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Date format when setting reminders (ISO or UK format)

Alex Schuilenburg


Is there any way we can change the date format when changing/setting a reminder? Mine is currently US format and it is doing my head in.  Our business, because we are international, works in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD.  See below for an example with a date for 2017-10-07.  The calendar is fine, but the date to me reads 10th July 2017 (UK format).  How can I get it to be YYYY-MM-DD or just DD/MM/YY will do also.



- Alex

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There's a thread somewhere about getting the web version to show UK format dates,  but I don't think anyone brought up ISO formats yet.  I'll add this to a votable thread so others can comment on dating,  but I think the best you can expect for the moment is 'proper' UK dates.  Dating is correct in the installed desktop version and driven by the country settings of the unit.

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