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  2. Evernote may be implementing security measures: there's been a hacker activity with multiple password attempts Did you try waiting before a login attempt.
  3. @ufrei Thank you for your feedback and for sharing the screencast! What you're describing relates more to the Web Client, and not really the Editor experience. In this case, I'm going to move this thread to a more appropriate location. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
  4. @macfixer Thanks for sharing! This is great feedback, but pertains more so to the Web Client as opposed to the Editor experience. I'm going to move this thread to a more accurate location, but feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
  5. So much time has passed and no indication that there will be a feature like that anytime soon. Already migrated to Notion which has this feature and much more. Thanks Evernote.
  6. I can only agree. You do not need a computer science degree for this feature. These days, everybody might see the need to quickly save code parts. In addition, I think that also a younger audience such as high school students might be interested in that feature given some code exposure in class.
  7. We see many such posts in these forums; It is completely mind-boggling why Evernote does not have <insert feature> You''re welcome to add your support using the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion I use the Evernote editor, but I know it's only suited to basic notes. Instead of my mind being boggled, I use a word processing app for extended features.
  8. See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119592-evernote-for-windows-618-beta-3/?tab=comments#comment-535667 and related posts in that topic.
  9. @James Systems Matter Thank you for sharing your feedback! The function you're describing is related to the Web Client, and not necessarily the editor experience. In this case, I'm going to move this thread to a more appropriate location but feel free reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
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  11. This sounds like simple apha order I would make each number the same number of digits; such as 001 002 003 004 010.1 010.2 010.3 100.1 100.3 101 102 etc.
  12. Evernote is a generic filing, product. It's unlikely that specific "folder types or views" will be added. We can use the existing interface to display such information. We can do customization using "dashboard" notes The screenshot is a section from my daily journal /dashboard note It shows Current Tasks and Active Projects; this could be Learn Notes, My Goals, ... The notelists were generated from simple searches Third party Filterize will keep the lists updated automatically. I use scripting on my Mac
  13. Yes current status is ok but I did not connect to my VPN yet. I will check after I use VPN connection whether problem occurs or not. Thanks for the assistance. I will inform you if I need further help.
  14. I believe there is an opportunity for a 'Personal Learning App'. A tool that makes it easy to gather, annotate and curate resources and to link these to personal learning goals (including self-testing and tracking progress). Evernote already has functionality that broadly meets this goal - but the interface isn't very tailored to this need and there are *some* missing features. Part of meeting the interface need would be to allow the creation of a new folder type or 'view' (e.g. Learning Path folder type) that presents the notes in that folder in a different way and allows new interface elements and content to sit 'around' the list of notes in that folder (see attached image with VERY badly drawn sketch 😃). Sometimes it is the elegance and 'fit' of the interface that counts, not just the functionality - this can be the thing that makes an app amazing rather than just OK ('I can sort of make this app do this thing but it feels a bit inelegant and a bit of a 'kludge').
  15. The issue was solved several days after posting this, so thank you Evernote.
  16. I'm sorry to hear that Evernote is now behaving with WebKit as Microsoft with Internet Explorer, that is, it works with us and nothing else. If you remember this, then most of us were enraged but we are going the same way.
  17. ✌️更換筆電出現此問題,用此法,解決囉!Thanks!!
  18. It didn't work at all in my case. You can find all the details in the topic I started https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119564-search-doesnt-work/
  19. The choice to downgrade or not is totally up to you. I wish EN did not release this defective version but these things happen however much we dislike it. Personally, for me, the missing functionality was too much as I use the search function daily. I took the pragmatic way forward - downgrade, notified EN on the defect and wait for a next release. The more people that notify EN, the more likely it will be fixed sooner.
  20. 取消关注这个公众号,然后重新关注一下就可以了。
  21. Evernote helps creating simple notes and should remain like this. I don’t want to have another One Note that is clumsy for formatting. That being said, I often have to format my text with a simple and repeatable structure. Being able to apply this structure simply, using the markdown syntax, would leverage the power of note structuring while keeping it simple as it should.
  22. Funny thing is, EN searches special characters in tags just fine, just not in notes or titles. I thought the issue was the editor they were using, until they changed the editor in the Windows client recently, now I don't know why for certain. Sorting in Windows would be to the top, but I never sort by title personally.
  23. Right on point. Why should we, paying customers try to downgrade or whatsoever? It should be the first thing a reputable company should have done.
  24. This isn't quite the same issue, but another problem I've recently noticed with "tabs" is that they seem to disappear if I make other edits to the note. I had a long note, mostly text, with paragraph indents (just indented with a tab key, which I know in Evernote is just a few spaces). I opened an attached picture in Preview to compress it, and did so - and in the note, all of the tabs disappeared. Which, alas, makes the note a lot less readable than it was. What had been a dozen or so paragraphs became a big block of text. I suppose the "fix" is to go back to separate all paragraphs with blank lines rather than indents, but ... that's not what I like doing. I'm writing notes, not a website.
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  26. They still haven't given us the option to change the icon? I can't ever find the thing so I always end up using the actual icon for the program. It's too hard to look for the white icon when a green one would be easy to see!
  27. The Windows installer INCORRECTLY says "A newer version of Evernote is already installed..." it should say "A different version of Evernote is already installed..." (unless it's newer which it wasn't).
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