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Thoughts on Android Skitch replacement? (not just clipping)

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I read a lot of PDF files for my job and the ability of Skitch to create summaries from my highlighting and other annotating in a PDF file makes my research process much more efficient. I'm certain there are other professions out there that must also read similar volumes of PDFs. I know that Skitch isn't dead yet but I'm trying to prepare for that day. I've looked into multiple PDF apps (Adobe Reader, EzPDF Reader, XODO) and I don't mind paying for a good app but I haven't yet found one that will create a summary from annotated PDF files. XODO has promise but I'm not sure it will show annotated graphics in its summary page. In my tests it did not. If I were in college, this feature of Skitch would be something I used constantly.

Many thanks for the suggestions, folks!

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