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Old Display: Notes List on Top of Note Editor -- how to return?

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I'm using Evernote desktop and have happily used it where I see the pane of the notes list on top of the note editor.
This is perfect for my uses ...as having (what is apparently called 'vertical notes list") requires far too much screen space to use effectively...

However...having the note editor right below the notes list is perfect...

Somehow, my configuration changed, and now I have the "vertical notes list"  (which looks something like this - except I do have a left-sided panel showing shortcuts/notebooks/tags/etc...

What do I need to change to get the right side pane to show the notes list at the top and the note editor at the bottom again, please?

I've tried fuzting with the various "view" options...and I'm not having any success in returning my display to the way it was ... and this config is rather painful for me...



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