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Problem with Embedded Graphics from Wikipedia

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I've searched and seen this exact issue raised before.  However, I cannot find any really knowledgeable discussion of it or resolution...  just trial-and-error (mostly error).  

Here's a Wikipedia Page I'm trying to save in Evernote: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abductive_reasoning#History

When I save it, the embedded mathematical characters in the section labeled "Deduction, Induction, and abduction" do not appear in graphical form, but as an icon indicating a web address. 

I'm attaching two screen shots.... one of the actual Wikipedia page, and the other of how it appears in Evernote.  

I always suspect I'm missing something obvious.....   but I can't determine what it is.  

Thanks for any help with this.  


Equivalent Section from Evernote.png

Screenshot from Wikipedia.png

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Hi.  Knowledgeable discussion isn't a strong point here - we're just users commenting on (and occasionally helping with) other users problems. 

Looking at this page,  the "b" etc mathematical characters seem to be inserted styles or pictures, since they're not part of the font which comprises the rest of the text,  and the formatting you're seeing in the clip is the result of that.  I clipped the same paragraph and got -

Deductive reasoning (deduction)
allows deriving
b {\displaystyle b}
a {\displaystyle a}
only where
b {\displaystyle b}
Which effectively means that this content is not 'clippable' directly.  That does happen.  The options are:  1) 'print' the page (using the browser options) to PDF and attach the file to a note,  or 2) use a screen shot to grab the content.
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