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  2. I'm having the same problem with a note that won't delete, won't load, won't move, won't merge, won't edit, and I tried uninstalling Evernote on the device where the stuck note is. One thing in particular about this note was it created from the iPhone camera app with a picture and some notes about the picture. The note got uploaded but didn't include the picture - I tried the picture from the camera roll as well.
  3. I s I suppose that big white area is where the text of the new note goes, but clicking, hitting enter, nothing seems to make this typable. I suppose there's also a note title somewhere that I can type but I can't access that either. Help!
  4. Yes, I see this on my phone all the time. I think if I zoom a note, from then on other notes will open zoomed, even if I had un-zoomed the original note. Not sure if it happens every time, and it stops at some point - maybe when I close the app or switch to another.
  5. I used to be in an article I wanted to save, click on the elephant, and the clip and save menu would pop up (usually upper right) and easy peasy. Now I click and a new menu pops up (left side) which gives me all kinds of options, none of which is simply a clip and save option. If that's been covered in this forum, I don't have the patience to read through the list and translate to my non-tech language. Is there a link to a basic "Here's how the new Evernote works for clip and save?"
  6. Anybody who switches should ask himself whether it is possible to switch again, if need be. EN has a pretty clear, lean structure. Other note taking apps are similar, but content specially from Notion (which basically is a database with a nice GUI) probably will not be easy to migrate. As long as the honeymoon goes on, this may seem not so important. But what if ...
  7. Right on. I've commented on massive EN (= NEVER note) issues on this forum for years, and "management" don't seem to bother with the HUMANS that PAY for and USE EN as much as they indicate when emailing "support" about the issues. Unbelievable level of "support"....
  8. You can’t spam every user. Obviously you can spam other people’s inbox, and this Forum ...
  9. Well I am Ok with using the Legacy version for a while. But, sure, I will look for an alternative. With 300 notebooks and 40k notes, switching is a pensez-y bien! Notion seems to be very interesting and quite powerful. But my workflow relies heavily on the simple yet very powerful tag/notebook system.
  10. Hard to believe this is an actually a problem and that it's been around for years. @Ian Small, how on earth can you expect a business to use a file sharing system that gives you little to no control over those files? Not only that, but it sounds borderline illegal not to be able to delete them. If I spam every evernote user with shared files filled with ads, they can't actually delete them, right? Ridiculous.
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  12. Has CHINA taken over Evernote? Is THIS why EN has turned into T r as h overnight? In that case the chinese government is probably digging through ALL of our data right at this moment. We know how "honest" and "trustworthy" the chinese government is with PERSONAL data.
  13. I tried signing in with Apple and was unable to use it. Also had a problem with Note disappearing from both iPhone and iPad.
  14. No, we were talking about font size 16. There is no iPad 16.
  15. Upgraded on a Mac and unable to edit a stack name. Tried removing all the Notebooks from the stack and creating anew stack however the problem was not resolved. Renaming stack works fine on an iPad.
  16. I had two notes each containing a screen shot obtained using the EN webclipper. Each note simply had a title and an image. Merging the two notes retained the titles and the image in the first note but discarded the second image.
  17. Yes, the pdf is exported and editing is done on the local copy Saving the edits to the local copy is supposed to trigger an automatic update to the pdf in Evernote
  18. Yes it's true. Imagine the frustration trying to post in the forums as a registered user only to find you you have to be moderated, especially when your user details say "Subscription: PREMIUM"? And you have to wait 12 hours before a moderator notices and your posts get unhidden. It's ok now, I can post just fine. But going forward, just so you know, it's not the way to run forums.
  19. IPad Pro 16 ? There was the original 9.7 and 12.9 , later 10.5, and now 11 and 12.9, both since spring 2020 with the A12Z SOC. I have a 10.5, which has the super sharp and reactive screen of all Pros. In fact writing this text here in the forum, the font is significantly smaller than if I would type it into a new note in the EN client. Maybe EN will include more options in a future release.
  20. Is this really true? If I am logged in to my Evernote Web interface I don't need to log-in to the forum and vice versa. It immediately recognizes me as Evernote user and uses the same account name and password,
  21. I was enjoying the new release until I discovered this flaw. My primary use case is sending scientific articles to Evernote for reading, highlighting, and making notes. Legacy Evernote allows me to open the attached PDF in Acrobat, highlight and comment, then "Save" the revised PDF back to my Evernote note. Presumably it is a local copy of the PDF that I am opening, editing, and saving. Evernote 10 allows me to open the PDF in Acrobat, but once I am finished highlighting and commenting on the PDF, there is no option to save the revised version in place in Evernote. The only option available is to save the edited version locally to my drive -- not back to Evernote. Why would I want to do this? Wow. This is a showstopper. How can Evernote function as a document repository If I cannot open documents, edit them, and save them? This is huge. On the positive side, I like the new search, and Evernote 10 fixes the PDF renaming bug. I join the rank of discouraged Evernote users forced to stick with Legacy Evernote until this functionality is restored, or jump ship if it isn't. Never thought I would see the day where I would write something like that. I have been an Evernote evangelist for over a decade and would be heartbroken. I live in Evernote.
  22. Premium User since 2008. Evernote is pretty fast on iPhone 12 PRO. Too bad there are all known bugs with v10. I guess I have to use Apple Notes for now and comme back in few months to check the updates..
  23. Yes, and that's why the display size matters. On a current iPad Pro size 16 (which was once considered quite large) is very small indeed. Evernote should give people options for getting round this. They have not, and that's a pity.
  24. Tag filtering is now worst than before, or non-existing, as it forces you to do a search from the search menu. In addition, it used to be fluid, showing only the tags that were available as new filters were added. Now you have to think, remember and search manually one tag that may be compatible with the previous tags added or may not. Being possible that you don’t find any note. Bad news for productivity in a productivity app and service. Please, try to improve this feature. Taking back the old procedure, for example.
  25. Usually we have a support chat, and a return time of a support request of 24hrs. Unusual times, though. Actually my smallest worry - I hope they get the bugs fixed, and the „new“ (= missing) features rolled out soon.
  26. Probably it is depending on the source of a note. The general setting for typed text (normal text, not headers) in the editor is size 16, which is maybe even a bit large, but o.k. with me. Unfortunately there is no chance to change this in the settings.
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