it. You‘re right it works. Thanks to all of you.
  10. Windows? Mac? On Windows, you can use Tools / Options / Note / "Create new note in a new window" to cause Ctrl+N and File / New Note / New Note to open a new note in a separate window. Also, I believe that the Create New Note shortcut key (see Tools / Options / Shortcut keys) will create a new note in a separate window by default (mine is set to Ctrl+Alt+N). Beyond that, the Evernote.exe can be run with a parameter of "/newnote", and that appears to create a new note in a separate window, as does the Evernote command line scripting program ENScript.exe if you give it a a command name of "createnote" and figure out a way to give it empty keyboard input (I think I did once, but can't remember the details). For the last two, see http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php. No need for you to be embarrassed. Lots of people make feature requests. Of course, most people asking for things do try to be a little less sarcastic about it. You catch flies with honey, not vinegar, or so I'm told...
  11. You didn't identify your device/platform. I have no problem opening a New Note on my Mac; shortcut Ctrl ⌥ ⌘ N There is a project developing improvements that include the New Note button; see video here I haven't recalled a new window being requested by anyone, but we'll see how much user support your request receives.
  12. I am also having the exact same same problem as DrunkenCyclist. It is intermittent, but driving me crazy. If I click on another note then back onto the note with the .jpg I am trying to annotate, it sometimes works.
  13. I've been using Evernote for years, and I'm still amazed that there is no way to quickly create a new note in a separate window. No, the drop-down create note doesn't count, because if you want to move it around the screen you have to open the full Evernote window (easiest way is to use "Find" keystroke, which is ridiculous as I use "Find" more to open the main window to do something useful than I actually try to "Find" anything. There should be a keystroke to bring up a simple empty note window. Alternatively there should be a "New Note in New Window" command in the Evernote menu bar menu. Really, it's embarrassing you haven't done this before. Are you still developing this product, or are you just waiting for someone to provide me with a better app?
  14. Agree that it seems contradictory snd/or unclear why that's there sometimes. We can turn this into a feature request if you want.
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  16. This is a user forum. Evernote employees occasionally show up, but they don't respond to all comments and questions. An official answer here is unlikely. If you haven't already, I would suggest you open a support ticket.
  17. I applied for the beta programme but have heard nothing at all?
  18. Anyone here from Evernote?? an answer would be nice.......
  19. Ha. Good guess. Not sure even I, collector as I am, can have 290 Adobo recipes!
  20. Right, that's where I saw it! You have to do a search and get that note under the search that says "Found notes with search terms in SEVERAL notebooks". When I click several I get the filtered list. I knew I saw it somewhere. Not sure why that same option can't be displayed when we search using tags. Maybe it used to be there and they accidentally removed it? (Now I really want to see which note has both chicken and pork in my Personal folder! - which, as it turns out, is an example of why I want that functionality)
  21. I have over 13K notes. The majority are "pointless" until the one time I need them. >>Cutting the note syncing time by half is going to ease the involved stress a bit. Not clear on the "note syncing time" for my "pointless" notes I use a Mac and iPad with full offline data copy When weeding my note collection for oversized attachments, I sort by size and review the large notes. >>looking at a wall of images. I layout images by using a table. The picture size is restricted to the cell dimensions
  22. It looks like choosing from the Notebook selection droplist at the top of the search area retains previous search filters, including tags, keywords, etc. (obviously notebook choice is replaced). That list is not filtered by notebooks that have the tag, though. In addition, the search information (View ./ Search Information) may show that other notebooks have matches for the same search, and allow you to chose from a droplist; I only saw this when using a tag plus keyword filter, though. It would be nice if this worked with just tags.
  23. Pointless is in the eye of the beholder. That is how I view this effort, but if that is where you want to spend your energy, have at it.
  24. I'm nowhere near the monthly limit."Pointlessly" is the key aspect here. I don't like pointless things and I'm an expert when it comes to image formats Second, we are not yet at the point where there's no difference between kilobytes and megabytes. Third, with the recent Evernote update hiatusES I'm preparing for the future ones. Cutting the note syncing time by half is going to ease the involved stress a bit.
  25. Don't think so. Shift+Alt+T search tags is the only thing I've seen that winnows relevantly, but that is for tags. Would seem logical to display notes by notebook for the search dropdown.
  26. Yup. Not that hard to search using the link name. I already have a PE hotkey to search for highlighted text EN.
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