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Paste Checklist into Evernote

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Apologies if this is blatantly obvious, or if there is another question on this, but I couldn't find it.

I am often getting a list of items from another source and want to put into Evernote as a checklist. It took me forever to figure out how to do this.

  1. Clean up your list in your source application. I use Excel for this alot, because I am an accountant, and when I am a hammer, everything looks like a nail to me. So there is little I cannot do with Excel. That's all I'll say about that.
  2. The list can have no blank rows, and needs to be in the order you want it in Evernote.
  3. Copy the list to a pure TEXT app, like Notepad.
  4. Create a new note in Evernote. Create 1 checkbox.
  5. Go back to Notepad. CTRL-A, CTRL-C (select all and copy)
  6. Go back to Evernote. With your cursor next to the checkbox, just to the right, right-click and select "Paste and Match Style"

This should create a massive checklist for you. The trick is Notepad or other text editor. Copying straight from Excel always left me with one checkbox and an unusable grid.

You're welcome. :D

I'll try this at home tonight in Evernote for Mac. Not sure if it has the same Paste/Match Style option or not

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Good stuff.  Yeah, per point 1 I think it is an Excel thing.  Paste and match style from Excel adds a line.  Paste and match style from Word doesn't add the line.

Not sure, but you may be able to delete step 4.  When I highlight lines of text in EN and then select the checkbox all of the lines get a checkbox, except blank lines.  Which means if you like a little space in your checklists the Excel paste isn't all bad.


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I think the issue is Excel is always copying a grid of data, so it stores table info on the clipboard. By pasting it into NotePad, you strip that out. I wonder what it would do if you pasted data copied from a Word table? I don't wonder enough to try it though because the only thing I had working with worse than Word is PowerPoint.

Notepad could be avoided if Evernote had a "Paste as Plain Text" option, but it doesn't.

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Yup,  I get the extra line when using paste and match style from Excel.  OTOH, if I copy paste your list above I get a list with numbers in EN, and then I can remove the numbers and add checkboxes with a couple clicks.  If I paste and match style, I get a list with a leading hyphens.  Not sure I can keep up with the permutations.

Paste as plain text for sure, funny that's not the style in a blank note. 

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