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(Archived) Thanks to Evernote Team

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I would just like the thank the Evernote team for the program. I have been searching for a place to keep everything and to plan my projects and tasks for years. I have tried everything from Lotus Agenda, TheJournal, OneNote, Outlook, TheBrain. They all have good qualities but after coming back to try Evernote for the second time I am hooked.

I have tried previous versions but Evernote did not meet my needs. Now after trying Evernote 3.5 I love it. Sure there is always room for improvements and I am sure you are working on it. But I have actually been EXCITED as I go thru the day thinking about all the ways I can use EN.

I like the tags, the search has improved, there are plenty of add ins and extensions to add to the toolbar of Chrome and Firefox to add to EN.

Ability to scan directly from scansnap to evernote.

Found a workaround for the 500 mb monthly limit. I created a file "Export to Evernote Later" and I scan everthing there if I hit my limit. Then I add it the next month. Works so far.

Thank you,

Phillip W

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