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  2. Hi. Have you exceeded the monthly upload limit on your notes? If not, this link may help - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378
  3. Hi. Send a copy of the email to another address to which you have access. If you have two email addresses, set up a 'rule' on the receiving address to automatically forward your email to Evernote. Forwarded emails (as opposed to CC or BCC copies) do show more information
  4. Hi. How are you using an Evernote email address for your personal contact details? Do you work for the company? If you still know your original user name/ email address/ password you should be able to connect to your account as (from the sound of it) your password has not been reset. If you have forgotten the original password, your only hope is to contact Evernote Support to get it reset.
  5. Hi. Are you saying this used to work for you and now does not, or have you not used the Web version until now? As discussed above, there are different versions of Evernote Web which you can switch between in "settings". If you were happy with the web version at one point you should be able to get back to it. Generally however Evernote Web does not (currently) offer the same range of features as the installed versions. That is changing, and new versions are coming out frequently; but there's quite a long way to go in several respects.
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  7. Best workaround is to capture your image with Keep, "grab the text" and share the note with Evernote. Et voilà. OK, one additional step. +1 for this enhancement request. I don't see what the technical details have to do with OP proposal.
  8. I am also having this problem. I am a Premium user and my company won't allow the app on my machine so I have to use the web client. Why doesn't this work? I need to be able to use the web client or I need to find a service that will allow me to do what I need to do. This string goes all the way back to February, why hasn't this been addressed?
  9. I would also like to have levels of numbered lists use different numbering formats. Pretty much standard on most text processor. I recently returned from OneNote to Evernote, and that's one of the (few) features I miss. Evernote's formatting is generally better than OneNote, so it seems an odd lack.
  10. I encrypted some of the texts in my note and the bar with the lock icon somewhat became a PNG file! When I double click on it it just opens as an image. I did not change it and not sure how did it happen. I couldn't revert to the previous version as I am not on a premium plan. Has anyone experienced this before?
  11. I started using a 2019 iPad mini to take notes using Apple pencil a few weeks ago. In the last couple days I found that Evernote turns some of them into image-files, whch cannot be edited any further - in todays instance it took less than 1hour for it to happen since the last edit. Since I‘m mostly managing a to-do list and/or document progress on different tasks at work, this „bug“ makes the feature pretty much useless for me. which s a shame, because I‘ve grown quiet fond of it, when it worked. I am clueless as to why or how it happens, anybody have the same problem and/or can offer a solution?
  12. OK - If you're willing to invest a little time, I'd suggest you export any local notebooks you may have to ENEX sync and exit Evernote backup (copy) your Databases folder to somewhere safe like your desktop use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove every trace of your Evernote (store) installation from your system check that the original Evernote databases folder has been removed - if not, make sure it's deleted restart your system reinstall Evernote from Evernote.com and sign in with your existing user details wait for the database to be rebuilt import any local notebooks back into the database - All that sounds a little complicated, but should take less than 30 minutes - excluding the rebuild which can take a <beverage of choice> or two to complete, depending on the size of your database and the speed of your network connection.
  13. Hi, can someone help me. I was registered on evernote@evernote.com email (wrong one), but my correct email actually is evernote@evernote.io Now I have to resert my pasword, they send me email to evernote@evernote.com but I do not have such an email, I do not have access. I know my passwords and etc I just do not have access to evernote@evernote.com How I can reset it, how I can get back my notes? Maybe somehow I can still connect with old password and change email?
  14. Hello, when I send an email to Evernote, the "head" is not displayed. So I see in Evernote neither the other recipients of the email nor the date of transmission. How can I show this? Thank you! Jens
  15. I cannot find any solution, any assistance appreciated. Running Chrome Web, Windows 10 on PC. Basic Subscription. Also checked android after encountered issue, displaying the same. A volume of entries, approx 1-2hrs+ work, disappeared from Evernote. Both partial and new notes. Past 2hrs approx since I noticed, Evernote is not saving anything since. It is creating new "Untitled" Notes but not saving the note name or any of the content.
  16. I cannot find any solution, any assistance appreciated. Running Chrome Web, Windows 10 on PC. Basic Subscription. Also checked android, same issue. A volume of entries, approx 1-2hrs+ work, disappeared from Evernote. Both partial and new notes. Past 2hrs approx since I noticed, Evernote is not saving anything since. It is creating new "Untitled" Notes but not saving the note name or any of the content.
  17. 現在是版本6.19.2.8555(308555) 作業系統是WIN10 最近常常使用,甚至一開就變成畫面上的模樣 畫面反白,上方標題出現 (沒有回應) 的圖案 然後就當了,沒辦法使用,需要完全重開才可以 這個有什麼辦法解決嗎? 打幾個字就遇到一次,會讓人煩到不想用
  18. Please note - there is bug with url links handling! Here are details -
  19. Hi - I also used this feature quite heavily and would like to see it reinstated. Any progress/updates?
  20. Just a comment from a (very) veteran product manager, formerly from your neck of the woods, at the big circular building and the towers in SJ... For some reason, I defaulted to the beta (black layout vs. green) and shared similar panic with not just missing notes, but entire notebooks. A few suggestions: For goodness sake, don't ever throw a user into a beta without telling him/her! Perhaps it would be clever to actually put the word "Beta" somewhere on the beta?!? If a user has to send in a screenshot for you to identify which version he is using, that's probably a bad user experience, especially when the user is concerned about lost data. I'll assume you are agile? Regardless, the beta should (either) be clearly named, or meet MVP standards. (2,000+ missing notes does NOT = MVP) Please make the effort to forward this to the Web product PM; PMs do try to take care of our siblings. Thanks, K
  21. Na minha opinião se vç colocar somente os links nas notas fica mais organizado uma vez que as notas tem uma capacidade máxima de armazenamento.
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  23. I am trying to add a notebook that my buddy has added me to and I keep getting the error "Couldn't join notebook, Notebook join limit reached." We have tried removing me and and re-adding me to the notebook several times but it still won't let me join the notebook. My understanding is that the EN notebook limit is 250, so I'm not sure why I am unable to join the notebook. I searched the forum but couldn't find anything about this particular error. Does anybody have any advice for me regarding this issue? I have attached a picture of the error. I also get the "Notebook cannot be retrieved, Unable to join notebook" error message when attempting to Add Notebook on the iOS app.
  24. There are specific features which eventually make it to both platforms. One Mac only feature is extensive scripting API's via Applescript https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php
  25. There are numerous differences between the two clients. I've used the Windows client for years and recently moved to a Mac at home. Personally, I think the Windows version is superior, but that may be because I'm more familiar with it. I think you will find varying opinions on your question.
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