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Android 'Share' from Chrome produces clipping of page in note _despite_ this option being deselected

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Evernote for Android version: 7.9.4

Android version: 6.0

The problem:

When I am viewing a webpage in Chrome for android and I invoke the 'Share' menu from Chrome, and choose Evernote as the share provider

Evernote creates a note with a link to the page _AND_ a clipping of the page.

I know about the [well-hidden] setting by clicking on the icon while it's creating the note and de-selecting 'clip full article'

I have done this, 'clip full article' is deselected.  Nevertheless, the note created has a PNG of the article.

What should happen:

I invoke 'share' from Chrome

I have de-selected 'clip full article'

I get note containing a link/URL to the page I shared

And _nothing else._



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Ok, I guess that's the 'partial' clipping which I mistook for the 'page clipping'  - a distinction apparently too rarefied for me to grasp.

Regardless, what I want in the note, as I indicated is:

1) the URL

2) nothing else.

Which apparently Evernote has decided I can't have. 

Thanks anyway.

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Hi.  Don't know why the fact that software doesn't currently work the way you would like always gets turned into 'the provider decided not to let me'.  True,  Evernote set up the 'not full article' clip to save a 'snippet' - style paragraph to give a bit more information about what the URL leads to,  but they also save the URL in the note information,  so it would be reasonably easy to delete the extra text and re-save the note with the URL. 

This would have been a design choice made years ago,  and (AFAIK) not challenged until now.  If you want to raise this as a feature request - maybe an extra option in Clipper to have 'URL only',  they'll always listen...

In some cases you do get only the URL - I just clipped something from Facebook and got exactly that:  the content of your clip apparently depends to an extent on the source...

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