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Paragraph breaks were abruptly removed from a long note while using it on iOS9, and I'm having to go through and reinsert them. What happened there!? I hope this doesn't happen again, as it is quite a chore to go back and find all the paragraph breaks. Thanks!
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That probably is what happened by accident.  If that's the case, then it is much too easy to "pocket reformat" a long note on a smartphone, without some kind of advance warning. The "Simplify Format" should only be an option where at least there is an Undo. I don't know--is there a warning for reformat on iPhone?

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I am continuing to have this problem with formatting getting wiped out on notes. I don't recall simplifying the formatting. Even if I did, it would not remove everything.

All my numbered lists are gone. Sometimes even spaces between words are removed. Very strange and frustrating.

Additionally, I have other notes that are at a very low zoom on my iPhone, and I always have to zoom in to view them. I fear these will be next...

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