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Mark web pages already clipped



clipping is important, probably at 1/3 of the reason we use evernote.

But often I forget whether I have clipped a certain page already or not. It would be nice if the evernote web clipper icon at the top right corner of Explorer or Chrome would be in a different color if the page I'm staying on has been clipped already. I think it shouldn't be difficult. It's just a matter of Evernote checking whether the address of the web page is found in Evernote. I'd love this feature. People would save upload space, and Evernote would have to use its server less to receive uploads.

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I asked about this quite a long time ago! The response (best as I can recall) basically consisted of technical reasons why it would be hard, or they didn't think it could be done. That didn't make sense because two other products I've used since before EN came out (they had different names back then) both employ the feature (Diigo and Pocket).

I've always hoped that that response was more of a 'brush off' and not a lack of technical expertise, and I'm encouraged to see that it's being considered but discouraged that it's in a "backlog" and such a basic (and useful) feature has still not implemented years later.

This feature (and others like it) are going to be increasingly important to the growing population of people like me with memory disorders. On behalf of all of us I'd like to request a jump forward in that backlog of feature requests. -- Thank you, from a premium customer who's one of your earlier users.

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This is THE NUMBER 1 reason why I cannot fully commit to Evernote Web Clipper.  The "excuse" that it would be hard or can't be done is quite simply untrue.  This functionality was implemented in the previous iteration of Web Clipper - Clearly which I am still using precisely for that reason.  Clearly was developed by Evernote so they already know how to do it so I don't understand why they refuse to bring it back.  I will glady move to Web Clipper once this functionality is implemented.

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