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(Archived) Can anyone spare an invite, please?

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Hello everyone, first post here.

I just saw in the feed that all current accounts have been given 5 invitations to give out. Would anyone be so kind to invite me if they have a spare?

I've been dying to try out the 3.0 since I found out that it will be cross platform. I used and loved EverNote since the betas back when I was running Windows everywhere but let it fall by the wayside when I moved to using multiple platforms, Windows and Linux at work and Mac at home. I have signed up on the waiting list but, unfortunately, a couple weeks late.

If you have an invite to give out, please PM me or send it to dylan.damian at gmail dot com.

Thank you!

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Does anyone know if there's any way to attach a different email address to an existing invite? Within about a half hour after I received the invite from crane, I received my invite from EverNote. My email address is part of the URL - my wife would like to try it on her Mac, so I tried changing it to her email, but I think the promo code is driven off of the email address.

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Are there any beta users who would like to share an invitations? I am an educator and I think that EverNote will be a great tool for the children I work with. I would like to evaluate EverNote during spring break, and begin using it when the kids return from their break.

Thank You,

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Thats not even nice ... (Teasing)

I tried EverNote 2.2 and liked it, so I started looking over the EverNote site.

I got to the Download page, and downloaded and installed v3.0

Once I go a look at it, I went to use it, and it is disabled until I get invited to try it.

Now that I have seen the new version, (Or saw just the graphics for it) I am more anxious than ever to use it.

If anyone would send me an invite, I would be eternally greatfull.

Thank You in advance,

Gary (cyphergary@live.com)

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Actually, I was asking salgud if he had given away the three he mentioned.

Thanks for responding. :)

I have been reading the forum about how different the 3.0 version is from the 2.2 version. I hate getting used to one format, only to have to switch to the new version, when I do get invited. I want to be sure this is what I want, before I get addicted, and learn to rely on it. 8)


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