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  3. I'm new to Evernote and found this discussion as I was trying to learn about reminders. The help page needs to be updated! https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314338-How-to-use-reminders
  4. Drag and drop works, or right click on a notebook at the Notebook page
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  6. Seems we're discussing the Forum administration rather than an Evernote issue, but when you found the original wouldn't accept your post, you could have started a new thread by describing your specific issue, posted a feature request of your own, or if you could find another post or request (as clearly you did) you could post a follow-up there. Feature requests are voting threads (see the count and arrow at the top left of the other thread) where other users with the same issue can add their support and (hopefully) boost the priority for Evernote developers to look into the situation. That thread now has 1 (one) vote after 6 months, which doesn't seem to indicate a major issue, even though this restriction apparently has existed (in some operating systems?) for a long time. I haven't ever noticed any issues. My typos (if any) don't seem to cause me problems - and I think it depends on whether you're using Evernote Web / Windows / Mac / iOS / Android as to how much of an glitch this is. In some apps typing the first line of the note will populate the title line anyway, and that is subject to spellcheck. If you have some specific issues with Evernote can I suggest that you post the details in separate threads relevant to the operating system(s) you use and we can try to help with those? Decisions about archiving threads are made by the Forum Admins or possibly by some existing rules that will close a thread after a year or two without new traffic, and not by contributors here, who are mostly just users like you and me.
  7. I understand that would be a reason to check if it should be archived, but the issue wasn't taken care of and here's a new discussion about this in 2019.
  8. Ah, good to hear you can do this with Windows. As a Mac user it's not available.
  9. Platform? You can do this today with Windows desktop.
  10. You are welcome. I have created parent/child relationships for my tags, but strictly for organization of the tags not organization of notes. I don't like tag hierarchies for notes, too restrictive in my view. Doesn't mean it isn't the right thing for others. My mind thinks in terms of tuples not hierarchies. Top line my use case is paperless and my version of GTD. I simply tag notes and use search to find things. I keep my tags simple such that they say what they mean; $tatement for example, or the name of the company for a provider, or the model of a car. A search for tag;Farmers returns all notes tagged with Farmers, a search for tag:Farmers tag:Car returns all insurance notes for Car. I find this to be a simpler way for me to categorize and find things. I'm not that concerned where I put the note, more how do I find it as quickly as possible. I have six notebooks plus Scans and Inbox, 400 tags and almost 46,000 notes. I could dumb it down to three notebooks (one synced, one synced for offline with IOS, and one local) plus Inbox and Scans. I have opted not to do that since it makes backup ENEX files bigger than may be wise. You can find the notebooks vs tags discussion on many threads in the forum, which leads to the hierarchical tags hack.. Hey if works for folks more power to them. Not for me though. FWIW.
  11. Thanks both of you, and I agree. But just to remain on track: My primary question was better protection in "conduit" against editing a locally corrupted note and submitting the result, something which has happened for me in the specific case of mismatched header and body.
  12. Good point. Though as long as you aren't using On Demand Sync you should be able to backup from the local data base should EN disappear in a nano second.
  13. Evernote on Mac. Latest updates to MacOS (10.15.3) and to Evernote (Version 7.14 (458244 Direct)). Thanks.
  14. For my use-case running a business through Evernote, I would really appreciate being able to add specific Notebooks to Shortcuts, rather than going through the top-level notebook and then going into the folder. Doing so would save time, and increase my productivity. Currently, one can only save notes to the Shortcut menu. In other words, if the notebook could be added through right-clicking that would be fantastic.
  15. I make use of the tag hierarchy; it's a great tool for tag organization I rarely use the tag tree in the sidebar. An example, tagging a note with !Budget-Food something I start typing !Bud and I see a filtered list of all my budget tags Looking for a tag, I use the alphabetical tag filter list
  16. Pdf works in Evernote; they can be stored as a note attachment
  17. Thanks, Nick -- so Android 10 is supported, as long as it's not Beta... I am still bitten by Evernote not opening pdfs via Adobe (on my Note 9). It took me a little while to realize that it was only when Evernote tried opening the pdf, not thru other Android apps. Moral for me is to get to the Evernote Android forum earlier in the trouble-shooting process :).
  18. I'd want this as well. You could preset heading objects which generate an ID based on the content of the heading. And, when a user hovers over the header, an image to the left could appear that allows you to copy the ID as a possible link. Then, you can use that id to create a link in the document that routes the user to the location of the ID. I believe Github Readme's already do this. Would be nice in note-taking for generating a table of contents.
  19. Did you mean "code notes" Evernote notes are enml/html based; I can access the content.enml component for coding
  20. Amazing!! I take coding notes in Evernote all the time, no Markdown needed!!! Whee!!!
  21. On Evernote for Windows, F3 is currently used to locate focus to the tag field of the active note. Ctrl+G is used for Find Next, and Ctrl+Shift+G is used for Find Previous. Source:https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows You're welcome to guess as to the "why"...
  22. Hola @eva_medea@hotmail.com En tu publicación original escribiste: Actualmente no es posible enviar recordatorios hechos en Evernote a Google Calendar. Sin embargo, quería dejarle saber de las integraciones para Evernote ofrecidas por IFTTT. Aunque no puedo garantizar que haya una integración que soporte Google Calendar, IFTTT ofrece una variedad de integraciones que pueden ofrecer resultados similares. Para acceder las integraciones de IFTTT, por favor siga este enlace: https://ifttt.com/evernote
  23. Doesn't work that way in Evernote for Windows. It does highlight all occurrences of the string, but it locates to the next one. Which Evernote application are you using? (Mac, Android, iOS, web)?
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