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Lost an extremely important note

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11 minutes ago, 234532452345345 said:

 I was able to piece together roughly what the file was supposed to be (using offline files and my own memory of what was in the file), but now I don't have any trust in Evernote to reliably keep my files intact.

When I needed to recover a note I relied on my backups.

There's also the Evernote Note History, a premium feature.

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Hello, I've experience the same as @234532452345345: some PDF captures created with Scannable and stored in Evernote get blank when selected, marked as modified for synchronization and then uploaded blank to Evernote servers. I only have to browse the notes on the list for this to happen.

I've recorded it happening (look at the note labeled "Ejercicio 4"): https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wqblsyr1l1fbw4/evernote.mov?dl=0

When recording, I've disabled the network connection and the notes don't get uploaded blank, they reappear after a few seconds. If there's network connection, the empty note is uploaded.

I noticed it yesterday, after upgrading to version 6.9 from the Mac App Store. I'm running Sierra 10.12 (16A323).

I've stopped using Evernote for the moment, can't be recovering notes from history every time I open the app (i'm on Premium account).


Hope it helps.

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