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New notes are hidden

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Today (19th Sep) I am seeing an annoying bug on my windows desktop version (I have the Premium Evernote on several devices).  WHen I hit "New Note". a window for the note pops up very briefly then disappears/minimises -- I can navigate to it by using WIndows navigation to uncover it ... but clearly this is a bug.

I should also add that I have two screens and the notes are disappearing /minimising onto the 2nd screen.

If I open an existing note, this pops up OK/

I also noticed that Evernote installed an update today.

It this a known bug ?

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Thanks for the suggestion: meanwhile, the problem went away without further action on my part.  It may well have been unrelated to Evernote but some artefact of my OS, screen setup etc.  I occasionally get browser windows that are "hidden" as well.

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