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  2. Strange. I just tried it, my text is auto-scrolling. Setup: iOS 12.3.1, iPad Pro, EN 8.21. Made a test note, text-only. Scrolls both with screen keys and with Logitech keyboard connected to the connectors (no BT). Does it both in standard view as in full screen mode. I’ve found nothing in the settings that would influence this.
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  4. I cannot find this subject in the iOS arena—iPad specific: when text fills the notes screen I can keep typing but the text is not scrolling nor is it visible. I can "pull it up" but it snaps back below the visible screen when I let go. I can keep entering text; when I get out of edit mode I can scroll down/pull the screen up/down, but not while entering text. This happens when I'm using the on-screen keyboard and my bluetooth connected keyboard. Is this happening to anyone else? What am I missing?
  5. Unfortunately, based on our current architecture and database design, it's NOT an easy change. It comes down to entity relationships (parent-child). Adding multiple levels of notebook nesting in the current architecture is just not doable. We've made certain consolations like Stacks or Spaces (for business customers), but these are basically giving you one additional level via a new entity type (vs. entities being able to relate to entities of the same type). We're currently actively rearchitecting a lot of the system. Changes in the system should allow for more flexibility in the future around entity relationships. I can't speak to any specific initiatives to allow for multiple levels of notebooks, but it should theoretically become easier in the future once we've completed our current work.
  6. @shekala, you might want to watch out video on search improvements:
  7. @MortimerCat, the Shared With Me view is intended to show all notes and notebooks that were ever shared with you, regardless of the current status of the share. It's meant to be a history of your shares. This is similar behavior to Work Chat, which is where users previously had to go to access shares to them. It's possible that we could implement a feature in the future to toggle showing shares that are no longer inaccessible. But for now, this is not an option, unfortunately.
  8. I've not found the need for an archive solution to date. My default view is side list sorted by created in reverse order. Older stuff is naturally on the bottom of the search results. So, unless or until I run into any performance issues there isn't any real motivation for me to do extra work to archive anything. Could be a use case thing. I did move 5800 notes to another account a ways back, project type stuff. But the reason wasn't archiving, it was to share the info without using my main account. Were it not for that sharing need those notes would probably still be in my main account. FWIW.
  9. Good news on the tech blog. There was a lot of interest and we have some people working on posts. I don't have a specific timeframe, but we should be able to revive it and post new content soon. I'll make sure we post to the discussion forum when we publish the new articles.
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  11. Hello. I can see the redundant area and opportunity of efficient use of screen space.
  12. I moved from Minnesota to Maine 5 years ago. So all my Minnesota stuff is stored in the archived account. As time marches forward, I will start moving some of the Maine stuff. The Evernote basic maximum monthly transfer restriction is one reason that I try to move stuff every month. It also helps keep the premium account toned down to a manageable quantity. I don't have a pressing need for my heating bill (etc.) from 5 years ago, but it is nice to know I can find it if I need it.
  13. You might consider separating these two requests. The share screen specifies the two note organizer fields; Notebooks and Tags You'll notice the Tags screen has an an alpha scale on the right side *hint* It's almost as this field is set up for a lengthy list (max 100,000) >>not allowed to "Create a New Notebook" from within a note Is creating notebooks on the fly a frequent process?
  14. When adding photos or anything from another iPhone App via "sharing to Evernote" the "Evernote share popup window" will not allow "me" to search notebooks but only to pic from a list : ( and in my case over 150+NOTE BOOKS) see screen shots of the Note Share Window and then the shot when selecting a notebook to put it in over the default: .... and also another very important issue is: not allowed to "Create a New Notebook" from within a not (on the Mac Desktop App) when selecting a notebook to file it in.
  15. Some day, I may have to consider two accounts for performance reasons. Until then, I'm happier with all notes in a single account, and a switch (tag) to include/exclude archived notes.
  16. Today we released Windows 6.19 beta 1. Its available here! What’s in 6.19 beta 1? New: * Automated file splitting on export of enex files. We are making it easier to backup and import files, especially on file systems that do not support large files or systems with low memory... * Security update Fixed: * Fixed an error in export option when selecting all notes (Ctrl + A) * Cursor jumps to beginning of note body during sync while editing note in shared notebook * Fixed an issue with changing Evernote DB location
  17. SOLUTION: Install previous version. The real problem of all having issues with new versions is that you have the auto-update enabled in play store and we do not need so many little bug fixes. I have disabled auto-update, uninstall evernote, download version 8.0 from ( https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/android/versions) and it works perfect and I don't need to wait for evernote to fix nothing. PS: Something must have gone very wrong in version 8 because they were almost hitting version 9 and now they have gone to version 8.1 which is 33 updates ago as you can see in their download versions list. ( https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/android/versions)
  18. I've been using Evernote for 11 years and created over 54,000 notes. I have a paid PREMIUM and a free BASIC Evernote account. My old stuff (5 years old or older) eventually gets ARCHIVED to my basic account. My current stuff (29,000 notes) stays in my premium account
  19. Thanks @Nick L. I've now downloaded and installed 7.11 beta 1. Looking good so far. 🙂 I'll report back if any issues, or if the dialog box is seen again.
  20. You will probably be better off to switch to direct install entirely. This is at least my experience. I had problems on my Mac that were only solved by switching to the direct download version, with the same (!) version number as on the App Store. This was 2 month ago. Since I have used the direct download, no problems at all.
  21. I'm now running Version 7.11 Beta 1 (457837 Direct) and will give it a few days to see if the problem reoccurs
  22. @GregZone This beta update is strictly focused in bug fixes and is not introducing anything new so it's relatively stable, but I understand your concerns. We normally have a beta version build out for 1-2 weeks depending on the feedback we receive from it. If you install 7.11 beta 1, you will be notified to receive the general availability update when released.
  23. Thanks Nick.L. But, I'm not keen on being a guinea pig, so I'm waiting for others to verify, and subsequent release of 7.11 Final. Speaking of which, how long will it be in Beta? ie. When should we expect 7.11 Final Release? Also, if we take the leap of faith and install 7.11 Beta 1 from your link, will it automatically update with subsequent Beta's, and then the Final release?
  24. Hello. Just passing by to add my complaint because of the same issue. I'm also quite surprised and concerned that it has been bugging people for more than 1 1/2 years and it still hans't been resolved, nor I see any official responses. I've had some issues with Evernote, but all of them have been correctly resolved; I sincerely hope this won't be the exception.
  25. You may have accidentally created a second account at some point, that is typically the cause of this sort of issue. Verify the user name and password and try again.
  26. I understand archiving by moving notes to a different account Doesn't sharing the notebooks undo the archive
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