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  2. No, it ended up happening to only one note that I created. Later that day I was able to create other notes successfully, so Evernote has since returned to normal for me. It was not created in my default notebook, nor was it in a shared notebook. I'll let you all know if it happens again. Thanks.
  3. I have the same problem. See the following screen shot. In such a case, the searching note is no use.
  4. Bingo. I was opening Help and then holding Option. Reversing the order works. I see the database and I'm good to go. Thank you for the quick responses!
  5. You're showing the Help menu, selected with no option key Did you hold down the option key then select the Help menu
  6. This is what I see in my Evernote Legacy on the Mac: There's no Troubleshooting option, whether I hold down Option key or not.
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  8. Same answer as the FAQ Identify the database folder by Click on the Help Menu while holding down the option key Select Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder
  9. I've run multiple searches of these forums, and checked the FAQ here: Unfortunately, I can't find an answer on where Evernote Legacy (7.14.1) stores the database locally. I'd like to back it up just for peace of mind, and have done this multiple times in the past. But I can't find the DB under ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/ anymore, and no options seem to appear when holding down Option and going through menu choices in the UI. Any advice?
  10. if you're in trouble with a sketch (e. g. I was not able to sketch an image anymore, it just showed the annotate button as we know it from PDF files) try using to sketch (to update) the image using your Mac / PC - this recovered my image so I'm able to change it again using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (much more fun than on a computer) - but save continue to fail on iPad. Sketching doesn't work for me on iPad because I'm not able to reliable save my changes.
  11. What's wrong with comparing software ? At the end of the day, it's only user experience that counts. Just because Joplin is open source, doesn't mean that it's providing a comparable user experience for the majority of users - there will always be some people for whom some of the features are super important. As to Microsoft - they gave a clear timeline for Onenote 2016 being supported through November 2025. (Although it seems that they had reversed the direction altogether and once again are actively developing the desktop version, due to strong user pushback). I really dislike Micr
  12. Yeah this one thing means I can't use evernote. I am unable to use my computer while evernote is running because I can't use any keyboard shortcuts for other programs. Evernote hijacks the ctrl+alt+s key combination, and I can't find a way to modify or even disable the shortcuts. hell, I can't even find the options in this software...
  13. Hi, I just played around with the new feature „infinite workspace for sketching“ - pretty cool, just resize and move the workspace (whiteboard) around as you need and continue to draw and paint at any position. Pretty cool (I now that feature from OneNote). Problem: after a while (e. g. 5 or 10 minutes with lots of drawings) Evernote doesn‘t complete the save process anymore (I can see the small busy circle - but never completes). After force quit and re-start the note still exists, the sketch does not reflect recent changes. If you tap on the image to continue or re-try your sketching Ev
  14. Probably nothing at all until someone reports the details to Support and can supply the logs to show where the excess activity is taking place... although if this is connected with an app update, the extra activity might be a one-time overuse due to Evernote getting the new database installed and up to speed.
  15. I agree. The designers of the search have a very fixed idea of how people are supposed to search. One of those ideas is that you choose your notebook first. In all other respects a notebook behaves like a filter - so, as you say, why is it not in the filter menu? Once you have added some text the only option is to filter unless you add to the text with some search syntax. notebook: is your friend here but it rather defeats the idea of having a simple, user friendly search system.
  16. Possibly an update on both machines - the database has to be re-downloaded from the server, so takes a while to populate. Patience fixes the issue - please advise if it recurs.
  17. I thought it would be way more complex Neat! Thanks a lot
  18. The IOS app doesn’t offer an option to simplify the formatting do there is nothing I can do with the HTML content on my phone. If I use the windows app to simplify, it destroys the formatting. What is the reason for this Change? This is unusable now!
  19. Like Julia said at the beginning of this thread, this simple problem is typical of how Evernote has a nack for making your users feel stupid! Sorry, but I still don't see how I can filter down to Notebook level during or after a search. Why not just add the damn Notebook list to the Add Filters drop down options? Wouldn't that be logical to have all filters in the same place??? FYI, I'm using your newest Windows 10 version, for which I can't get any tech support other than from other frustrated users on this forum.
  20. The link was to an Append Metadata script The automated backup script is simple tell application "Evernote" to export theNotes to fileBackuphtml format HTML with tags
  21. What comment are you referring to regarding the Backup? I see a bunch of scripts. Or did you refer me to this so that I start scripting?
  22. That would be the Legacy "on demand sync" It removes unused data from the local database store
  23. you are right, even Evernote Legacy uses local SQLite in EXB file, I assume I have accidentally turned on option to clear local storage so it started pulling data from internet - I will later check if it still works without internet connection (after reinstall and file copy, without logging-in).
  24. It all depends on your expectations. For me Joplin, having build-in MarkDown editor and renderer, with option to use external WYSWIG editor (I use Typhora when I really need WYSWIG) provides more value than Evernote v6 where I cannot reliably remove formatting manipulate tables or strip text from table - AT ALL - beause of, limitations. With raw MarkDown editor there is NO limitation. Yes, it requires more skill, but well, we are talking about power users, right? Evernote v10 is fine app for casual user.
  25. By default, Evernote Legacy stores data locally; a giant .exb file in Windows Export executes against the local database; not the server
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