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Sync *Client* Settings/Options Between Windows PCs?



I've been on the latest version of the EN Windows client on my work PC (Win 7) for a while now and have all my options, toolbars, preferences, etc. set up just how I'd like them. I just updated my notebook (Win 10) to the current EN client version and looks like everything on the notebook's reverted back to the default settings with that update. I'm wondering if it's possible to sync the settings I have on my work PC to my notebook without having to do everything manually? If there's nothing built into the client to automatically do this, is it possible to copy a config/setting file of some sort from one PC to the other so both clients have the same settings?

I tried to search for this prior to posting but most of the results I found were related to note sync settings/preferences, NOT how to sync the client's settings/preferences. 


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Thanks for the replies, thread move and votes. I'll probably wind up just taking screen caps of my toolbars at work, popping them into a note and then setting up my notebook's toolbars to match. For the non-visible settings and prefs, I guess I'll just have to deal with them when I realize something's working differently between the two PCs! Even if there's not a sync option, it'd be great to at least have an export/import option for the client's settings. 

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