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As a person who is slightly (ok, maybe extremely) obsessed with organization, I love the Windows library option where you can make sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, etc.

While I very much enjoy the idea of stacks and notebooks in Evernote, sometimes I do feel a bit limited when it comes to organization. I used to use Evernote only for school, but now I would like to extend its use to not only school, and my part-time jobs, and having sub-folders in the notebooks would be a great help. 

Here's an example:

Last year, I had a "School" stack. In that stack, I had my "Philosophy" notebook. My teacher separated our chapters into parts. As the chapters were very long, to avoid having one HUGE note, I also separated my notes into parts (Chapter 1: Part 1, Chapter 1: Part 2, etc.) However, the class being philosophy, there were a lot of chapters (about 20 or so), and as you can imagine, the list of notes was pretty long. Sub-folders for the notebooks would have made it much easier to organize. 

I'm not really asking for a limitless amount of sub-folders either (that would get way too confusing), just sub-folders for the notebooks, and perhaps one or two sets of sub-sub-folders. 

Thanks for your time, and for at least considering the possibility.

~ Jiji

(To the readers: if any of you like the idea, and/or have an example of times sub-folders might have helped you, please comment as well!)


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Hi.  This suggestion has come up regularly for several years,  but Evernote so far has given no sign of providing more flexibility here.  The biggest concession to date has been the creation of tag hierarchy - it's possible to have up to 100,000 tags in one account,  and tags can be 'stacked' to (we assume) an unlimited depth - at least no-one has found a limit yet.

Two things on your comment - 1) if your book had lots of chapters,  what's wrong with having lots of notes - one per paragraph if you like,  all tied together with one Table of Contents note which also contains your overall descriptions and keywords?

You could also tag all the notes with philosophy and the class details so you can find your notes by subject or by class,  and if you add a TOC tag you could list all the books you've studied and browse through your general thoughts on each one.

Evernote haven't refused to develop this hierarchy feature any further - they just don't talk about what may or may not be in development until a new feature is launched;  however it can't hurt to click the counter button at the top left of this thread - the more clicks in favour of folder depth,  the more likely it is to happen...

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Thank you for your reply.

I should have mentioned in my post that I'm pretty new to using Evernote (I've only had for like half a school year), I didn't know that creating a Table of Contents was possible. I will definitely look up more ways to use Evernote now that I have the time. :) 

The example with a lot of notes was really a more personal thing (visually it got confusing at times, like when the teacher started a lecture right away and I had to quickly scroll down to find the right note, as he sometimes went back to previous lessons and added to them). We didn't have any books, it was the teacher who had sorted his lessons into chapters and parts, which is why I ended up with a lot of notes. But like I said, it was more of a personal example. 

Thanks for the support, hopefully something will happen (even if it's not immediate).

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Evernote staff have consistently suggested using tags to organize for users wanting hierarchies of notebooks (you should also note that Evernote only allows 250 notebooks per personal account). As an example, for long lists of notes, you can pare that down using tags: Tag each class's content with a unique tag, and it's pretty easy to quickly locate all of those notes by selecting that tag.

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