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  2. @MatS14 To unblock someone just start a new WorkChat thread with the email of the user you blocked at first. After you submit the message a splash screen asking you to unblock the user will appear. Hope this helps.
  3. Installed desktop program for Windows. File - New note, or right click - new note. Nothing changed in the tools menu. The program is as it comes by default.
  4. @MatS14, Thanks for reporting. This is a known bug and we're working on a fix.
  5. That stinks 🙁 I seem to be doing alright with my clipper on Safari (except for bookmarks sometimes).
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  7. It may also be that notes deleted on other platforms (mac, web, mobile) aren't adding the date either, but I know some of the deleted notes missing dates in my trash were definitely deleted on Windows, so at some point, it removes/loses them. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Interesting. Now that you mention it, I checked and I have deleted dates back to 1/1/2018. Weirdly, after that there are several notes created this year, and therefore deleted this year, but with no deleted date showing. Anyway, this stimulates me to do some Trash purging. If I deleted it over a year ago, odds are I'm never going to want it back.
  9. Hi. Is this still an issue? Have you tried other browsers? The 'other' version of the web client? (change in Settings).
  10. Hi. A few questions Installed app or web version? Create a note through what keypresses/ clicks? Have you changed the note/ note title fonts in Tools > Options > Note?
  11. For some months now the Clip option on the Evernote drop-down menu (Firefox browser) has been greyed out and is unresponsive. I used to be able to clip and send to my Evernote app on computer successfully and it was very useful to me. Now it is unavailable and I'm very annoyed about it. Does anybody know what's going on, or how I can get around this problem. My current work-around is to use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, then copying and pasting to Evernote.
  12. When you create a new note, the automatically selected font is SegoeUI 10, but it is not true: if you write something, select that text and re-select manually the font SegoeUI and size 10, the appearance of the text changes. The real default font is smaller than SegoeUI 10.
  13. AFAICS it's possible to dnd most files, except PDFs need to be 'saved as attachment' before the action. If you're having particular issues, why not raise a ticket and see what Evernote have to say?
  14. This problem is STILL not fixed in! Going back to 6.7.5 (much grumbling as there are bugs in 6.7.5 that occasionally and irrevocably corrupt and overwrite PDFs). Only remedy is to dig back through backups and recover the one PDF. What a WOFTAM! I just raised this ticket: PDF drag and drop is BROKEN from 6.8 through to 6.17 - PLEASE FIX #2823203 Let's see if my firm but polite request will be escalated to the developers. I asked for a feature in the EN options menu that allows us to choose between old style (6.7 and before) or new style (6.8) PDF presentation modes any time we want to switch.
  15. I guessed so. I have the same experience with Outlook - original emails get moved to Evernote where I can still open them in Outlook but they're grouped by project / transaction rather than by title or conversation. There's never been a way (AFAIK) to dnd the original .MSG file directly, via the desktop is the only route.
  16. This forum - which is not powered by Evernote - does the conversion for me, where both version of Evernote Web do not. As a subscriber you're perfectly entitled to raise a support request if you're having issues - maybe sharing your individual device details, OS and browser/ Evernote versions with Support will help you find a fix. Given the limited number of posts here I'd say this is not something that affects a majority of users.
  17. @Scott T. Indeed. Every time, I receive that error message (and reload), I lose whatever content I had after the last auto-save (usually between 3-7 words/images). This usually happens continuously, maybe 7 times in a row.
  18. @PinkElephant Thanks for testing. I haven't noticed any new question mark images lately - hope the bug is resolved.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Hopefully it's nothing worse that espresso overload. (I was smartlucky and hadn't updated to Beta 3 yet) Good luck -- hope that the rollback goes better and everyone's heart rates can drop back. Working under pressure isn't fun, it's worse when it entails undoing something that didn't work. See the scars here? And here? Oh, and over there?
  21. Thanks @Jeshi. I will make sure to pass this on to the dev team. When it reloaded, I assume the pasted content was gone?
  22. I was thrilled to find Penultimate and the Apple pencil/iPad combo. Sorry to see Penultimate abandoned instead of updated regularly. I hope EN decides it's worth saving.
  23. Seems to be fixed now. It's showing version: 8.9 on my Samsung. I'm still really unhappy with the entire way this was handled. No one from Evernote responded here to acknowledge the problem, to let us know if it was actually being addressed, or that it was fixed. Even with the bug report I submitted, their response was lacking. After I submitted it, I got a response saying it was being worked on. And then the support request was closed! (I was never asked if I had anything more to say or wanted more info.) I asked that it be re-opened until it was actually fixed, and they did that. Except then --- the request was closed again, and again without asking or notifying me. This is really poor customer interaction. I've been paying for Evernote for many years, but they've lost me. I used to heartily recommend it, but no more. Too bad -- they had such potential.
  24. We do have the automatic update set at 0% - but if you manually check, you'll see it. A replacement for that beta is coming "real soon".
  25. In that case, perhaps beta 3 should be taken off the automatic update channel. Currently it is still showing up..
  26. For the record, as a premium evernote user, I created ticket #2822847 about this.
  27. For the record, as a premium evernote user, I created ticket #2822847 about this.
  28. Don't get hung up on that Deleted date. I have 838 notes in my trash can, and the deleted date only goes through Jan 24, 2019. Anything before that has an empty deleted date. Maybe it only keeps 90 days of "deleted dates" in that field??? Whatever the issue is, that has been around for a long time.
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