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Presentation Mode for entire notebooks, tags or selections of notes



I use Evernote to save all my creative inspiration, ideas, articles, videos and images in what I think of as a digital scrapbook. I would like to be able to scroll through an entire Notebook, Tag or highlighted selection of Notes in full screen, with trackpad gestures on Mac (or right and left arrows) or by swiping left and right on iOS. I know I can use Presentation Mode to scroll through images within one note but this isn't practical when reviewing a large number of images and I'd like to retain the images as individual notes. 

Currently, to view a number of separate image Notes, I have to jump back up into the Notebook or Tag and click on each note to view individually and they're not full screen. I'd enjoy being able to seamlessly navigate horizontally through full screen Notes as you would browsing in OS Photos. 

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A feature request I'm looking for / will likely add is something similar.

I'd like to view the full note, one after another, so I can scroll up through a bunch of notes (the full notebook, or tag search), for fast review.  (It would work great with short notes, as I'd see a bunch of notes on the screen at one time, and scroll through all of them like a long document, notes separated visually like pages)

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