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  2. Delete the folder - it was just backup
  3. I had the same problem also and used this fix, which worked! Thank you! But, what do I do with the folder now? Doesn't seem like it should live on my desktop.
  4. This would be print-to-pdf; my preference is still web archive format One point about web clipping from the client with a url
  5. So is there a way to put that into EN with the reader view and AppleScript.
  6. Scan Snap Home is replacing Scan Snap Manager on the Mac, because the older Manager is a 32bit software that will not be supported by the new MacOS versions. Maybe you were asked to do so because Macs currently try to show users the near obsolete software installed. When you open the scansnaphome window, you will find several profiles. You can modify them, or add own profiles with features you want. The icons on the right upper corner of the scansnaphome window are for this. Before scanning, you pick the profile you want to use. If this is set up to send scans into EN, it will do this. You can create profiles that send the scanned documents directly into EN yourself. On my MBP it even opens a new window for each scan, making it easy to title it, tag it and move it to the right notebook. The title is created automatically from the document, but it usually does not really show what I want. I have created 3 EN profiles, one for duplex, one for simplex (these with standard quality and file size) and one for best quality. In the quality settings you find an important checkbox: It asks whether it shall create a searchable pdf. If it is checked, the pdf will be OCRed by scansnaphome and send with this information to the EN server. EN will not OCR such a pdf again, but will use the OCR information embedded to the document. There are 2 alternatives: One is a scanner app for the iPhone, that will receive a scan instead of sending it to your Mac. So you can make a quick Scan in between even when your Mac is not running. The other is cloud based. I’ve tried both, but for most scans stick with my ix500 + MacBook Pro.
  7. Yeah, Pearls is one of the very best. I haven't wasted spent as much time looking at it lately. Need to catch up.
  8. I absolutely agree with you 100% Their toggle list feature is a game changer I have fiddled around with their demo & the things I could do blew my mind. Their toggle list would change things, to say the least
  9. Good point. Like a lot of politicians, past Evernote CEOs have failed to deliver on their promises. A great question. Until we see some results, we won't know for sure. But I can say this: The current CEO, Ian Small, seems much more sincere, more well grounded, and has taken a different, if not unique, approach to really fixing Evernote. I really like his demeanor and these Behind The Scenes videos. All that does give me hope, and some confidence, that things will really change this time.
  10. There are 3 days in your life: yesterday today tomorrow Only one of the 3 is important - guess which !?
  11. In 2015, Evernote said they were going to make a common editor which would fix a lot of the ultra basic features and functions, such as typing, cursors, font sizes, etc. Bug fixes and new features would be easy to roll out. I vaguely remember them working on this since 2013, though my memory is hazy. The blog post linked in that thread appears to have, quite ironically, vanished. I guess Evernote doesn't want anyone to remember it? Now it's 2019 and now this thread appears to represent a second pledge to create a common editor that will fix a lot of the bugs in the basic features... of course prior CEOs have promised to fix bugs and UX weirdness in the past (Phil Libin, Chris O'Neill) and my cursor still jumps around and basic touchscreen functions don't work and tags and fonts and alignment are still wonky. I do greatly appreciate the fixes that have been implemented, though... Can someone tell me what's going on with respect to: What happened to that first common editor project? Is this a continuation of that first common editor project or is this really a second common editor? Will this pledge from Evernote to fix basic bugs and UX really happen? Or should we expect a similar announcement in 2022 where the CEO says "Yup, we sure need to fix bugs and we will. This time is different. We really mean it this time... But first we're going to work on a superficial brand refresh."
  12. I also found this page: https://www.fujitsu.com/global/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/software/sshome/
  13. ScanSnap Home is the new replacement for ScanSnap Manager, and it came out late 2018. I guess the aim was to simplify the interface and make it less fiddly, and make it something that someone less technical could use. Right-click on the scanned document and choose "Send to" > Evernote in order to send it over. I hope that helps! You may want to check the ScanSnap site for additional assistance.
  14. They gotta fix this soon it's driving me crazy
  15. Simply load the Oxford dictionary into that note, and I assure you: You do not need to remember anything, with any word you will be able to search and find it !
  16. = no need to store backups of EN here and there - the master data is on the EN server, from where it is loaded when in demand.
  17. Be aware that Evernote is a cloud service with data maintained on the servers; little data is stored on the iDevice
  18. Ha-ha. I haven't seen that comic before, but yeah, welcome to my world. Evernote is actually helpful for remembering techy details like alt code, MIME types for Evernote searches, etc., but then you need to remember how you categorized them and it all goes to recursive hell...
  19. Need some British Excel expertise to clear the air.
  20. Hi. How do you source your web links? Copy & Paste, or Evernote Clipper? And is it one link per note, or several links in one note? What's your device and OS?
  21. Actually this is true- function names in Excel are localized. I came from real programming languages and had a very hard time to unlearn all that when I started with a German Excel installation years ago. It did not even accept the English standards as an alternative. I do not remember whether in the background it works when you send a sheet from a German installation to (say) Italy.
  22. None that I know it. Maybe use the Thumbnail view instead? (and wait - I just switched to it and it takes a while to generate the images)
  23. I remember hearing people <insert applicable word/> that the function names (etc) are actually translated too. Meaning if you open an english excel sheet in french, it's not likely to work.
  24. The comic Pearls Before Swine hit that on the head yesterday (the 23rd).
  25. iTunes and iCloud is the backup of iDevice, when we lost data in iDevice, we can turn to backup files to restore lost.
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